2011 FILA Golf – Men’s & Women’s Apparel Review

Many companies have been reviewed by the THP staff, and some fare better than others when it comes to our personal feelings regarding that brand, but no company has surprised us as much as FILA Golf.  FILA is a name that, for me, has always been synonymous with athletic shoes.  Soccer also comes to mind, as well as tennis, but certainly not golf.  Over the past year we have been lucky enough to review some apparel from FILA Golf and each piece surpassed the next in both quality and performance.   Needless to say, when given the opportunity to review the latest offering from FILA Golf we immediately said yes.

We received two outfits from their men’s line and two from their ladies line which will be showcased in this review.  We will start with the ladies line.

Women’s Tops:

Let’s start with the Volterra Striped Polo in Silver.  The fabric is soft and stretchy and pretty lightweight which is perfect for a cooler day at the golf course.  This isn’t something I would be wearing during the summer months because it’s a ¾ sleeved polo, but as soon as the temperatures start to drop this is definitely a top I will be wearing quite often.  I have mentioned in previous reviews that I prefer lower cut necklines because high cut ones make me feel like I am suffocating so when I saw the great V-neck of this top I was thrilled.  At first glance this piece appears to be a wrap around top, but after closer examination it’s completely stitched together making this a faux wrap around.  I thought this added some nice dimension and a different styling than what is normally seen in your every day polo. The stripes are very subtle and from afar are almost unnoticeable but as you get close they appear.  Don’t let stripes across scare you, this is still very figure friendly as is everything I have ever tried from FILA Golf.

The second top FILA sent over was the Women’s Lisbon Polo in Nirvana.  Nirvana, to me, is best described as lavender.  This top has the same stretchy soft material as the Volterra and also features that great ‘V’ neckline that I love so much.  This is a short sleeved polo that huge your body in all the right places.  There is a very subtle pattern to this polo that is almost impossible to describe.  It’s not really stripped, but has an almost two-toned look when you look at it very closely.  From afar it looks completely solid, but if you get close enough you can see this ever so subtle pattern.

With every FILA Golf item I have tried, I have found these tops to fit true to size.    Both tops retail for $80 and are available in sizes XS-2XL.

Women’s Bottoms:

To match the Volterra top above FILA Golf sent over their Women’s Plaid Golf Skort in Silver.  The first word that came to mind when I saw this skort was darling.  It’s feminine and soft, but also a little youthful yet classy.  I found this bottom to fall just above my knee which is the perfect length for me.  The fabric is so lightweight; it’s perfect for a warm day out on the course.  The lavender accent color in the plaid is simply beautiful.  I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this skort.  I love the shade of gray/silver used, I love the thick band at the top and bottom which almost frames the plaid design and I love the cut and fit.  This was by far my favorite piece from everything that was sent for review.  This skort fits true to size and retails for $80 and is available in sizes 0-14.

The biggest surprise for me from the ladies apparel was the flat front Women’s shorts in Viva Red.  When I saw fire engine red shorts I wanted to run for the hills.  There was no way that bright color could support my, let’s call them thick, thighs.  I was honestly afraid to look in the mirror when I tried them on and once I did I stood, staring at the mirror, with a total look of shock on my face.  These red shorts look great!  They actually made my legs look more slender and the shade of red used was so vibrant, it complimented my skin tone so well.  They may have looked completely different than I expected but they felt just as good as I hoped they would.  FILA Golf once again delivers in the comfort department and these shorts would be a great staple to have in anyone’s golf wardrobe.  If the red color still scares you, don’t worry they also come in black, navy blue and sand (khaki).  These shorts retail for $80 and are available in sizes 0-14.

Men’s Tops:

For the men’s tops we received three totally different styles.  I will start with the simplest of the group, the California Polo in Navy blue.  The fabric is 86% polyester and 14% spandex but feels like super soft, stretchy cotton.  It’s a little heavier in weight compared to the other two tops but not so much so that it would be uncomfortable to wear in the middle of the summer.  Our male tester said this top felt amazing to wear, it was cool, not clingy and the stretchiness from the spandex made it so easy to swing a golf club.  The color is a navy, almost royal blue and looks amazing with the plaid shorts which will be discussed in just a bit.  This top is available in a total of 8 colors and our tester said he liked it so much he would buy one in each color.   This retails for $60 and comes in sizes XS-3XL and runs true to size.

The second top is called Montpellier Striped Polo in Shocking Pink.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures but this is a pink and orange striped shirt.  Similar to the ladies tops mentioned above, the patter isn’t as noticeable from afar but when you get closer the thin orange stripe pops off the top.  The two colors complement each other quite nicely and add a great textured look taking this from any other ordinary polo and turning into something unique and different.  The fabric is 57% Nylon and 43% Polyester and is extremely light weight.  It has great give making it a great choice for golf.  The Montpellier Striped Polo runs true to size, retails for $90 and is available in sizes XS-3XL.

The third and final shirt we reviewed is the Brisbane Textured Polo in Lake.  Lake can best be described as turquoise.  This was by far the most unique tops of the group.  This one features an almost fish scale-like texture and appearance.  You could maybe say tiled, it’s a very hard pattern to put into words.  Hanging on a hanger this doesn’t necessarily draw a person in, the pattern might scare quite a few people away; however, if you put the top on it looks completely different.  This is definitely one of those cases where it looks better on a person than on the rack.   Our tester loved the fit and feel of this top and said it was very similar to the first two with being lightweight and stretchy allowing for complete mobility on the golf course.  The fabric here is a polyester spandex/lycra blend so it has a ton of give and all the great moisture wicking, stay cool, features we have all grown to love in performance golf tops.  This top is available in four colors, is true to size, retails for $80 and comes in sizes XS-3XL.

Men’s Bottoms:

Just like the tops FILA set over 3 bottoms.  To go with the first shirt, the California Polo, are the Milos Plaid Bermuda Shorts in Navy.  These have a bold plaid pattern featuring shades of blue, white and red.  For me, the red is what makes these shorts, the color just jumps right off them.  The plaid here might intimidate some golfers but when paired with the solid navy blue polo it calms the shorts down a bit and makes for one incredibly sharp looking outfit.  These shorts are incredibly lightweight with a polyester/cotton blend.  They are great for those warm days on the golf course.  Our male tester said they were some of the most comfortable shorts he has ever worn.  These retail for $80 and are available in three color choices.  These fit true to size and are available in 28”-40”.

To go with the pink/orange striped Montpellier polo are the Bruxelles Bermuda short in black.  These shorts are 100% polyester so they are even lighter then the plaid shorts from above.  Our tester said they were one of the most comfortable pairs of shorts they had ever worn.  By matching the pink/orange with the back shorts the colors of the shirt really popped.  These bottoms were the perfect piece to complete this outfit.  Available in black, navy and sand these shorts retail for $80.  These fit true to size and are available in 28”-40”.

The final pair of bottoms were the Oslo Pant in Coyote Brown.  With fall just around the corner these are the perfect bottom to go with all three tops above.  Made of 98% cotton these are a little heavy which is great for those chilly rounds of golf.  They are extremely soft and our tester couldn’t stop talking about how comfortable these pants were.  Just like the other two bottoms these also fit true to size and come in waist size 28”-40”.  These retail for $100.


FILA Golf has continued to outdo themselves with their golf apparel.  It’s a brand not often thought of for golf, but it should be.  They use some of the nicest fabrics I have ever tried and make great use of colors.  If you haven’t tried FILA Golf apparel I highly recommend that you do.  You can feel the quality from the very first touch.  FILA Golf can be found at retailers worldwide including a great online retails store Golf4Her.

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