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Have you ever played 36 holes of golf, or even just 18 and your muscles were aching, or you felt like you weren’t performing to your fullest abilities because your body felt fatigued? Well we were recently introduced to a company called 110% Compression + Ice, Play Harder, and they may just have the perfect solution for your aching body. This product is designed for all athletic activities, including golf.

From the company, Info for golf:

Tennis players and golfers know that power on the court or off the tee box involves the whole body. Why not give it the attention it deserves, with 110% Compression+. Zoned gradient design increases blood flow while reducing vibration. Seamless construction adds comfort and performance. Unique pocket architecture allows for immediate post-training icing; reusable ice sheets and insulated thermal bag allow you to start recovery instantly, no matter what court or course you’re on. See what pushing to 110% can add to your game.

Features common to the entire Compression + Ice Product Line :

  • Zoned Compression: 110% Compression + Ice products feature high compression zones that stabilize muscles and reduce vibration, and lower compression zones that allow muscles to expand.
  • Gradient Compression: 110% Compression + Ice products feature gradient compression of 15 mmgh to 24 mmgh forcing blood flow back to the heart for improved circulation.
  • Built in pockets for icing: 110% Compression + Ice products feature strategically placed icing pockets that target the main muscles without compromising the fit (or the look-they blend right in!).
  • Seamless Design: 110% Compression + Ice products are constructed as double layered single garments and the seamless design is what gives them that ‘ultimate comfort’ without the chafing.
  • Technical Fabric: 110% Compression + Ice products are made from two layers of 360-degree 4 way stretch knit polypropylene. Our performance fabric provides ultimate flexibility while keeping its strength and shape and is spun using moisture wicking antimicrobial Silver Tech fibers shown to destroy 99.9% of odor causing bacteria.
  • Reusable Fabric: 110% Compression + Ice products come with reusable, flexible, non-toxic ice inserts. 100% Ice Inserts can be cut to any size for customized fit, and double as heat therapy when needed.
  • Thermal Bag: 110% Compression + Ice products are packaged in a reusable thermal bag that keeps ice inserts cold for up to 6 hours, creating a completely mobile compression + ice recovery system.
  • Benefits: Reduced swelling and increasing circulation, faster active recovery, and faster healing.

After using the 110% Compression + Ice after several range sessions, rounds of golf and gym workouts we walked away very impressed. It seems to work just as advertised. Our testers all felt less muscle fatigue and joint stiffness. For those who used it for intense gym workouts, they said that the following day they felt a lot better than they normally did, leading us to believe that it does aid in quicker recovery time.

I think this is a great product for people with achy muscles and it’s especially helpful for people with issues such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, and other muscle and joint issues. Anyone who has ever run a marathon knows that compression clothing can be a life saver for shin splints. The 110% Compression + Ice is like getting the benefits of an Icy Hot or Bengay, but without the awful smell and much better results. If you feel you are a person who could benefit from what this product has to offer I highly recommend giving it a try. This is a product that is great for men or women and people of all ages. For more technical information on 110% Compression + Ice you can visit their website here.

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  • This looks interesting. Could lead to faster turn around if you have trouble playing consecutive rounds or on consecutive days.

  • I could see this wrapped around me in July! Great review GG.

  • Very interesting product! As someone who works out daily and walks the course a ton this is something that I could perhaps really benefit from.

    Great information packed in here GG! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • This sounds like the perfect product for an active senior golfer! Not to mention the four day gym workouts and the stiffness that age can bring. I can see where this would be a huge asset in recovery and the ability to bounce back for the next days activity.

  • This could be really good if you like to play golf a lot and still like to work out hard every day like me. I hate going to play and being sore from previous workouts. This seems like a really great product, thanks for the review GG!

  • Good writeup GG. Luckily, I haven’t had issues with body stiffness or aches from golf, but this really has me in full ponder mode for my running activities. I just can’t get over long runs like I used to. I fully agree on your thoughts on shin splints too!

  • I can see this being a real possibility to use. Great write-up GG. Honestly, if I could I’d be using one now as we speak. Between my workout and practice regimen this winter it could be deemed real beneficial. I’ll likely look into this.

  • Great review GG. I’m going to have to look to at this at some point. A huge fan of compression gear and love the fact it could help with the golfers elbow and joint stuff.

  • I will have to give these a go, I can use something like this almost everyday! Thanks for reviewing these and sharing

  • That’s really an interesting concept. I’ve never felt fatigue/soreness from golfing until recently and it does affect my performance. Thanks for the review, GG.

  • Great review GG! This is somethig that I think I am going to have to try.

  • Very interesting product, thanks for bringing the information. I wear full length compression on my legs now for deep vein thrombossis now and knowing the benefit I gain from that can’t help but think this would help the rest of my ache zones.

  • this is an interesting product. I would be skeptical purchasing it, but it sounds like they work. Thanks for the review GG!

  • Thanks for the review GG, I think something like this could be useful for my everyday aches and pains from the gym as well as golf. Especially early in the season, I’m a hurting fool after those first few rounds of the year!

  • I love technology!!! Very interested if it works.

  • Thanks for the review GG! Good info and what appears to be a good product. Do you have anything on kinesiology tape? It isn’t icing but I’ve read good things about that new technology and application to joint pain.

  • Hi Bear,

    I don’t have any info on that, sorry.

  • Great review GG !
    I would really like to try this product.
    I’m thinking it would really help my knee pains.

  • Great concept. Thanks for the review.

  • Very cool! At least the product used, ice, provides actual benefits. So many balms and cremes out there that are just skin irritants and really don’t provide true therapy. Glad to see you guys pick up on this.

  • Worth a try. Well researched product.

  • interesting concept. would love to see a long term test done with a comparison done of activities with and without this too. good review GG!

  • Too bad they don’t have a product for the back. That’s where my pain is.

  • Great review GG. I am really interested in this. As someone who works out and runs regularly, sometimes you need help recovering!

  • I actually have the calf sleeves from this company and they are absoutely amazing i run 3-5 miles a day because of the army and developed and with these i bounced back in 2-3 weeks with still running over other folks who take 2-3 months

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