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Being that THP is located in Tampa, FL we watched this current LPGA star dominate the amateur ranks. Brittany Lincicome competed in both the 2004 U.S. Women’s Open and the 2004 State Farm Classic on the LPGA Tour as an amateur, even leading the former after the first round. Her first victory after turning professional was in the 2006 HSBC Women’s World Match Play Championship, where she defeated Michelle Wie in the quarterfinals, Lorena Ochoa in the semifinals, and Juli Inkster in the final match. She captured her second win in April 2007 at the Ginn Open, again holding off Ochoa to capture the victory on the 72nd hole. She won her first major in 2009 with an electrifying win at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. The Hackers Paradise is thrilled to get the opportunity to interview Brittany Lincicome.

THP – How did you get started playing golf?

BL – My dad and brothers got me interested. It was a par 3 course that does not exist anymore. The longest hole was 130 yards.

THP – You were an extremely dominant amateur, how did you stay motivated for each event?

BL – I was young enough that I did not need motivation, only a love of the game.

THP – When you hit the big time, what’s the first big purchase you made?

BL – A black Lincoln Mark LT truck with 24 inch rims.

THP – How do you celebrate a victory?

BL – We get together as a family and have a party. The party for the Kraft will happen as soon as I get a break in the schedule.

THP – What is your pre-tournament round routine (meals, activities, etc)?

BL – I eat chicken or pasta the night before and eggs or some other protein before the round. Not much else.

THP – How has your life changed since winning a major?

BL – I am being recognized more and I have more media responsibilities. Other than that, I am the same old me.

THP – Since you are currently #10 on the Solheim Cup Points list, what are your thoughts and feelings about it? Have you done any preparation for it yet?

BL – I have a practice round scheduled for this Monday at the tournament course so that will be my first time seeing the venue. I love the Solheim and hope to be a great contributor to the team.

THP – Considered one of the longest drivers on tour, what would you attribute your power to?

BL – As a child, I naturally hit it far. I have grown up playing men so I never thought of it as hitting it that far. It just seemed normal to me, but I do get a thrill out of it. I never hold back because I love to gamble and push the envelope. Working out and technology also have a lot to do with my hitting it far.

THP – We hear all the time about your ongoing and past work with local coach Matt Mitchell and your swing change, can you tell us about the process?

BL – Matt Mitchell is a great coach and friend and I have the utmost respect for him. Although, I am now working with Craig Shankland. Swing changes take time.

THP – The championship is on the line and if you make this shot you win. What shot would that be? Which shot in your repertoire are you most confident about?

BL – An Adams hybrid from 210 on 18 at the Kraft. Just kidding. I normally love wedges.

THP – If your bag disappeared, which one piece of equipment would you miss the most?

BL – Adams driver

THP – We know you love playing with everyone, but if you could pick your dream foursome who would it be and why?

BL – Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and my Dad. I know that makes five but it would be too cool for me to leave my dad out.

THP – With all the traveling that you are doing, do you have a favorite place that you have visited?

BL – Maui is awesome, the sea turtles rock.

THP – Where is the one place you have to go when you come home to Tampa?

BL – Arigatos, the hibachi steakhouse.

THP – What is your favorite course to play in the Tampa Bay area?

BL – Several, Copperhead, Innisbrook, Bardmoor and St. Petersburg Country Club.

THP – Do you have time for personal life outside of golf, and if so outside of fishing what do you like to do?

BL – Fishing, poker, and boating. I also love the movies, especially Will Ferrell movies. Also, I have great friends on tour like Kristy McPherson and Jenny Gleason who also live in Tampa.

THP – Name three items that aren’t about golf that are on your bucket list (things you want to do before you go).

BL – Skydiving, white water rafting, and a helicopter ride over Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

THP – At The Hackers Paradise we love our golf gear and we are very style conscious. How would you describe your golf style?

BL – My Kate Lord apparel is hip and comfortable.

THP – You are very involved in charities, can you tell us a little bit about some of the work you do?

BL – I am involved with the First Tee, the Susan G. Komen Foundation(breast cancer research), and the LPGA Fellowship group.

THP – What are your thoughts on the current health and direction of the LPGA as a business?

BL – The LPGA is a smart organization and has always done a great job in personal satisfaction surveys among sponsors. I am sure that we are headed in the right direction.

THP – How do the women on tour feel about private housing/hosts when they’re traveling? Any funny stories?

BL – People are so kind to invite us into their homes. Some folks have had bad allergic reactions to animals, but not much that is funny.

THP – After a bad shot, how do you refocus?

BL – I sing songs to pick up my mood.

THP – What food do you carry in your bag during a tournament round?

BL – A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some trail mix.

THP – How do you mark your ball?

BL – Black dot left of the number.

THP – If you gave Kristy McPherson permission to tell us one thing about you that you wouldn’t tell us yourself, what would she say?

BL – Kristy is one of my best friends so she would keep her mouth shut. Haha.

THP – Who is the best dresser on the LPGA off the course?

BL – My agent, Jeff, is a sharp dresser off the golf course but for some reason he is not allowed to play with us on the LPGA Tour. Haha.

The Hackers Paradise would like to thank Brittany and Jeff for taking the time and speaking with us today. You can stay up to date with everything Brittany Lincicome by checking out her website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  1. Golfer Gal says:

    Great interview! A huge thanks to Brittany for taking the time to chat with us.

  2. the man with the plan says:

    Good read. She seems like a very nice girl.

  3. WSE says:

    Thanks to BL for taking the time in advance of the McD’s! Fun read. Some astute questions there, too. 😛

  4. lpga luva says:

    This was very cool. Love reading the interviews with the lpga girls about fun stuff. I am also in Seminole where she resides and play at Bardmoor. Maybe I will run into her. Thanks guys.

  5. Smallville says:

    Nice interview. She seemed a little rushed at the times (shorter answers) but settled down and got comfotable later on. I enjoyed it. I’m glad she had the time to do this.

  6. Chris M says:

    Good interview. I like the personal questions. Can not picture her driving a truck but after the win, we are rooting for her. I bought her same clubs because I liked them so much.

  7. Pattie says:

    I would love to see her make a surge today. She has been playing well this year.

  8. bogeyme says:

    A big thanks to BL for taking time out of her schedule to let us get to know her. Great interview.

  9. Creamer Fan says:

    Answers were a little short, but I love hearing the other side to these great girls.

  10. THE ECHO says:

    I love it. I vote for Christina Kim next.

  11. Soxy says:

    That was great, thanks for the interview! It is nice to get to know the golfers more than just on the course.

  12. kers Paradise − 18 Holes with Brittany Lincicome? Seriously? I was searching Google for 55 years old golf course property and found this… will have to think about it.

  13. dan and lillian henderson says:

    We are long time members at St. Pete CC, and Brittany played there alot. She is as genuine as she is talented. A wonderful ambassador for woman’s golf! Super gal!

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