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The Morgan Cup is set to return in 2014 to beautiful Myrtle Beach for what THP calls the Ultimate Golf Event Period. Golfers from around the world gathering at an amazing venue and treated like tour professionals with a full 14 club staff deal, apparel scripting and so much more.

Callaway Golf has been a big part of this event since its inception and that is not going to change in 2014. First mentioned on the THP Radio show with Harry Arnett featured on THP yesterday, the company is incredibly excited about their 2014 line and believes that their staff will be armed and ready to compete in July.

The 2014 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that Callaway Golf will be a part of it once again.

Stay tuned to the THP Events section of the online community for more information on this, and all of our other fine events.

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  1. TripleBogieTim says:

    Love the fact that Callaway is coming back, the only 4 time Morgan Cup sponsor!

  2. coers says:

    Great to hear the news that Callaway is back again at the Morgan Cup. Look forward to the news ahead of how to be part of this great event.

  3. Jersey Nate says:

    Glad to have the trusty Callaway back in the fold for a fourth year. They have been improving leaps and bounds year after year with their equipment, and they always treat their staffers well. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for 2014!

  4. WCBM says:

    This is amazing. Each year Callaway steps up to a new degree to support THP. Love seeing this!

  5. LeftySean says:

    It is so cool that Callaway has been around for all 4 Morgan Cup events. Great news!

  6. Canio says:

    That’s GREAT that Callaway is returning!!!

  7. thain says:

    Callaway Rules!

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