2014 Morgan Cup Welcomes TaylorMade Golf

The Morgan Cup is set to return in 2014 to beautiful Myrtle Beach for what THP calls the Ultimate Golf Event Period. Golfers from around the world gathering at an amazing venue and treated like tour professionals with a full 14 club staff deal, apparel scripting and so much more.

TaylorMade Golf was a big part of kicking off this unique event 4 years ago and since that time has continued to bring innovation to the golf world and top notch equipment used by the best golfers in the world.

“The Morgan Cup is one of the pillars of the THP community. It is a unique event that brings passionate golfers together for an incredible experience. We look forward to partnering with Josh and Morgan to help create a wonderful event and to share our brands with their members.”, said Dave Cordero Public Relations Manager at TaylorMade Golf.

The 2014 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that TaylorMade Golf will be a part of it. Stay tuned to the THP Events section of the online community for more information on this, and all of our other fine events.

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  • very exciting to see TaylorMade back in the fold. After a 2 year absence it’s good to see one of the original companies back.

  • So excited that TaylorMade is returning to the Morgan Cup sponsors.

  • I am very excited to see this partnership return for another year. TaylorMade has an excellent line out right now between the SLDR, SpeedBlade, and Ghost putters. A wonderful fit for the 2014 Morgan Cup!

  • This is awesome that Taylormade is going to be part of the 2014 Morgan Cup !!

  • Welcome back Taylormade! Dave is such a great guy, I think the Ultimate Testing that happened this weekend ensured that Taylormade will be involved for years to come!

  • Love seeing Taylormade participate in The Morgan Cup. Such a fantastic line of equipment and apparel, it just seems natural that they be involved. The Ultimate Golf Event Period is going to be an absolutely unbelievable time.

  • Wow! Outstanding news and welcome back Taylor Made Golf!!! Amazing!

  • Awesome news! Gonna be some lucky staffers! Wow!

  • Great first sponsor announcement!

  • Awesome stuff! It’s great to see the friendship THP is creating with all these awesome OEM’s.

    Time to get THP-ier!

  • I’m thrilled that TaylorMade is partnering with THP for the 2014 Morgan Cup. I can’t wait to read about everyone’s experience with the TaylorMade gear and (I’m assuming) Adidas apparel. THPers will be well dressed and well equipped, that’s for sure.

  • Great to see Taylormade back! That’s awesome!

  • This is some really exciting news.

  • Welcome back TaylorMade!
    This event just got HUGE-IER!

  • Great news to hear about Taylor Made’s participation. They always bring strong in everything they do.

    Thanks TMAG and THP!!

  • Fantastic news!! I’m a big fan of TM and all the innovation they’ve delivered over the last couple of years. Great to see them return to the Morgan Cup line up for 2014.

  • Great news to here that Taylormade is doing this with THP and returning to the Morgan Cup. Really looking forward to next year. It just keeps on getting better around here 🙂

  • Welcome back TM!! Glad and happy to have ya!!

  • Welcome to the Ultimate Golf Event! PERIOD!

  • I am excited to see Taylormade return to the Morgan Cup. They did a great job in the first Morgan Cup with staffers being the first non tour players to have R11 irons in their bags!

    Welcome Back TaylorMade!

  • It is great to see that TaylorMade is back in the Morgan Cup. They did such a great job the first time around having them back in it just feels “right”. Welcome back TayorMade!!!

  • Awesome! Love my TM! Thanks for the support of a great event!

  • Amazing to see Taylormade back in the Morgan Cup, what a great first sponsor to kick off 2014!!!

  • Really happy to see TaylorMade back in the Morgan Cup!

  • Great to see Taylormade on the sponsor list. There’s going to be some extremely lucky folks out there!! I still love watching the Morgan Cup footage 🙂

  • Awesome to see TaylorMade back in the Morgan Cup!!! Such a great event. Judging by their recent releases, some staffers are going to have some lethal clubs in their hands.

  • Well done, Taylormade!

  • It’s good to have TaylorMade back in The Morgan Cup.

  • TaylorMade is a great stalwart! Welcome back TM!

  • This is amazing news!!! Love seeing them return.

  • Great to see one of the “O.G.” companies back and representing!

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