2012 PGA Championship Contest – Win a Limited Edition Orange Cobra AMP Driver

Each week THP has tons of fun contests that involve some of the coolest things in golf being given away. When it is major time, we like to do things a little more grand and this year for the PGA Championship we have something pretty cool.

The Contest
Your job will be to pick 4 players that will give your team the most prize money. The catch is that each entry must contain 1 player from list A and 1 player from list B. Then you can pick anybody remaining in the field for your final 2 players (They cannot be in list A or B).

At the conclusion of the tournament your entire team’s earnings will be totaled to determine the winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be drawn at random.

How To Enter
All of your rules and how to enter the THP PGA Championship Contest can be found right here.

2012 PGA Championship Contest

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