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The Morgan Cup is set to return in 2014 to beautiful Myrtle Beach for what THP calls the Ultimate Golf Event Period. Golfers from around the world gathering at an amazing venue and treated like tour professionals with a full 14 club staff deal, apparel scripting and so much more.

Last year Cobra Golf joined in on The Ultimate Golf Event and had so much fun that they are coming back again for the 2014 festivities. Staffed with the latest innovations from Cobra Golf and dressed to the nines by PUMA Golf will have 8 lucky THPers ready for action.

The 2014 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that Cobra Golf will be a part of it once again.

Stay tuned to the THP Events section of the online community for more information on this, and all of our other fine events.

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  1. michael dean says:

    Happy to see them back for another year. This did such an amazing job last year, some lucky golfers are in for a treat in 2014

  2. Michael says:

    Welcome back Cobra/Puma!

  3. INgolfer says:

    Heck yeah! They did an amazing job this past year, it would have been sad to not see them back

  4. #Cookie says:

    Absolutely awesome, makes me happy to see them back!!

    They were a tremendous sponsor for 8 lucky staffers this year and I expect more of the same next year.

  5. Canio says:

    Fantastic that Cobra is coming back.

  6. T0AD says:


  7. tyno says:

    So awesome that Cobra/Puma is back for another MC event.

    I am guessing that means they liked what they saw this past year, and 8 guys should feel darn proud of that fact!

    Welcome back…I’m obviously pumped about this news!

  8. DHill37 says:

    Very happy to see Cobra / Puma get back in on the action!

  9. Castor Hades says:

    Cobra / Puma rules. They and THP gave me the best experience ever.

  10. WCBM says:

    I am so Thrilled to see this! Welcome back Cobra/Puma!!

  11. Nate says:

    Welcome back to the party Cobra Golf! What a splash you guys made in your first one last year. Such a great fit for this event!

  12. TripleBogieTim says:

    Glad to see them back, they did a great job with it last year and I loved that they gave their staff some freedom over the scripting as well.

  13. DawgDaddy says:

    So good to see Cobra/Puma back for another Morgan Cup, great company that just gets it. Thank you!

  14. milehighgolfer says:

    Welcome back Cobra/Puma you are a solid golf company and a valued supported of THP.

    I bet I would look great in orange.

  15. HandyManny says:

    Sweet!!! This is awesome news to hear=]
    I know Cobra golf took great care of their staffers this year and I can guarantee they will do the same next year.

  16. GolfinFF says:

    Boom another major awesome sponsor returning.

  17. IceyShanks says:

    Welcome Back #CPG I was so happy to be sponsored by you last year and I’m so happy you are back, you’ll make more THPers happy and proud for sure!!!

  18. Bags says:

    Very cool!!! Does this mean Holly Sonders will be there?? 😛

  19. d_in_la says:

    Welcome back Cobra!!

  20. LeftySean says:

    Great news! Bring on the Sunday orange!

  21. thain says:

    Cobra is going to rock it this year! Just like last year!

  22. fozcycle says:

    As I already have a bag completely filled with 2014 Cobra clubs…..Bio Cell Blue driver, fairway woods & irons, this would be a perfect way to show off what they can do.

    Would love to participate.

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