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The outing may be behind us, but the pictures will live on forever. The 2012 Ultimate Golf Weekend has just come to a conclusion and most of the attendees were taking pictures throughout the event. If you were not able to make it, or just want to see what a THP Outing is all about, this is the place to get an inside look.

The entire thread will be filled with hundreds and hundreds of photos taken both on the golf course and during the festivities each evening. Click here to check out the pictures.

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  1. ddxu says:

    My hands still hurt thinking about all those clubs. What an experience I will never forget. Thanks THP and all the OEMs for partnering with THP!

  2. biggsy says:

    What a fantastic weekend. I am thrilled I was able to be a part of another great THP Outing weekend.

  3. Paulo says:

    Awesome pics everyone!!

  4. War Eagle says:

    The Picture thread has been great so far! Love reliving the memories and it’s only been a few days since the Outing ended.

  5. INgolfer says:

    Appreciate all the pics from everyone!

  6. Kmacâ„¢ says:

    Had a great time once again like each demo day. I think I need today to recover from it all.

  7. Cookie says:

    So many great photos shared thus far. KellyBo absolutely KILLED it with how many she took for all of us to enjoy while I was slacking.

    Amazing weekend of golf with friends that I wished did not have to come to an end, can’t wait until the next time!

  8. bmwnola says:

    Great pictures! I had a great time this weekend and looking forward to the 2013 event!

  9. pmoa says:

    So many pictures! What a great way to relive the weekend.

  10. ghsace says:

    Great pictures JB! I can’t wait to read the thoughts about all the equipment tested. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  11. HoosierGolfer says:

    Great pictures everyone!

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