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Thread: Steering the Golf Ball

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    Steering the Golf Ball

    First of all, I really appreciate all the advice I've gotten on here before.

    I've really been working on swinging from the inside, releasing my hands, and initiating my downswing with my hips.

    One thing I don't really know how to do is properly "steer" the golf ball. When I steer the ball with my right hand/arm, I tend to push or slice the ball. When I steer with the left hand/arm, I tend to come over the top, pull, or hook the ball.

    However, when I swing "freely", the ball goes all over the place. What I mean by swinging freely is that I'm trying to let my swing and alignment do the work and not focus on anything but completing my swing.

    I'm getting a lot more straight shots than I used to, but not near the consistency that I'd like. Before I swing, I really have no idea where the ball is about to go.

    Do you have any explanation why I might be lacking consistency? How do you properly "steer" the ball? Do you have any drills that could help?

    Thanks in advance,
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    chumphries you don't ever want to feel like you steer the ball. It sounds to me like you hands are a little too active on the way into the ball. I am not a big guy to debate do you hit it with the right hand or left. I want you to understand the the left hand mirrors the club face for right handed players. Next time you are practicing make some swing with just your left arm and get the feel for the release and extension. Try and work this feel into your full swing. Another thing you can do is pick small targets down range. The smaller the target the better. Trust the club will be where you want it and go from there. Let me know how this goes and if there is more that I can do to help.
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