2012 Callaway Hex Black Tour Golf Ball

THP has been testing out the new Callaway Golf balls for a little while and have been quite impressed with their performance. So much so that at the 2012 PGA Show, we wanted to get right to the bottom of why and did just that by speaking with Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of R&D with Callaway Golf.

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  • 4 years in development. Love that they are talking about more durability. The i(s) was a great ball for me last year.

  • I love the sounds of the Hex ball. I’m worried a bit about the price but hopefully it’s in range with other tour balls on the market. I love the added durability, nothing worse than paying a lot of $ for a ball only to have it scuff up in the normal field of play. I can’t wait to check this ball out. Thanks for the video!

  • Cool background story and tech info. This ball was definitely not created over night. I will have to get a sleeve of these at some point and give them a try, I have never spent much time with Callaway balls.

    Nice interview that really touched on all aspects important to a consumer!

  • Great video, thanks. Sounds like a great ball. I’ve never been a fan of Callaway balls but I will definitely give these a shot.

  • I love the fact that anyone can play these golf balls and that Callaway was looking to get these balls in the hands of everyone.

  • a 5 piece ball with a durable cover, nice. How does the ball know the difference between a driver and iron to optimize the spin? I guess I’ll have to play a few sleeves to find out.

  • durable tour ball? yes please! Can’t wait to see these hitting stores in March

  • I am SUPER excited about these and the Chrome balls. I think the Black balls seem more along the lines of what I like to play. This interview got me even more excited!

  • I told you guys I wasnt crazy lol. He pretty much said exactly what I have been seeing and reporting.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these and get them on the course! I am very excited about the new balls coming from Callaway!

  • Wow, great info there. This seems like an awesome golf ball. Heck, 4 years in the making, this must be fantastic. I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the coverage and great interview THP!

  • That was a great video and I can’t wait to get my hands on these. I’ve been playing the i(s) a lot lately and love the ball so I look forward to getting these out to the course. Did you guys here that 10yarddraw said this exact same thing?

  • Curious, but after the last two Callaway tour balls, I have low expectations.

  • Impressive tech behind that ball. Color me intrigued.

  • Dear Josh,

    Just a quick note to say that it was great to meet you, finally, in person. Was great to see you in the context of the PGA show booth.

    I was pumped to be there, since I’m outgoing.

    I wish you continued high visibility, due to all of your good work. -jhs

  • whoops! Guess I should have posted in a more general area!! sorry for the poor placement.

  • I can not wait to game this ball. “higher durability without sacrificing spin” sounds perfect for me! Thanks for the info Callaway and THP!!!

  • Look forward to the release of this ball as well as the Chrome.

  • Great interview JB. Alan sure did have lot’s of good information on the new ball and has gotten my interest up on Callaway’s new ball. Sounds like this ball will be for a wide range of Golfer’s.

  • Very intrigued by these. 5-piece, durable, and ticking all the right boxes. Looking forward to getting to try them.

  • I am a 2 handicap and normally play Bridgestone b330s. Got one of these balls today and played a round. The longest, straightest spin balls I’ve ever played. Hit a drive 315 on a par 5, that was 25 yards past my longest drive ever on that hole. 3 wood I hit it 250ish. Irons I was hitting it about 10 yards further. Had to adjust for the distance increase for sure. The great thing was the iron shots had a perfect amount of spin control. Straight as an arrow even when miss hit. I’m dying to get my hands on more of these. Wait till you hit these things, could take you to another level, I know I’m convinced for now.

  • I found a Hex Black Tour ball yesterday and decided to play it for several holes. All I can say is, HOLY COW!!! This ball is super long off the driver. I have played several high end golf balls on the market and as far as distance goes, the Hex Black beats them all. I played a bunker shot out of a not so well kept sand. The Hex Black checked a bit and rolled out a few inches. The course we played wasn’t that well manicured, so I couldn’t see the OVERALL performance of the Hex Black. From the few shots I had w/ the Hex Black Tour ball, I will be gaming this ball for quite some time. Thank you Callaway for showing me the light.

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