2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner Driver

I have made it no secret that I have been playing a 2007 Ladies Taylormade Burner Driver. I should also say that is has been my favorite club in my bag. No matter how many drivers I demoed I still went back to ‘old faithful’ she just never did me wrong. Everyone kept telling me I need to test out the 2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner, it will be just like the one I have now except a little longer which will help me add yards off the tee. I refused to listen, until one day our friend at Taylormade said you need to try this club, I am sending it over for you to test out and review. Well, work is work, so if I need to review the club, then so be it. What do you know, the powers that be know more than me, and this new driver has changed my game forever!

When I was originally looking for a driver I demoed every brand that made a ladies club. Like everything else in my life I couldn’t make a decision right away (I am not exactly the biggest risk taker) so I kept coming back to try the clubs over a three month span. Every time I went back to try the drivers I kept gravitating towards to the same two clubs, the Ladies Taylormade Burner and the Ladies Ping Rhapsody. Overall the Burner just gave me more distance, better accuracy, and better consistency time and time again. So the decision was made the burner was purchased and I never looked back, until now.
From the company:

-Next generation Dual Crown Technology incorporates a dual crown and large powerbase to lower CG in the clubhead, and promote high launch and low spin for more distance
-Super-stable, high-MOI head design, combined with Inverted Cone Technology promotes more forgiveness and more consistent distance on off-center hits
-SuperFast Technology includes a 49g shaft measuring 46 1/4 inches and promotes explosive swing speed, faster ball speed and added distance

When the 2009 Ladies Burner Driver arrived I was looking forward to testing it out, but there was definitely one thing that was making me a little nervous, the shaft length. As noted above the shaft of the Ladies ’09 Burner is 46 ¼ inches, which according to Taylormade “promotes explosive swing speed, faster ball speed and added distance.” I like the way that sounds, but my concern was whether or not I could control the club with such a long shaft, especially because I am only 5’0”. The club was practically as tall as me, but I promised I would review it and so I took it to the course.
I warmed up at the range with a small bucket of balls starting with my shorter clubs and working my way up to the driver. I started with my old ’07 Burner and without fail I was nailing every drive. Then I pulled the ’09 Burner out of my bag and set up to the tee. I think my nerves of the long shaft got to me and I shanked the first shot so far to the right I almost hit the clubhouse, oops! I set up another ball, took a deep breath, took my stance and swung away. I couldn’t believe what had happened, I just hit the ball dead straight and 20 yards past my ’07 Burner. I hit the ball again and again and again and every time it was straight and 20 yards past anything I had hit with the ’07 Burner. It appears the unthinkable has happened, I may have just found the replacement to my old driver. Before I could make this very serious decision I had to take the 2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner to the course and test it out for a few rounds. The results were exactly the same, straight down the fairway with an average of 9 out of 14 times and the other 5 were just barely missing the fairway and rolling into the rough.
I am not going to say that this club is the end all be all of drivers, or that it is going to be a miracle worker for everyone’s game. However, for me, there is no other driver that will even go near my golf bag except the 2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner. I will continue to test new drivers and see if they can compete, but as of right now I can’t imagine anything will even come close.
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The 2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner Driver is available for right and left handed players however for the lefties it only comes in a 10.5 degree loft while the right handed players have the choice of 10.5 or 12.0 degrees. The club has a 60 degree lie angle and 460 CC club head with deep face height and a large address area allowing for tremendous forgiveness.
In my opinion this is one of the most forgiving clubs on the market and is a must try for high handicap players. I also love the look of the driver at address. I have tested some other drivers that I felt were too distracting or colorful at setup but the Burner has a slight design that works for me, and when I look down at that club I get an instant sense of confidence. If you have a demo day coming to a club near you or if you have the chance to stop by your local golf shop, I highly recommend trying out the 2009 Ladies Taylormade Burner. You can read more about this driver and other products by Taylormade here.

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  • Great review and a great story.

  • My wife might like to try this sometime, although she loves her driver more than any club in her bag right now! We’ll see if we can demo one.

  • I have been waiting for this one because I play the 07 Burner as well and thought that the longer shaft may be an issue for me. But it does not sound like it is. Good story. I too, had it narrowed down to the Ping Rhapsody and the Burner and the Burner just went further according to the computer at Golfsmtih.

  • Anita,

    I was so afraid that the longer shaft would be an issue. As mentioned I shanked the ball the first time because that’s all I kept thinking about. Don’t think about the length of the shaft and just let the club do what it was made to do and you will be amazed at how much further the ball goes. I truly am in love with this club.

    Golfer Gal

  • Good review, GG! I was surprised when I read the shaft length on that thing – good lord!

  • I have been using a few drivers and they all do the same, push every ball really bad right. I got this on loan from my pro shop, took it to the driving range. First shot has high but not long, after a bucket of balls I was gettingg more distance but still tending to push balls out right. Not sure if this club is for me or I maybe have a swing/grip problem.

  • I’m glad this driver worked for you, but it did not do it for me. Virtually every drive is a slice! My first and only driver was the TaylorMade R7 Draw, and I was getting decent distance but more importantly, accuracy. I decided to go for more distance now that I had a good rhythm going and of course looked to TaylorMade. Well, I’ve hit 2 buckets now with this club, varied everything from my ball position to choking up on the club, and it just wants to go right! I love the look and feel of it, but I’m going to have to exchange it. It’s too frustrating!

  • Just got this driver and I have not been able to do anything but hit a few drives. First one I hit was straight down the middle and at least 20 yards longer that my old driver which I usually hit 150 to 165. This drive was approximately 187. My others equally as long and most pretty accurate. I found when you bring the club into your downswing it feels remarkably like it is pulling itself through. Really effortless. Great feel to the club when it makes contact too. Ball seems to blast off the club face with more height than I have ever had with a driver. Fun Fun Fun!

  • I am looking for one of these Drivers but can’t find it any where.Please help it must be the 10.5 degree

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