2011 Sligo Wear Spring Review

When it comes to bold and fresh golf apparel, few companies are putting out what the folks at Sligo Wear have been over the last few years. Trendy clothing in bright colors with great patterns to add some color to your golf game. Over the last few years, THP has had the opportunity to take a look at each of their previous lines and watch the company evolve from what was once a small boutique apparel brand into what is now a brand that you can pick up at major retailers such as Golf Galaxy and GolfTown. When THP got their first sneak peek at the Spring 2011 Sligo line at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, we were immediately blown away by the changes the company has made and what was once a company that was evolving has now become a company that just gets “it”.

New Look & Same Attitude
The spring line from the 2011 collection is different than anything the company has put out before. You will find some old favorites such as the O’Brien (a THP favorite last year) and the Scriver, as well as countless new items that offer new materials without sacrificing any of what made this company so popular. Sligo in the past (especially in their shirts) has been known for their patterns being laid over the material. It is something that many of their fans have grown to love and we are happy to say that this technique is still part of the line in many favorites. However in this latest line you will also find many patterns in which they used thread coloring to make the patterns done more traditionally for those that prefer that style and/or feel. When a company makes a change like this, you often wonder if the quality will suffer and it is safe to say that was not the case. The dye sub patterns that they have put together are everything you would want from a company on the edge of trendy and fashionable.

For the purpose of this review, THP took a look at 3 shirts from the new collection. First up is the Scotty in white and it does feature the new dye sub work and the first time you put the shirt on, you realize exactly why Sligo has gone with this new material. Light weight and a shirt that breathes is exactly what I look for in my spring attire and Sligo has hit the nail on the head. The shirt is bold without being over the top and the new dyed fabrics work extremely well.

Next shirt we will look at is the Wallack and we received it in white and vegas pink. This has been a shirt that I have been personally raving about since I saw the early designs and it absolutely delivered. Also done with the sub dye, both shirts feature the pattern across the right half of the shirt. This piece from the collection has received more compliments around the course than any other piece of apparel that we have ever reviewed on THP. The Wallack is different and bold in their color choices and a unique pattern unlike anything we have seen to date at THP. In a recent interview with THP, PGA Tour superstar Brian Gay mentioned that it is his favorite shirt from the new collection (you can view that video below).

The last shirt we will look at is the St. James and it follows in the line of the other two with the dye sub pattern featured on the front left chest. A different design and one that at first glance looked like there was not enough going on in the pattern. With that being said, remember the old line that “clothes really do have a different look on you than off you”, well nothing rings more true than that statement. The pattern flows perfectly up the chest to the shoulder and the subtle hints of color make it a very versatile piece and one that I am looking forward to adding in multiple colors.

Shirt Fit
One thing we can say that we are extremely happy about is that the shirts still offer that incredible comfort based on their cut and fit. They are an athletic fit without being too “tapered” down the side. Sleeve size seems to run about normal compared to other athletic fit cuts and the length is perfect. If you are not used to an athletic (Euro) cut, we do recommend sizing up one size. For example, if you are used to wearing a large in your regular golf attire, you may want to consider XL as you move into Sligo.

I have been a big fan of the Sligo bottoms for the last few years as they offered the fit that I have come to love. Featuring a technical polyester and spandex blend to give you a little stretch in all the right areas without dealing with the issues that can arise from cotton golf shorts. The shorts are colorful and work well with mixing and matching to multiple tops in each collection and the spring 2011 collection features countless examples of this.

THP received Solid White, McKenna and Vegas Pink shorts to go with the outfits above and they are extremely versatile with their spring 2011 catalog. The new line does have some changes in terms of fit and cut that we want to make sure we cover. In the past, the shorts were a little tight in the seat region for some golfers and Sligo has changed their cut to accommodate more people and extended their fit in that region as well as the front. In doing so the shorts are now longer than they were before and hang below the knee. I think it is a style that many will like and if you prefer them shorter, it is an easy fix at a local tailor.

We were not sure they could outdo the 2010 line that Sligo put out as they set the bar pretty high with that collection. Not only did they outdo the line with the additions they made to their patterns and colors, but they did so with materials and changes as well. This is by far the most complete line the company has come out with and a true testament to the evolution that Sligo has been achieving. Very few brands can say that they have truly evolved with each passing line and the spring 2011 collection is more of a revolution of Sligo than an evolution. For more information on any of these pieces of their entire line, check out their website at www.sligowear.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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