2011 Lija Ladies Apparel Review

There are some brands, year after year, season after season, that continue to impress me. These are the brands that continue to reinvent themselves, who constantly introduce new fabrics, styles, colors and cuts. It’s these brands that get me excited for the next season because I never know what they are going to think up. A prime example of a company like this is Lija and their 2011 line surpassed my expectations.

One of the things I love the most about Lija is their ability to think outside the box. Their Label 3 line is unique, trendy and trendsetting. This line is not for the lighthearted and it is certainly not for the people who like khaki pants and a solid polo. If you are a person who is looking for edgy and hip apparel that will really make you stand out from the crowd then this is the line for you. From fur vests to skinny pants and asymmetrical tops this is a style you will not see at your typical country club. The Label 3 line is certainly not for everyone, and I will admit some of the styles are even a little outside my comfort zone, but I applaud Lija for creating this line and allowing every golfer to have an identity on the golf course. My favorite piece from here is the Pleat Front Short. They look even better in person then they do in pictures.

When I am looking at a garment, the first thing I look at is color. Yes, design, cut and fit matter (a lot) but it’s the color that grabs me every time. This may be the number one reason why I keep coming back to Lija. They come up with some of the most amazing color pallets and they combine shades that I would never in a million years think to combine, but the end result is always phenomenal. Rather than review specific pieces of apparel I want to touch on one or two pieces that stand out to me from each of the golf collections offered by Lija. I will start with the Myth Lasting Polo from their Pursuit line. At first glance this appears to be a simple white polo, but after further inspection you see lovely pleating to the shoulders and a great low neckline that is soft and feminine. Paired with knee shorts or a skort and I think this makes for a fabulous outfit.

From the Vision line there are two pieces that immediately caught my eye; the Mira Patch Skort and the Heritage Pocket Pullover. The color (fusion) just jumps at you in the most enjoyable way. It has a pinkish, orange, coral hue that pops from every angle. Again, Lija picked a color that I have never seen before and can’t even really describe, but I can say, to me at least, it’s beautiful. I also really enjoy the piping details for some contrast coloring and to add just a little extra detail to make this skort stand out from others. If you look closely at the picture you can see there is also a small slit just above the left knee, it’s subtle but sexy. The second piece that I was instantly drawn to was the Heritage Pocket Pulloever. I am a sucker for jackets and sweaters. I clearly live in the wrong climate because living in Florida limits my time that I can wear these garments, and that saddens me because I love them so much. There is something about the pocket detail of this pullover that I just adore. Maybe it’s how the color of the pocket ties in with the accent on the waist and wrist bands of the sweater, or maybe it’s just how it pops off the top, either way this sweater will have a home in my closet this fall.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors and it pains me that it’s a color I cannot wear. My skin tone is just not right for yellow and I often look washed out. This was exceptionally tough for me to accept when I saw the Nuvo Sundial Vest from the Elevate collection from Lija. This line features so many beautiful pieces in this sunshine yellow color. I think this paired with the Pique Velocity Polo in smoke and Mira Gravity Knee Short would make a stunning outfit.

Moving on to the next collection called Focus, the two pieces that had me do a double take are the Parallel Theory Skort paired with the Pique Voyage Polo. I am still not sure how well the brown goes with the turquoise color, but this has always been a color combination I like so I am running with it. As you can probably guess, it was the color of the skort that stood out to me first. That turquoise, ocean blue, is quite striking. I also really like the subtle pleat and band that breaks up the pattern a bit. It’s these little touches that have me coming back to Lija time and again.

The final collection I will mention is Momentum. Since I haven’t chosen a really bold pattern yet I decided the piece I would pick from the Momentum line would be the Century Plaid Skort. Plaid is one of my favorite patterns, which is surprising because it’s not always the most figure friendly, but I simply love the way it looks. This skort has everything I would want in a plaid garment including strong, bold colors. In order to let the colors and design stand out on the skort I would pair this with the Pique Voyage Polo (just like the top from the Focus line) in white. This is where simplicity meets excitement to make one extraordinary outfit.

Once again Lija has pleased my senses and my style with another great year of creative apparel. If you don’t know, Lija also makes incredible Tennis and Fitness gear. Whether you prefer black, gray and white, earth tones, or bright colors like me, Lija has an array of choices for just about every lady golfer. You can find Lija as online retailers such as Golf4Her. For more information on the brand you can visit their website at www.lijastyle.com.

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