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You hear it all the time on the news and from your doctors, protect yourself from the sun. Normally they are talking about wearing sunscreen but you cannot forget to protect your eyes too. Your eyes are just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin. I know I have always had a hard time finding the right pair of sunglasses and judging by all the requests we received here at The Hackers Paradise it seems many people have that same problem too. So we did some research and contacted an eyewear company called Live Eyewear who claim to be the answer to our problems.

Live Eyewear has six different styles to offer and each has it’s own unique purpose. Four of the six options are actually made to go over your prescription glasses. Here is a little background and insight into the company.

“Live Eyewear is based in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. We focus all of our efforts on designing and manufacturing optical grade sunwear that can be worn over prescription eyewear. Our patented range of OveRx® products are available from eyecare professionals and better quality sporting goods retailers in over thirty countries, delivering optical grade sunwear solutions to millions of people who wear prescription eyewear. Although our products are often imitated, we continue to lead the OveRx sunglass category with a commitment to innovation, technology and value. Our patented eyewear collections feature optical grade, scratch resistant lenses, custom accessories and a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Each collection includes an array of frame styles and lens options designed to enhance visual performance and provide complete eye protection.”

Since our main purpose for using the glasses is to play golf the wonderful people at Live Eyewear sent us two pair of their Quattro Polarized Performance Sunwear, one in black and one in tortoise shell. These are one of the two options that do not go over your prescription glasses. The Quattro is perfect for outdoor sports. These glasses are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and ultra lightweight with polarized UV 400 protection and has polycarbonate lenses. For those who don’t know much about UV protection, 400 is the highest rating for Ultra-Violet protection, it means you are 100% protected from UVA, B, and C radiation. The polarized lenses offer distortion-free visual acuity, which is huge for me because there is nothing worse than looking down at a golf ball and everything is distorted.

Now that we have talked about all the technical stuff lets get to the good stuff, how did they work? Like I said above I have always had trouble finding glasses. The first problem I have is finding a pair that fit; they are either too big or too small. When they are too big the glasses are always falling down my face when I look down and that drives me crazy. When they are too small and too tight they give me a headache. I hate when the my hat or visor is sitting on my glasses and it becomes so tight I feel like my head is going to explode. I am very pleased to say the Live Eyewear Quattro glasses fit perfectly. They did not slide down my face when I would look down at my set-up and they did not feel like they were squeezing the life out of my head, even after 18 holes of golf.

How do they look you ask? They look great! I know the big “bug eye” looking glasses are in style for women but I look terrible in them, my head is way too small for that look. The Live Eyewear glasses were perfect, they were big enough to give me complete eye coverage but not so big that they took over my entire face. What I like the most about their eyewear is that it is unisex. Man or woman these glasses make everyone look good.

Functionality and fit are very important but the million dollar question is how much do they cost? To my surprise and extreme excitement you can pick up a pair of these amazing glasses for only $49.95 and it comes with a microfiber pouch for carrying and cleaning them. When I saw that I couldn’t wait to go out and buy another pair in a different color. For someone like myself who always loses or somehow breaks their glasses this price made me very happy. I would also like to point out that their customer service was absolutely incredible and here at THP that is very important to us. These are now the only pair of glasses I wear. Whether I am on the golf course, at the beach, or just driving to work I am sporting my Live Eyewear. There are several different sites on the web where you can purchase a pair of their glasses and you can also find retailers and eyewear specialists near you, simply visit their website at Live Eyewear .

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