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2012 Spring Sligo Review

As the golf season for many continues to roll into full affect, new apparel for Spring and Summer is hitting shelves everywhere. One brand that THP covers each and every year is that of the Canadian company Sligo and as the months pass early on, we become more anxious to see what the unique and trendy brand has in store for us. THP felt as though the 2011 Fall line was the best Sligo release to date by a pretty big margin. Colorful with both subtle and bold patterns that offered different looks depending on a person’s taste. Because that previous line was so well received by the staff here, we were very much looking forward to what was coming early on in 2012 from the company.

The Style
Few brands put out what Sligo is coming up with each and every year. Bold and bright colors, unique patterns and a fun and playful attire for the golf course.
The style is known the minute you see it and the immediate response from those that do not know the brand is similar to “Who makes that shirt?”. With this Spring 2012 line, the color choices are incredible as the company has some new and exciting looks that offer a little something different than what they have put out in the past. You will still find the Sligo Green and pink colors, but you are also going to see some bold yellow and a color they call Wisteria that is just a perfect hue of purple.

The Fit
The shirts in the 2012 Sligo line have a fit that this reviewer has come to love. Slightly athletic cut, they will have less material around the midsection than many of the other brands you come across. The shirts also have slightly shorter sleeves which leave a nice range in motion during the golf swing. If you are built slim, THP recommends sticking with your current size. If you normally prefer your clothes a little baggy, or have a medium or large build, THP recommends sizing up on the shirts. The pants and shorts run a little more true to size. In years past, the Sligo line was slimmer in the shorts throughout the seat and this year the bottoms offer a tad bit more room throughout which offers a nice comfortable feel while playing.

The Line
The entire 2012 Sligo line is as good as anything we have seen put out to date from top to bottom. Finding favorites is getting hard to come by, because as you comb through the catalog, you will find yourself saying “I want this, this and this. Wait, can’t forget about this and this.” and it leaves you wanting more. On the shirt side, the Wellesly is a top that has to be tried on to be appreciated. While the pictures look outstanding, the shirt itself looks absolutely incredible on. The Wallack is back from the Spring 2011 collection and it is even better than before. Done in an array of colors including the Wisteria pictured here. We could list dozens of options and each one would be better than the last, but truth be told, you should check them out at www.fairwaystyles.com or store.sligowear.com and see for yourselves just how good the 2012 Spring Sligo line really is.

The Material
People often ask what material is recommended to withstanding the heat of Spring and Summer. The answer for many are the technical materials that offer solid moisture wicking combined with a good bit of stretch to continue to perform at your maximum levels. Sligo continues to offer a very light weight material that works incredibly well under the FL sun where it was tested in both their tops and bottoms. The material offers just the right amount of give in all the right areas and is really a joy to wear on the golf course.

Few companies continue to bring it from top to bottom like the team at Sligo does. Each season brings a new look, while not straying from their original roots of being a trendy and bold fashion choice. Turn on the PGA Tour on any given tournament and see the likes of Brian Gay, Graham Delaet or others dressed to the nines in this fun brand of apparel. For more information on the Sligo brand overall, check out their website at www.sligowear.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • Great write up there Josh! They really do have some sweet looking patterns available again this year. Enjoy seeing the continued partnership between THP & Fairway Styles, some shopping will be had in the near future.

  • Spring line looks incredible! If the rest of the line looks like what is pictured, it will be hard to choose.

  • Great review JB! I’m a big fan of Sligo and their clothes. Their customer service is top notch and their designs are truly unique. Love the Scriver in Midnight and the new Wisteria color looks great

  • nice review JB. that first white shirt there is an awesome design.

  • This looks like another great lineup from Sligo! I especially like that white shirt. Sligo makes a great product!

  • Nice review! I have just stepped in to the world of Sligo clothing and have to say I quickly became a huge fan! Love some of their new styles!

  • Nice review and good looking stuff….too bad they don’t make clothes in “fluffy sizes”

  • Sligo products are very stylish and unique. Great collection!

  • Nice review JB, Sligo are continuing to excel in their market and are bringing yet more very attractive pieces, as well as some great new colour combinations!

  • I really like the bright colors that Sligo uses in their clothes. They aren’t over the top like some other companies. Very well done!

  • If you want a woman’s opinion, I have to say that Sligo gear is so refreshing and has a nice modern, young look. When I see a guy wearing it, I think a) wonder if the guy belongs to THP? and b) man, I love that shirt/sweater/shorts.

    (see, good things do come from ‘the great white north’) 🙂

  • Sligo threads are so smooth. I’m really digging the purple shirt and shorts shown above – might have to freshen up my attire a bit and stand out from the crowd!

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