2016 Staff Proto with THP and Wilson Staff

It has been talked about a for a full year, and today we are so excited to release the details of 2016 Staff Proto with THP & Wilson Staff. This is a very unique event that will involve Team competition, swag like you wouldn’t believe and a unique preview of something before anybody else out there. Can you handle #THPStaffProto

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The Gear
Each THPer is going to be receiving a ton of great stuff from Wilson Staff, but some of it is so secretive, we can’t give you the details. What we can tell you is that during the trip you will receive a brand new Wilson Staff Travel Bag, items for competition and a whole lot more. And oh yeah, if you win, you will also get a brand new set of irons.

Team Matchplay
THPers will take on the Wilson Staff team in 27 holes of matchplay. If you beat the team (its handicapped), you add a new set of irons to the list of incredible swag already coming your way.

Driver vs Driver
This show is going to be fantastic as you will get to see the behind the scenes action that goes into bringing a product to market. In this case a driver and while we cannot talk about it yet, you will get to watch the pilot before it airs with the people responsible for the show. And then when the club launches, you will be the some of the first people to ever get your hands on it and review it for the world on THP.

When & Where

September 22nd-23rd, 2016
Chicago, IL
Ivanhoe Golf Club

Signing Up
Click here to be taken to the full details and signup info. Signing up will be as easy as sending in an email.

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