2012 Outing Video Thread – The Ultimate Golf Weekend

The outing may be behind us, but the pictures & videos will live on forever. The 2012 Ultimate Golf Weekend has just come to a conclusion and most of the attendees were taking pictures and shooting videos throughout the event. If you were not able to make it, or just want to see what a THP Outing is all about, this is the place to get an inside look.

One of our attendees put together this great compilation video and we thought it summed up everything well.

Of course there is still a ton more to see including the huge banquet and raffle. This entire thread will be filled with hundreds of videos taken both on the golf course and during the festivities each evening. Click here to see all the action.

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  • The thread is off to a great start, some awesome moments have been shared already. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  • What a wonderful weekend it was and great job by pmoa of capturing just what the outing is all about for many of those who attended

  • This thread is phenomenal thus far and I am sure that there is more coming. From the course to the villa and everything in between, someone captured it!

  • love all the vids and pmoa’s was awesome

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