2 Minutes Talking Style With Mike Greenberg

Mike Greenberg is known for many things. Sportscenter anchor of course. Mike & Mike in the morning as well. Anybody that has ever listened to their radio show knows Greenie (Greenberg) as the guy that is definitely NOT AN ATHLETE. He is however an avid golfer and takes the game very seriously. He is a member of Rolling Hills Country Club in Connecticut and plays as often as possible.

If you are not familiar with Mike Greenberg then you should know that he takes style very seriously. He is a self proclaimed metrosexual and knows every brand that you throw at him. His favorite being Prada. In our short but entertaining conversation, Greenie and I discuss clothing and accessories and how it relates to the world of golf. Here is our segment we call “2 minutes” with Mike Greenberg.

THP – Is there such a thing as golf style?

Mike Greenberg – Of course there is. Style is everywhere.

THP – Do you have golf style?

MG – I like to think so. I am slightly traditional in the clothes I wear on the golf course. No crazy outfits like some of the players out there today. I am all for it, but that would be another distraction in my game.

THP – Are you brand loyal?

MG – Surprisingly enough, yes I am.

THP – Can we ask which brand?

MG – I wear exclusively Under Armor golf apparel.

THP – Why UA?

MG – Because Tiger Woods has proved you WANT to look like an athlete on the golf course.

THP – During the Ryder Cup, we got to see Anthony Kim wearing his huge belt buckle. Are you part of the belt buckle craze? Large buckles with some bling?

MG – Absolutely not, I’m a golfer, not a rodeo star.  I cannot imagine showing up at the course with that thing on.

THP – Thanks Mike for answering a few fashion questions and we look forward to chatting soon.

MG – Happy to.

If you liked the short 2 minutes with Greenie we just had, you can catch him each and every morning as one half of the Mike & Mike Radio Show on ESPN Radio from 6am to 10am EST.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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