2011 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Nominees

As the season winds down, the PGA Tour has released its nominees for the Rookie of the Year award. Players get nominated by the PAC (Player Advisory Council) and Player Directors and the winners are determined by a vote by PGA Tour members.

The nominees are:

Keegan Bradley
Entered 29 events during the 2011 season featuring playoff victories at the HP Byron Nelson Championship and the PGA Championship. Four top-10 finishes. Ranked 20th on the final FedExCup points list and 13th on the Official Money List with $3,758,600.

Chris Kirk
Entered 28 events with a victory at the Viking Classic. Four top-10 finishes. Ranked 42nd on the final FedExCup points list and 45th on the Official Money List with $1,877,627.

Charl Schwartzel
Entered 16 events with a victory at The Masters, closing with four birdies. Four top-10 finishes. Ranked 32nd on the final FedExCup points list and 24th on the Official Money List with $2,604,558.

Scott Stallings
Entered 29 events with a victory at The Greenbrier Classic. Two top-10 finishes. Ranked 57th on the final FedExCup points list and 41st on the Official Money List with $1,957,162.

Brendan Steele
Entered 27 events with a victory at the Valero Texas Open. Three top-10 finishes. Ranked 52nd on the final FedExCup points list and 38th on the Official Money List with $1,976,310.

Jhonattan Vegas
Entered 26 events with a playoff victory at the Bob Hope Classic. Four top-10 finishes. Ranked 54th on the final FedExCup points list and 46th on the Official Money List with $1,854,414.

Who do you think will win the award this year and why?

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  • While it does seem to be a lock for Keegan, I am sure Charl will have a lot of support too. Still I feel that KB will ultimately be the ROTY.

  • It’s Bradley by a landslide.

  • Interesting. I believe that Keegan will win it because he got 2 wins and one of them being a major late in the year. However, both him and Charl had 4 top 10’s and Charl did it in 16 starts while it was 29 for Keegan. Something to be said for a top 10 in every 4 starts for Charl. If Keegan did not have that 2nd win then I think we have a real debate on our hands.

  • Imo it’s pretty clear that KB should win ROY based on his two wins one of which was a major. But CS won the Masters and also had 4 top 10s in 11 fewer starts. I think you could make a case for CS over Keegan based on consistency

  • If it weren’t for KB’s other win, I think Charl would get my support for this. Who is to say that Charl couldn’t have got another win if he had the extra starts that Keegan did? But ultimately, KB’s 2 wins pushes him over the line for me.

    I didn’t expect that I’d see it so close though. Without seeing the stats in black and white, I thought Bradley would walk this one!

  • KB will win ROY, little doubt about that one. But, I think Charl will get some strong support, as both guys had very strong years.

  • Charl was good, but I’d have to say Bradley just because of the 2nd win. Still, you could make a pretty good case with for Charl with the low number of starts compared to Bradley.

  • I think it’s absurd that Charl is considered a rookie, but never the less he was impressive at The Masters. I still think Bradley deserves the nod not only for ROY but also POY, I’d love to see him win them both!

  • Hard to go with anyone other than Bradley on this one. It’s funny that there is a call for Schwartzel in this one when he wasn’t even mentioned in Player of the Year but Bradley was.

    Does anyone really remember Jhonattan Vegas? He really fell off after the start he had. Half of his money in one event, the other half in 25. I can’t say that I’d ever heard of Kirk.

  • Has to be Keegan. PGA really wants to push another American star. Keegan might be the ticket especially with Phil falling off and who knows what tiger will do in the coming year. Oh yeah don’t forget his aunt has a lot of pull as well!

  • In my mind, it’s Keegan all the way. Two wins with one being a major, how can he not be picked? Charl had a great year and his Masters win was very impressive, but he’s got wins on the European Tour and how he can be a rookie is a bit beyond me. But I digress. Keegan for ROY.

  • While there are some great golfers on the list, Charl especially, I think this year has to be Keegan! I am just sad that he is not representing the US on the Presidents Cup team.

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