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Each and every year more and more clubs are coming out promising longer and straighter drives. The Burner bloodline runs deep at TaylorMade. The first Burner driver was introduced in 1983, and was quickly embraced by golfers of all skill levels for its remarkable blend of power and forgiveness. The Burner Plus driver followed in 1986, then came the Burner Bubble in 1995. In 2007 TaylorMade introduced a new Burner driver, which was the best-selling driver for the 2007 full year and 2008 season to date. The Tour Burner was launched in 2008, which Sergio Garcia used to win the year’s Players Championship and was the most played driver on tour last year. Most of our readers here at The Hackers Paradise know how I felt about the 2008 and that I simply thought it was a step backward for Taylormade and how good the 2007 model was. Would 2009 bring THP reviewers back to “Burner Land”?

Despite this driver being out for quite some time now, we wanted to go back and revisit it for our readers. The Taylormade R9 Driver review really opened up our eyes to the new equipment that they were putting out this year.

We contacted Taylormade and they sent over a loaner for us to try out and review. First impressions are a big key with clubs today and especially drivers. Our initial thoughts with this one were a little different. We loved the look of the head and really got excited about trying it out. The club is noticeably longer than the drivers we have been testing and that worried us a little bit. The Headcover needs some work. It is too simple for all the technology inside these drivers.

The newest Burner driver ingeniously combines the SuperFast technology of the 2007 Burner with the Dual Crown technology of the Tour Burner. The result? In theory a driver weighing less than 300 grams that promotes faster swing speed, a higher launch angle and lower spin-rate, equaling a dramatic boost in distance. The first day it came in we took it out to the range for a demo session with a couple of really long hitters and our resident THP Teaching Professional. We all warmed up and then took turns beating this driver into range balls and in a rare scenario, we all had very similar feedback. At first glance, the driver looks so long that it could cause problems, but within 4-5 swings, nobody even noticed the extra length of it. However we all noticed the extra length we were getting in terms of distance. All of the early testers felt as though this driver was as long as any driver we have tested this year. The 2nd thing that stood out for us was how low spin the driver was and it had a nice penetrating ball flight. We all came away very impressed.

With our initial day of testing behind us we decided we wanted more feedback. Armed with the driver we went over to a crowded range on a Saturday morning and let all kinds of players give it a run out there. Almost every one of the golfers commented on the head shape and how it is not really traditional but because of the creative graphics placement, when you setup you get the feeling that you are standing over a traditional shaped head. One by one each golfer tried their current driver and then the new Taylormade Burner. The results were what we expected given our first day results. We had 23 golfers hit the club and 19 of them preferred the new Burner. To be fair, of the 23 golfers that participated, only 12 had drivers that were newer than 2006. But 19 out of 23 was big number. Feedback was very similar across the board. Most thought it would be hard to control initially, but once they took some swings with it had no problems. In fact the high handicappers seemed to enjoy the club and the control more than any of the other clubs they have tried. People that fought control off the tee reported back that they were hitting the ball straighter than before with the Burner.

I decided to personally take it out on the course for a couple of weeks worth of rounds and see what the verdict was on a course with very tight fairways. I play a fade with the ball off the tee and still had that, but with the Burner it was much less pronounced. It seemed as though I was also picking up some distance like the others were reporting. However I did not see the 10 yards or more that some were seeing. So after about 5 rounds, I was pretty much sold on the driver. You combine certain elements in a driver, you are sure to get a winner. I was extremely happy with how the stock shaft performed. It seems as though Taylormade has really stepped up their stock shaft offerings in recent years and the Burner is equipped with a lightweight grip and SuperFast RE*AX 49-gram graphite shaft. It seemed to work perfectly with the club head and my swing to produce one good drive after another.

Overall we think that Taylormade has put out two great lines for the 2009 season. We thought the R9 was great when we reviewed it last month, and now that we have revisited the Burner, we are sold so far on their new drivers for this year. If you are in the market for a new driver and your criteria is long and straight, then you will be glad that you checked out the Taylormade 2009 Burner. Lofts include 9.5°, 10.5°, HT (high trajectory). Available in men’s right-handed and left-handed; ladies’ right-handed. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $400, and it is available now in stores everywhere. You can read all about this one at Taylormade Golf.

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Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. The Hackers Paradise − Taylormade R9 460 Driver Review | June 3, 2009
  1. Ken Minter says:

    Glad I found your site, its very up to the moment and informative. I play off 9 on a very tight three course track called Woburn in England. I play a TM R7 425cc 9.5 with a stiff shaft. I love the club but feel its time for a change after 5 years. Which of the two clubs Burner or R9 would do you prefer. Like many players I have never changed the weight settings on my R7 because at nutual it give me a great slight draw shape which i prefer.
    Keep up the good work

  2. JB says:

    They are different animals altogether. In fact I like both of them so much I am having trouble deciding which one I will bag. If you find that you are not too much of a tinkerer, then the Burner might be the way to go. We are always discussing things like this in our forum section, which is free to join.

  3. Ken Minter says:

    Thats interesting even you are struggling to choose. I think the R9 has a great buzz around it and it looks cool as well. Strange to see your reply at 8,58 AM its five past one in the afternoon here in the UK and a nice sunny spring day.
    By the way the two clubs have different shafts were any special differences noted about the shafts?

    The R9 is not yet fully distributed here yet, but I have a session booked in a couple of weeks time, so I guess I will then decide but my hearts with the R9 at the moment.

  4. JB says:

    Both shafts performed really well with each club. It all comes down to personal preference, but I was glad to see Taylormade bring their “A” game to the 2009 lineup.

  5. Puttin4Bird says:

    Great review JB, I was happy to hear that TM was able to mix the best of their last two Burners together with this 09 version. I tried the 08 Tour Burner for a while last year and just couldn’t quite fall fully in love with it. Sure we had some fun, but ultimately I ended up selling it and sticking with my HiBore. Sounds like I’ll need to spark up a little affair with the 09 Burner to see if there’s more to it for me!


  6. christian says:

    Great review. I have been playing one of these for about a month now and simply love it.

  7. dave schmidt says:

    Great article. I am on the fence with what driver to buy. I was leaning towards the R9 after your review, but now have to give this one a try too.

  8. THE ECHO says:

    Solid info. I want to try one of these.

  9. JohnnyC says:

    Great review. For what it’s worth to you and your other readers I just got back from the local GolfTown where I tried both the R9 and the Burner.

    I actually went to only try the R9 but after determining the best R9 setup was neutral for me anyways they got me to try out the burner.

    I play to a five handicap and generally need to work on reducing my spin rate.

    I started with R9 and while the carry seemed consistent even on miss-hits the spin rate was really high. I realize a portion of this is me, but they had me try the Burner and immediately my spin rate dropped to around 3000 on average and even got a couple under 3000. With the reduced spin rate the carry was another 10-15 yards more than the R9.

    The burner is a solid offering and at $150 on average cheaper it’s worth a look.

  10. sharkhark says:

    Found your site looking for reviews on the burner driver 09 i just picked up. I like your site. The only thing missing JB is the loft and flex you tested?
    Unless i read wrong the TM people gave you a loaner implying one. It is always great when people review a club to mention the loft(s) and flex(es) of the test.
    I got a 10.5 stiff. I have been against TM in past due to new product frequency irritating and confusing me.
    But i gave up as all good fellow golfers seem to have a TM product.
    I have the unusual first impressions in that i have played two rounds but not hit a practice range. My results likely are affected by that.
    I have either been hitting dirt slightly behind the ball due to the extra long length of shaft which is 46.25 compared to most drivers in the 45.5 length and the pro’s who use 44.5 most commonly.
    …or…i am just not dialed in with length or upright lie of the club and hitting dirt occasionally….
    …i say occasionally as the mentioned drives were the mishits…i have not talked about my alternating good drives.
    I have a slow tempo and only slightly above avg swing speed of 95-100mph and i often in past hit a decent drive thinking its 250 but it is actually a fraction past 200. A good drive when measure is only 225 with the best hits of round 240. Sure once in awhile i connect for 290, but completely by accident.
    Getting back to my good hits with 09 shortest decent hit was 250. I hit two drives first round that were 295 and 275.
    The next round i hit again a mixture with some duck hooks or hitting ground or bombs. Bombs for me were 275.
    I believe with either removing an inch off shaft (which of course messes with the swingweight by default and may not be desirable unless paying bucks to have it adjusted) or spending time on range, which i will do, i believe i have found a monster.
    I think of myself as a slow swinger but others say smooth, either way i am not that fast. My irons are measured at 80 mph which is just reg flex normal. But the whippy feeling tip led me to get a 10.5 stiff and i was right. It has a nice snap. It is a bit light feeling overall which for fast swingers will be awesome. For me who is slow i need to feel the head and it is so light i lose it a bit.
    but…and big but…this is such a long swinging club with little effort, just a decent swing thru impact that it could revolutionalize my game.
    Holes where i used to hit 200-225 could consistently be 250-275 and that is long enough to completely change approach shots from fairway woods to high irons. I think i might be close to love?

  11. BarryG says:

    Great review Josh! Could you please offer some comments comparing the 2007 and 2009 Burner drivers, especially as pertains to mid to high handicappers? Is the 2009 Burner as forgiving as the 2007?

  12. Ricky25 says:

    I went from an R7 Superquad to the 09 Burner. I played 4 rounds in Arizona (I live in Minnesota) with it. I crushed it! It was my first rounds in 4 months and it did not take long to get used to it. I just hope the distance is still there since Golf in Minny is very different than Arizona. I now face the dilema of the R9 which looks AWESOME. I am a 7 handicap (left handed), went from 10.5 regular shaft to 9.5 stiff shaft a year and half ago which made a huge difference in my driving. I wish I could take both out for a few rounds to see the difference. I never changed any of the weights on the R7 and kept it at neutral. I would say this is the reason why I chose to buy the Burner before testing the R9. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Doug says:

    Just got a 2009 TM Burner driver and have playd two rounds with it. I didn’t think I could find a driver that had the feel of my G10, but this 2009 Burner feels as good and gives me 10 more yards! I’m 62 with a SS of 88-92 and was averaging 235 (GPS) with the G10. With the Burner, I have averaged 242 for the first two rounds I have used it. Similar ballflight (medium) with both clubs, but I think the TM gives a little more roll out. I have the stock shaft (TFC 129 R) in the G10 and the ReAx 49 R in the 2009 Burner. Used Srixon ZStar ball with both.

  14. Schawa says:

    Returned my 2009 Burner (9.5 Stiff) yesterday after 3 rounds and numerous battles on practise tee. I hit it long but battle with control. My R5 (2004) still better at control. Found the club to light for me. Got myself a Nike Dymo STR8 with stiff and 9.5. Hitting it 20 yards longer but also straight. For some reason my swingspeed with heavier Nike is 10 mh faster (113 mph against 103 mph with Burner). Anyone know why faster speed with heavier. I am 10 handicap.

  15. ddenton says:

    Thanks for the review. Unfortunately I have a bit different experiance. I looked to trade out the 2009 Burner for my R5. I got the club free and had hit a 2008 Burner that a friend had preiviously and loved it. I thought the 2009 had to be better. My R5 is a 10.5 regular shaft so when I ordered the club I ordered the same.

    After a drivning range brake in swings and using it for a few rounds I have taken it out of the bag. I find the launch angle too high and it tends to fade to the right. Like that head is not catching up. I think I will change the shaft and see it that helps. Even when it does hit the fairway it tends to be 15-20 yards shorter than the R5. I still have hope for it though.

  16. admin says:

    Thanks for your insight and sorry the club did not perform as well as it did for us. The issues you are describing seem to be an issue because the shaft is longer than what you are used to. If you have the club still, you may want to see about trimming the shaft down to the same length and see if that works.

    We have an article coming up in the next few weeks about that very thing.

  17. don lyons says:

    Played with the 09 Burner reg. flex 10.5 for the past 2 weeks. I am 50 plus years old with a bad back and slower swing speed. The Burner has made a huge difference for me. I am excited again about playing. I can hit it high and straight as a string and have gained 20 plus yards. Now 230 on an average drive and up to 250 when I go after one. For me, that’s huge. I love this club… Super light weight and it looks great at address. Glad I found it.

  18. Dan says:

    Nice review. I actually bought and used last years 9.5 burner model with success. I did put a Fujikura ZCOM Six shaft on the burner instead of the stock shaft and think that helped too – I absolutely love ZCOMM.

    Anyway, I’ve always liked the way the burner looked at address, and man that thing just explodes off the face! Very nice driver.

  19. Dan says:

    Nice review. I actually bought and used last years 9.5 burner model with success. I did put a Fujikura ZCOM Six shaft on the burner instead of the stock shaft and think that helped too – I absolutely love ZCOMM.

    Anyway, I’ve always liked the way the burner looked at address, and man that thing just explodes off the face! Very nice driver.

  20. Joe says:

    Like Doug above I also love my G10 and was looking for a little more distance off the tee, having an 85-90mph swing speed and now 60. I have a 12 deg. G10 with TFC129 R and bought a 10.5 R ’09 Burner. I found the 1/2″ over the G10 a little difficult to control so I took 1/2″ off the butt and added some lead tape to the head to keep the swingweight at D4 (factory). It made the shaft a little stiffer (firm flex?) but now it feels much better and am getting the extra distance with more control. Might put the 1/2″ back after I get comfortable with the shorter length, we’ll see. Kept the G10 an will pull it out occasionally to remind me that I have 2 good reasons to have 2 drivers.

  21. Joey 72 says:

    i just bought the 2009 burner driver today and i am goin golfing tommorow to grip n rip from what i have read from your reviews i am very happy i chose this driver. thanks

  22. z says:

    glad i found this website. excellent job guys. i will test the burner next weekend, but not sure about which flex to choose/try. again, very nice site with the right stuff.

  23. G says:

    Great review, glad i found this site. I have the Burner 07 and love it. Im hitting it pretty straight but i also hit it a little too high for my likings. I carry it about 260 – 265 on average but rarely get any roll out of it. I have on occasion hit the 300+ when it was hit flush and lower than usual. I would like to trade it for the 09 Burner and would like to know since a) im only 5’8 so will it be too long for me and hard to control and B) will it really reduce spin compared to my driver and give me a lower flight than mine, giving me more distance. I tend to fight against slicing it on drives. And lastly, is there enough of a difference between the 2 for it to be worth the trade. Thank you for any imput on my questions.

  24. G says:

    BTW, im hitting a 10.5 stiff, if that helps.

  25. Administrator says:

    I would tell you to definitely try it out. The longer shaft could be a slight issue, however you can always get it cut down. Do yourself a favor and get fitted and see what shaft works best for you.

  26. G says:

    Wow.. thanks for the quick response. Although i would like to gain some yards, i do want to remain in the fairway. I was told today that the 09 greatly reduces spin which i think that would really help me if true. Guess i would need to test it to see if i need to trim the shaft or keep it as is. But doesnt the extra yards come from the longer shaft?

  27. Administrator says:

    The extra shaft does give more distance. However so does head weighting.

    There are quite a few topics in the forum to discuss this, you may want to join. Always 100% free.

  28. Sam Jones says:

    I am also having trouble to decide which driver to choose i love the burner series as i have a taylormade burner 3,5 and 7 wood and i like the idea of the burner driver completing the set but i play off 16 and need a stiff shafted driver any ideas?

  29. Administrator says:

    YOu can always check out our driver shoot outs that we have held and see what others thought.

  30. Sam Jones says:

    ok great thank you for the answer

  31. L says:

    Great write up!! I’ve just ordered the Burner ’09, 9.5 with an Aldila VS Proto reg. shaft after doing a bit of reading up on it as well. I’m hoping to get a bit more accuracy and distance compared to my 6yr old Wilson Deep Red 10.5 with s-shaft. I’m 240-260yrds now but not the accuracy I want. Thanks again for the review.

  32. AC says:

    just demo the 09 Burner 10.5 and 9.5 both reg. Ive noticed I had more control with the 9.5. I still need to demo with a stiff. I had a couple of hits with an 07 Burner 9.5 and loved it. I hit very straight. This is what prompted me to demo the 09. I will give an update as soon as I demo the 07 with diff. shafts. I can say I’m just a beginner and providing this review as a little help.

  33. Brad says:

    I am looking to get a new driver. Most of my friends are using the 07 Burner and realy like it, but I am thinking about getting the 09 Burner. Which one would you prefer?

  34. Paul Curtis says:

    Since having to give up my Cobra Driver when it became illegal, I have struggled to find anything comparable.
    Tried a Nike, another Cobra, Ping G5 and finally after both of my brothers urged I tried the Burner HT.

    Wow, I cannot believe the difference now off the tee, a beautiful draw is easily achieved with tremendous length.

    I play off 17 and am 68 years old, I am encouraged to believe that my handicap can still come down as a result of finding this fantastic Driver.

  35. AC says:

    Brad says:
    December 26, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    I am looking to get a new driver. Most of my friends are using the 07 Burner and realy like it, but I am thinking about getting the 09 Burner. Which one would you prefer?

    I would get the 07. The only major diff. in clubs is the $.

  36. Paul M says:

    It was great when I found this site a few days ago.

    I needed advise regarding which driver to go for and bought the 09 Burner yesterday.

    Even though I’m still new to golf, I was really pleased to find that I was hitting the ball alot straighter and getting the distance that I was expecting.

    It feels very positive and has a satisfying noise when you hit it.

    It has a larger head than I was using before which I think has contributed to me feeling much more confedent when hittting the ball.

    My wayward slice seems to have gone for good.

    I don’t think the club can take all the credit for this but it’s really helped !

    Now I’m looking forward to gaining my first handicap and watching it come down now I can hit the ball longer and straighter.

    If your looking then my advise is to

  37. Andy says:

    Was playing a Cobra Speed LD for years till I was convinced by friends to try out the TM Burner 09.

    Boy, was it a bomber off the fairways! Club address is confidence inspiring, impact sound is akin to a 7.62x51mm M40 sniper going off.

    And was it deadly accurate. I felt like a sniper taking out a target from 250m.

    Only change I made was to the grip. Changed to a decade multi -compound golf pride grip in red/black ( to match the club) cos frankly the stock grips are nothing to shout about

    Am now the proud owner of this baby.

    For those who havent given it a shot, you are missing out on a great club.


  38. T says:

    Just bought the 09 Burner because of all the great reviews. Great website guys, gonna be coming back here for a long time.

  39. Chris says:

    With respect to this site, I disagree STRONGLY with the comment left for AC (“I would get the 2007, the only difference is $”). I would definitely try both out in different flexes before buying either! Here’s why…
    I have always played a regular flex in my driver (95MPH SS), but when the 2007 Burner came out the stock stiff shaft was perfect for me. I got excited when the 2009 came out and thinking to lower my spin rate from my 10.5 degree Burner (it occasionally got “spinny” and the bit of ballooning didn’t produce much roll) I bought a 9.5 stiff one to “upgrade” my 2007 model and- what a disaster! Everything I hit was very low and to the right- absolutely unusable for me.
    It turns out that not only is the tip stiffer in the ’09, but there was a 1 1/2 degree closed face in the ’07 10.5 that was changed to neutral in the ’09. Together, that made a DRASTIC difference to an “average Joe” like me. I’ve since toyed with the idea of putting a ’09 head on a “07 shaft, or getting a ’07 in 9.5 degrees to try and reduce the spin, but I’m hesitant to spend the $ on an experiment that may not do much of anything. (Can anyone out there help me with those ideas?)
    I’m an 57 year old 8 hdcp playing in Las Vegas and the ’07 Burner is BY FAR the most forgiving driver I’ve ever had. It alone has helped me by 2-3 strokes because my mishits still get out there decently, my average drive goes 250-265 (I lengthened the stock shaft to 47″ and this is Vegas- about 2500′ elevation), the slightly closed face has taken away slices entirely and my drives are now almost always in play. My “spinny’s” still go about 240 and once in awhile when I get all synched up I can get it out there 270+.
    To sum this review all up, although I would like to get rid of a little more spin and gain a little more roll still the “07 Burner has been so good for me that I bought another brand new one I keep in my closet, just in case anything happens to the first one!
    How’s that for a recommendation?

  40. bob s. says:

    I’m a high handicapper and my best friend talked me into a 2007 Burner 10.5/R.

    I’m only 5’6″ and the lie seems *way* heel heavy. I’m coming from old wood Pings!

    I haven’t had a chance to hit it yet but it seems rather overwhelming! Thoughts?



  41. DAVID says:

    Just picked up a 2009 Burner TP with RE-AX 65 regular shaft on e-bay. New club not used. You do not mention the TP model in your article. I believe the shaft is a Matrix. Can you give me any specs. on the shaft?

  42. Scott says:

    I picked up a new 09 burner last fall after trying numerous drivers. The regular flex shaft and 10.5 face was perfect for me. Unfortunelty, after three rounds of golf and numerous buckets of range balls, a distinct “Tonk” instead of a “Tink” was heard on a drive from the tee. A split in the toe and a crack in the heel appeared. I do not know why it happened but it looks like the club collapsed and split. I took the club back to The Sports Authority where I purchased it and they treated the club and me as if we were lepers. They even gave me the incorrect 800 number for Taylormade!! Learned my lesson on this one. TM is making it right and sending me a new club, but through DICKS sporting goods. Sweet!!

  43. Mark says:

    I must say that I was very excited after reading all the reviews on the TM Burner 2009. I I had recently tried the Callaway TP iZ and the Ping G15, both with regular shafts and 9.0 and 9.5 degree. I loved the Callaway, could hit it very long and straight, and had similar results with the Ping G10 (but not as consistent). Since I am a TM fane and have played the TM R5 & R7, (both regular shafts and 9.0) I figured that the Burner 2009 would be the next club to purchase plus the reviews sounded great. To my surprise this club is the worst driver I have ever hit! It is shorter that my existing R7, the control and playability is much more difficult than other drivers. It is also interesting that both my other TM drivers were neutral faces and I only faded the ball when I wanted, with the TM Burner 2009 and a draw face I was having an issue with control and even had a slight slice which I never have had. I thought the issue may have been the length of the club shaft, however I am 6’2″ 210 lbs with a medium swing speed of 92, even choking down slightly on the club didn’t help with the fade/slight slice? To all those who wrote great reviews I am happy however this is definitely a driver that should be tested at a range before you decide to purchase it. I purchased the driver without trying it because of the reviews and I had the opportunity to pick a new one up for $145.00 dollars, I guess it will be on Ebay in the next few days.

  44. Mike says:

    Great review. I picked up the 09 Burner, 10.5 degree, this past April and love the distance I get out of it. Scanning the coments, I came across Scott’s and had a very similar experience. I recently noticed a 2 inch crack which was began at the heel and ran along the bottom of the club – I also purchased this club at The Sports Authority. I wasn’t able to swap the damaged club for a new one until the manager came and checked the club out. He seemed genuinly perplexed by the fact that there was a crack in the club and asked me how it happened. My response was that I probably got a couple of balls off of the heel, but it shouldn’t have caused the crack. Thankfully, I was able to grab a replacement right then and there, but I’m a bit concerned I may run into the same issue down the road.

  45. Mark says:

    Great driver….just picked one up yesterday for $149….was hitting it out there around 260 on flat ground shots and then it was rolling out from there. Great club for the price and got it with my trade in for around $40.

  46. Jerry says:

    Whats to say about this club that hasn’t been said above. It works great. I have been using 10.5 most of the year and the only bad shots with it are only becuase of the guy holding it. As the ground starts getting a little softer I am thinking of delofting so I don’t loose the ball in a plug (this thing not only gets distance it gets that ball up there as well). For the price I don’t see why I can’t have a 9.5 as well. Only problem for Taylormade is that its such a nice club there seems to be no reason to upgrade anytime soon. If that is possible with the products currently on the market. One last comment: I only get a chance but to play once a week so I spend a lot of time at the range. I have hit literally thousands a balls with this thing and no problems except I still can’t get that headcover on without a little work. Small price to pay.

    Seattle, WA.

  47. DAVID says:

    what produces more spin on a ball, 9.5 or 10.5 driver?

  48. Armor Todd says:

    Great driver. Just bought it online for $129 (March, 2011) and my first drive for real (after some time on the range) was 261 (normally in the 220 range off the tee). I hit a fade and it went perfectly straight. I did fade a bit later on in the round and will work on that…but it just feels confident and makes a great sound on impact…can’t wait to get back out to the range for fine tuning…

  49. Pablo Madriñan says:

    I came into golf again last January after 22 years without playing. I bought a low price Golf set for this purpose. The Driver in this set had a Flex shaft that was driving me crazy, so I ordered a Burner 09 Driver with a Stiff shaft and 10.5 Degress. It´s just amazing I´m hitting the ball consistenly 320-340 yards of the Tee right to the middle of the fairways, with a set of Adam´s Wedges (52,54,58, 64) and my Putter are about all the clubs I´m using. Before this Driver I was scoring high 90´s after getting the Burner Driver I´m very comfortable scoring low 80 ´s.

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