2012 PGA Tour – Your Thoughts

The 2011 has officially come to a close and over the last year fans got to know new players, see unexpected victors and watch the PGA Tour have exciting finishes week after week. The season was made up of rookie winners and first time winners, as well as an old fan favorite winning at the Chevron to finish out the season. Some interesting facts about the world of golf right now.

The 2nd time in a row that the world #1 has been someone that has not won a major championship.
For all the talk of equality of both tours last year, the PGA Tour “traded” Mike Weir for Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy in the offseason, not a bad move.
Tiger Woods went from disaster to winning (albeit the Chevron) in the last 12 months.
The emergence of Keegan Bradley.
The resurgence of a number of veterans back making their move such as David Toms.

There are so many stories from the last 12 months that picking something that will start to make its presence known in 2012 is beginning to be rather difficult. So to make things easier for us here at THP, we want to hear from you. What will be the biggest stories of 2012?

Will Tiger Woods emerge as truly being “back”?
Will the Euro contingent “invading” the PGA Tour get their major victories?
Will the youngsters that played so well in 2011, continue to make their presence known?

There are so many questions that come up regarding the next 12 months of PGA Tour golf and we want to hear what you think about all of them.

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  • All woods all the time in 2012…..from a TV perspective. It will be the lead story every week going into every event. When will he start and how many will he win. I admit that I am fan but the last two years have shown me the wealth of talent the PGA tour has from the bottom to the top.
    2012 in my opinion will be a epic year on tour. The Euros will be in full force with all of the big names now holding full tour memberships. TW will mix it up and the rookies from last year should just keep rolling into outstanding vets. I see RF hoisting a trophy as well as Sergio (once he gets his 5i back). I think old Lefty might have some gas in the tank since his #1 rival is getting into form.
    I think there will be some talk of the new equipment enter 2012 on how far these guys are hitting it with the legal limits of COR. Drving 329 yd par fours seems to be the gold standard. I am looking forward to some epic playoffs between some Titans and a few familiar faces on the Major podiums. I also see young Rory taking over the hot top spot from Luke. There are so many possible story lines to ponder.

  • I’m really looking forward to 2012 on the PGA Tour.

    The end of the 2011 season around the world really sets us up for what could be a special season, one to remember.
    Obviously, I’m excited from a Euro perspective. Westwood coming over on the back of winning 2 of his last 3 events, Donald finishing strong and winning both money lists, and POY. Rory looking to really make his mark as a great player, even Poulter putting a late win in there.

    Add Tiger in to the mix. He might just have some confidence back, and that could get dangerous! There will also be a load of guys out to spoil the party of the ‘big’ names. Webb Simpson could push on, and not suffer the dreaded slump, Bradley will look to add more wins as he establishes himself, Fowler, Watson, Mickleson all looking to be contending…..bring it on!!

  • 2012 will be a spectacular year for the PGA Tour. Even when TW was down his name was in the news repeatedly. He set the bar for the Tour years ago and the Media holds him as the standard to this day. He will slowly earn respect when his colleague’s forgive him for his past transgression’s and he’ll most likely win another Major. That said I believe some of the new comers will stir up the Tour veterans with some wins.

  • 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year!

    I do believe that TW is back and his presence will be great for the tour. I predict he wins one major and that will be The Masters.

    Awesome seeing Rory and Westwood joining the tour along with already having guys like Luke. Internationals will play great and see continued success.

    Unfortunately, I don’t predict Keegan having as much success this year. Would like to see RF get his first win, but it will not be easy.

  • The 2012 PGA Tour has the opportunity to really take advantage of what we have seen develop over the past few years. While Tiger’s issues created a “superstar” gap for a while, in his absence allowed perhaps the next generation of superstars to emerge. From Rory’s major disappointment then triumph, to Donald’s ascention to #1, along with the young Americans making themselves known (Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler), there are lots of ways the 2012 season could go…and oh yeah, Tiger may be back.

    I know I’m probably more excited for this coming season than the last several.

  • I think this will be Tiger’s year again. Winning the last network televised tourney will do wonders for the hype surrounding him going into 2012. I think he’s showing some signs of resurgance and his ego has to be feeling a little better after Chevron. Whether he has success remains to be seen, but we’ll be hearing about him non-stop.

  • tough questions but one’s that will be interesting to watch.

    If Tiger’s short game and putter continue in the form he ended 2011 with then he will be a factor. I’ll also be keen to see how he plays on a course where he has to hit driver more.

    I like the Euro presence. Especially since it’s player’s like Rory and Lee. Both guys are solid golfers and I expect at least one of them to pick up another Major in 2012. If Lee can’t do it this year, he has to be getting close to running out of time one would think.

    Can the American young guns continue? I sure hope so, afterall, it is a Ryder Cup year and I’d love to see some of those guys make the squad. One youngster I’m interested in seeing in 2012 is Anthony Kim. I’d like to see him relevant again.

  • I think Tiger will have a great year and my bold prediction is that Rory will struggle mightily. I don’t think he’ll win any tournaments, and I think that there will be four different major winners. I think Tiger will be one of them, Phil will be another, and the other two will be first-time winners. Oh, and I think overall the Americans dominate the world of golf this year.

  • I see 2012 Being an epic year. I mean since Tiger dropped out a while back we have had some young “Supersatrs” step into the light. Now that Tiger IS back mixed with this young generation of great players I see a seaon of many playoffs and edge of seat putts… Cant wait till it gets started!

  • Will Tiger Woods emerge as truly being “back”?
    It all depends on if he can get that putter figured out. Obviously he’s been dedicating a lot of his practice time to the full swing and that is starting to get closer to where he wants it. Once that happens he’ll be able to focus more on putting and that will help him get it going. I think we’ll see him notch a couple of wins but he won’t be full fledged “back” to the old dominant Tiger until 2013 in my opinion.

    Will the Euro contingent “invading” the PGA Tour get their major victories
    Yeah they’ll get their majors, the group of guys we’re talking about here has already proven they can do it in majors so yes I see at least one from that group pulling down some major hardware in 2012.

    Will the youngsters that played so well in 2011, continue to make their presence known
    Tough question, I think some will continue to improve and get themselves right in the conversation about the great players on TOUR, others who had flashes may not find it quite as easy this year. I expect to see Rickie Fowler get a win on the PGA Tour this year, Keegan Bradley seems to have what it takes as well, I hope he continues his good play into 2012 and beyond.

  • I love seeing the mix of old and new players. It will be exciting to watch!

  • If Woods ends up playing well, and that means maybe winning one major and one or two other events, he will be all we”l see on TV. That will stink as there are some other interesting stories. But all most golf fans care about is Tiger Woods.

  • As for the 2012 season Tiger will win a major and 4 or more tournaments. Phil will contend but not sure he will win. the number 1 spot will be juggled around for the next several years as there are to many great players out there now. But all in all it is going to be a great year of golf. Ricky will also wim a major this year

  • What excites me is even more upstarts having a chance to break out. Kids growing up idolizing Tiger are starting to have their shot.

  • I like tiger’s chances and Ricky Fowler will win at least one tourney. Other than that it’s anyone’s game. Hey I might even have a chance!

  • Tiger wins (5) tourneys next year including at least one major. He”ll be number one again
    by November.

  • Two stories for 2012: Erik Compton wins PGA Tour event, and, Tiger gets more recognition for his humanitarian efforts than his resurgence.

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