2013 Callaway X-Forged Irons Preview

THP has a sneak peek into one set of irons that might be making its way into a few tour players’ bags this coming season. There has been a lot of early buzz during testing behind the scenes on this set and with that the pictures you can see by clicking the link at the bottom of the info will tell you why.

Product Summary
Crafted by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland, the Callaway X Forged Irons combine 1025 Carbon Steel and a pure forging process to offer unmatched feel and extreme precision. Extensive feedback from the professional Tours contributed to Callaway’s development process, ensuring that the X Forged irons have the look, sound, feel and performance preferred by the world’s best players. A new face design, sole profile and optimized CG Height Progression through the line delivers distinct performance advantages, including distance, in a great-looking package.

Product Features
CG Height Progression
The X Forged irons feature a CG height progression modeled after Callaway’s Muscleback irons, offering better players the trajectory they demand in a sleek, players iron. The CG position in the long X Forged irons is lower to promote a higher launch and increased carry. CG in the shorter irons is higher for a flatter trajectory and more consistency.

Project X Pxi Shaft
The X Forged irons come standard with the new, top-of-the-line Project X Pxi shaft. It is lighter, softer and is a constant weight shaft. The Pxi offers Tour-caliber spin control and tip stability in a lightweight package. From butt to tip the shaft has been stiffness calibrated for optimal feel.

20° Closed Space V Groove
Aggressive, tightly spaced groove design offers unparalleled consistency and remarkable shot-shaping ability.

Triple Net Forging
Callaway’s precise Triple Net Forging process ensures extremely tight tolerances from iron to iron that cannot be achieved with conventional methods.

Retail Availability: January 25, 2013
Pricing: $999.99/set (US)

Check out some early pictures of the irons and join in the discussion right here on the THP Forum.

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  • Standard with the PXI shafts, man these look sweet….too bad I can’t hit em.

  • Love how these look, and combined with PXI as a stock shaft= real winner!

  • Beautiful clubs, the weighting looks like they’d be pretty easy to get a ball up in the air. Well done Callaway

  • Definitely on the 2013 must-hit list. Well done Callaway.

  • Wow! These are gorgeous clubs. Probably not for me, because I need SGI irons. But beautiful none the less!!

  • Gorgeous irons and I want them. That price….

  • Uhhh these are so nice. Wish I could play em. Or afford em!

  • An absolute beauty of a club, really liking a premium stock shaft as well. I probably don’t have what it takes to game these, but that will not stop me from hitting them!

  • I like the look, but I want to hit them to see if they are too much for my game. Beautiful!

  • Wow is a pretty good description of these. Could never game these but would love to give them a swing or two. They are works of art.

  • Wow great looking club Callaway, I’ll have to pick a different shaft, but great looking club.

  • They are marching into battle for sure. Love the PXi shaft, but I could be biased a bit…stunning.

  • I really like the looks of these and I love the CG Height Progression as well, that along with what I’ve been hearing is one of the best shafts in the world….yeah these might just be in my bag in 2013. Can’t wait to hit them!

  • Wow! Gorgeous irons! Really like the weighting and cg location that changes through the set. And when impressive stock shaft!

  • They look amazing! I hope Phil isn’t the only lefty who will get to use these clubs!

  • These are simply stunning. They might be the only irons I know of to compete with my Callaway Musclebacks!!

  • they look really good, however cant help prefer the more satin or muted finish of the x-prototype irons that i game currently otherwise they look sweet, like the addition of the PXi shafts, although cant help thinking most lower handicaps are more interested in consistency from iron shafts not more distance, I would like to see a KBS option as standard specially the C-tapers

  • These could possibly knock the 710 CB out of the bag.

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