2015 The King Is Coming – Featuring Callaway XR Drivers

Last year one epic battle fit for royalty made for an incredible THP Event. #TheKing featuring THP & Callaway Golf is back and better than ever. Harry Arnett is the defending Champion and with his group of THPers defeated HashtagChad’s team to wear the crown proudly. This year Hashtag is ready…

The Battle of Kings
The buildup has been epic, but the journey is about to begin again. Two men are going to square off in a battle that is fit for royalty. On one side we have HashtagChad and on the other we have Harry Arnett. Both men are proud, both men want to be victorious and both men want THPers to come along for the ride. With the crown on the line, we will find out who really is #TheKing.

Team Event
Team Captains – Harry Arnett and Chad Coleman
2 members of the Zoo Crew on each side
6 members of THP on each side
Each team will be ready for battle

San Diego, CA
La Costa
May 1st-3rd, 2015

THP Major Series
#TheKing is the first stop of the 2015 THP Major Series. For more information on this and how it means you could get an automatic spot in the #TheGrandaddy of Em All, click here for details.

Callaway XR Drivers
Just like any battle, each team will be equipped with certain weapons of mass destruction (or distance in this case). Each participant in #TheKing will receive a new Callaway XR Driver. THe drivers will be provided to the players prior to the event so that they can test them out and review them for the forum.

For more information on this incredible THP Event, click here for the full details.


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