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With the Solheim Cup less than a month away what better company to review then the U.S. ladies clothing sponsor, Antigua. This is a brand that THP has grown to know and love over the years. Antigua has notoriously been known as the green grass, pro shop brand that takes plain solid tops and puts a company logo on them. What we have learned these past few years is that Antigua is so much more than that. They have worked to expand their brand and their audience and introduce new designs and colors to reach more consumers. Whether you are a fan of bold colors and unique patterns or classic styles and earth tones there is one thing that is apparent to all, Antigua makes a quality product that will last for years and years.

For the purpose of this review we will touch on three new tops, each one uniquely different from the next and a skort. Antigua is much better known for their tops then bottoms, especially since they only offer three different styles: one style of pants, one of shorts and one skort. I will touch on the skort later but first I want to talk about the tops. We were sent their Women’s Exceed Polo in dark red, Women’s Whisper Xtra Lite in a light blue and their Women’s Joy in Birch/Pacific Multi (which is a cream and blue color).

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Women’s Exceed Polo
In previous reviews I have discussed Antigua’s Desert Dry Xtra-Lite fabric and I cannot speak highly enough of this technology. This top is made of 100% polyester micro-flat pique Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite D2XL moisture management and it is truly the lightest shirt I have ever worn. It feels so cool and soft on your body and even in the most horrific, scorching 100+ degree temperatures with 100% humidity you will not see sweat and you will feel cool and comfortable. The polo itself is no frills, it’s one solid color, short sleeved with a 3-button placket with matching colored buttons. The color we received for review is red and it’s a deep, rich red that I personally really liked a lot. What’s great about this polo is that it is available in 12 different colors and ranges in sizes from Small to 2XL so there is an option for just about everyone. With most Antigua apparel I have tried I found this top to run just a bit big, or more true to the ‘American’ cut and fit so it had a little extra room in the midsection but not so much that I would call it baggy just more forgiving. The Women’s Exceed Polo retails for $49.95 which I think is a great price for the quality and technology offered.

Women’s Whisper Xtra Lite Polo
Just like the Women’s Exceed above this top is made of 100% polyester Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite D2XL moisture management so you know you are going to be comfortable throughout your entire round. The design of this top is totally different from above. Yes, it’s still one solid color but that is the only similarity. This features a popcorn texture, almost like a waffle weave, that adds great dimension and excitement to this polo. The one we reviewed is a light blue color that reminds me of the sky. It’s incredibly comfortable, super light weight, and with the popcorn texture, really stands out from the crowd. It features a 5-button placket with the buttons being the same blue color as the shirt. The Women’s Whisper Xtra Lite is available in 11 different colors and ranges in sizes from S-2XL. Just like above, this has a slight ‘American’ cut so it’s not completely form fitting but still allows for great shape and looks beautiful on the body. This top retails for $54.95 and is worth every penny.

Women’s Joy Polo
This top is completely different from the two above, from the materials to the designs, this one is truly unique. The first thing you notice is the design, it is, what Antigua calls, a space dye stripe. The color on the color and throughout this top is called birch but to best describe it I would say it’s cream and then is accented with blue and black/gray stripes. The desert dry technology is here but not in the Xtra-Lite capacity. Instead this is made of 75% Nylon and 25% polyester Desert Dry moisture management. All of that said it’s still incredibly lightweight, had fabulous moisture wicking and stay cool technology and is beyond comfortable to wear on the course. The five bottom placket has five snap buttons that are hidden. The Women’s Joy polo is available in two color options, ranging in sizes from S-2XL and retails for $54.95. I found this top to fit a bit longer than the other two so you might want to consider sizing down, however, I am not sure that would really be necessary.

Women’s Core Skort
We now move on to the bottoms and for our review we were sent the Women’s Core skort in black and birch which is a cream, almond color. To be completely honest I was a bit surprised that Antigua even sent bottoms because they are really known for their tops, but I was really excited to give these a test run. This is not your ordinary golf skort, it is longer, falling at the knees, and looks more like a pencil skirt which I actually like quite a bit. This is the type of bottom that could easily be worn to work, out with the girls and certainly at the 19th hole. It has two small slits in the front to add a nice feminine appearance. This skort has two fairly deep pockets in the front and a zip pocket in the back. My only complaint is that the back pocket is on the right hand side and I have always put my glove in the back left pocket. That is more a person issue and is by no means a flaw with the garment. Being a girl with some lower curves I was a little concerned about looking to ‘hippy’ but this skort hugs you in all the right places and because it’s longer it actually makes your torso look thinner and your legs trimmer.

Just like the tops this skort features the desert dry technology to ensure that you will stay cool and dry no matter what the weather is like outside. This skort comes in five different colors and ranges in sizes from 2-18. I found this to fit very true to size and even as someone who is very short I didn’t have an issue with the length. This retails for $49.95 and I think it’s a great price for the quality and multipurpose ability.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the new offerings from Antigua. I cannot speak highly enough about this desert dry technology. I wish every golf shirt was this lightweight, this comfortable and capable of keeping me cool on this very hot and humid Florida days. I still have Antigua shirts that I bought years ago and have washed hundreds of times and they look the same as the day I got them. Their quality is in a class all by themselves and at their price points I think they are worth every penny and then some. They may not have neon colors and extravagant designs but they have stepped it up in their design department and as I keep saying, you know you are buying a quality piece of clothing. To learn more about Antigua you can visit their website at

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  1. JRod says:

    This stuff looks really classy. As you stated there isn’t neon colors and blinding shirts but thats not a style that looks good to me anyhow.

    You did a great job describing just how comfy this stuff is and the quality, which to me is far more important to me than flashy colors. Gonna send the wife this way to check it out, the desert dry technology sounds awesome!

  2. J.R. says:

    Like JRod said, just looks very classy. Nice stuff.

  3. TC says:

    I love Antigua! I wasn’t aware that they were sponsoring the American ladies either, so that’s great to know. Very good review GG! I must say, I much prefer Antigua’s color combos and styles than just about anyone else’s. I love that they just stay true to form and aren’t really embracing this wild, crazy design and color game that so many companies seem to be playing. That Whisper Lite polo is awesome! It’s my fav!

  4. Michael Cook says:

    That is a nice clean looking line they have going. After my wife’s first trip in awhile to the range last night, I think she may just be interested in this; will definitely be sharing with her.

  5. tadashi70 says:

    If my wife played golf I think this what I would like to see her in, good looking understated threads

  6. Dmb012 says:

    I really like the looks of these clothes. I have never owned a piece of Anitgua, but after seeing these items I am going to check out the men’s line. Thanks for the great review GG.

  7. Johnboy12.5 says:

    Nice review GG. The colors are a little conservative for my SO’s tastes, but I’ll show her the review and see what she thinks!

  8. Ryan H. says:

    They have tons of color combos, which is nice. Also, the price is very competitive for golf clothing. Great review, GG.

  9. 9-Iron Man says:

    Lots of tech in these for not a lot of $$$. I’m liking the longer skort too. It’s different, it’s a change from most. Great review GG!

  10. Hanks says:

    Good review GG…..I like the colors and combos that are possible with this line of clothes

  11. Smallville says:

    Nice looking clothes, but do all of the shirts have that tight cuff that you tend to see on the sleeves of women’s shirts? It’s the one thing that my wife does not like about women’s clothing!

  12. Puttin4Bird says:

    Outstanding review GG. There’s not much better than a product that looks great on and has the performance to match. Having spent a lot of time playing golf in Florida this technology is definitely needed for you down there! Great work and great looking products, nice work Antigua!

  13. Administrator says:

    Smallville –

    None of the shirts in this review have the tight cuff that you are referring to.

  14. Kelly says:

    I’m going to have to try these out. This summer has been so hot and I need shirts like these. Love the skorts. Maybe you can get some Antigua THP ladies shirts for us. 🙂 I really like the fabric in the mens shirts you sell.

  15. wcueb923 says:

    I would like to see my lady in these. nice job GG.

  16. ddec says:

    Nice review GG. Antigua makes some quality shirts. I know the ones that I have I really enjoy wearing.

  17. Yoccos says:

    Loved the review GG! My friend and I were just talking about grabbing a round soon and she wants a new outfit lol. I’ll let her know about these. PLus it could double something to wear to work, it looks great!

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