2018 Golden Ticket Contest

THP Events are unlike anything else when it comes to golf trips. The slogan, making the impossible, possible is the goal each season and because of that, getting into one can be rather difficult. A THP Golden Ticket is much like that of a fast pass at Disney World. You can skip the lines, not worry about signup and choose any event you want to participate in.

The lucky winner can choose any THP Event* he would like to attend and do so before the official details are event released. While there are costs involved, the details have a way of making that less of an issue for most when considering what each event contains. Have a brand you are a big fan of? Easy, pick that one. We have events with so many wonderful partners that choosing might be the hardest part, because after all, each one is about the slogan mentioned above. Making the impossible, possible.

Entering is very easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1: Leave a comment below with what THP Event or brand you are most interested in being a part of.
Step 2: Sit back and wait for the announcement next week on the THP Forum to find out if you win.

That is it.

Do not forget that to be a part of 2018 THP Events, you must be a member of the Albatross Club. It is our yearly campaign and this year we have once again partnered with St. Judes Research Hospital and the details can be found here. Together, we can make a difference and in doing so, open the doors to some amazing things taking place on our 10 year anniversary.

Good Luck Everybody!

*Not available for use with the Grandaddy, Shaft Up or the Sweep

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  • If I was picked, I would choose the Odyssey event . Have always liked their designs along with Sean Toulon that would really unreal. He makes some outstanding equipment . To see the putter made start to finish would be a great experience

  • I’ve got some scheduling conflicts with a couple events already, so that narrows it down a bit. Right now, I’d have to go with the THP Championship with Budget Golf. Such a good sponsor and I’m sure the event will be a blast again!

  • I’m gonna say the Morgan cup! Always wanted to be a part of that event!

  • I play and love Corba so I would love to be part of the Matgan Event. C’mom baby needs a new set of clubs

  • It would have to be the Morgan Cup for me! The partnership for that event is truly great.

  • I would love to be apart of the Granddaddy contest.

  • There are so many events here at THP that I’m excited about, but the one that I would use my Willy Wonka Golden Ticket for is whatever event Jason Finley is in! Oh don’t think I have forgotten your trash talk on the forum.. just because I haven’t responded, doesn’t mean I’m not watching! I’m up at 5am every morning, clanging and banging in the gym, preparing for my vengeance for what you did to my brother that day! Good luck Mr. Finley.. i hope my name is selected and I hope for your sake you’ve been practicing!

  • Tough choice on this one. While I would love to go back to the Grandaddy, the two other events that I have always been super intrigued by is staff proto and the hand crafted event.

    Love the whole idea behind both of those. It would be a tough choice but ultimately I’d want hand crafted. I just love the idea of having a shaft that is all me, learning how they are made and rolling my own.

    So that’s what I would go for.

  • I apologize I didn’t realize the Grand Daddy was off the table. I would like to use it for the Morgan Cup

  • The Morgan Cup looked like a ton of fun, if I could pick I would choose the Morgan Cup. Thanks again for another great competition.

  • The Toulon/Odyssey event for me!

  • This is such a hard decision. All the events are awesome. If I had to make a “Sophie’s Choice” right now it would probably be the Cleveland/Srixon event in Arizona. I love Cleveland/Srixon products and from following along the last couple of events, they just kill it every time.

  • With so many great events on the table it would be hard to pick just one. Odyssey event or Wilson Staff proto would be two events that would be at the top of my list pending dates of course.

  • I would say the Morgan Cup!

  • Such a tough choice with all the amazing events already lined up for 2018. The Cleveland event really has my interest, but I would pick the Morgan Cup because of its significance here on THP!

  • The Ultimate Weekend of Golf
    I mean, who wouldn’t want:
    Wall to wall golf
    Every piece of equipment you could imagine
    Testing on Foresight and on the course
    And the VILLA CRAWL…

  • My number 1 would be Wilson Staff Proto. I am a total Wilson homer. I am actually meeting today to try out the new c300 driver and get fit. I would love the golden ticket to get into that.

  • I’d have to go with Cobra and the Morgan Cup right now!

  • Oh the Cobra Event or the Morgan cup would be at the top of my list.

  • Morgan Cup! Although if I put more time into the decision it could become more difficult.

  • Currently I would have to say Cobra and the Morgan Cup. Have always loved Cobra’s products but a close second would be any event with Callaway, watching those on youtube are amazing and look to be sooo much fun.

  • Gotta be the 10th Morgan cup. The intrigue of when, where and details keeps me looking at the thread.

  • Gotta be the 10th Morgan cup. The intrigue of when, where and details of a Cobra event keeps me checking out the thread.

  • Right now, I’d go with the Morgan Cup. Last year’s event was amazing, and this year’s is already shaping up to be even better. But I’d definitely check out the full lineup, and The HandCrafted Experience would be on my radar too. Such a unique event, and I’ve had a shaft design in mind since the first one.

  • No question about it.
    I would love to be a part of the THP team for The Grandaddy.
    Let’s get our belt back !!

  • I would definitely be interested in either the Morgan Cup, or the Srixon/ cleveland event… but if I had to choose one? Srixon event with Sadlowski

  • If I had a chance at any THP event this year I think that the Odyssey/Toulon event would be out of this world! I will be trying for that one regardless! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • So many good ones, but definitely the Morgan Cup. I’ve been wanting to be a part of it since I became a THPer in 2013 and was sad when it went away. Being a part of that team atmosphere and then pairing that with Cobra Puma, and the well received and exciting stuff they are putting out equipment and apparel wise… I just can’t think of any other event I’d want to use the Golden Ticket on than the MC.

  • Easily the Morgan Cup. This event has an absolutely amazing history and the name itself has such a huge meaning that this is THE event to play. Throw in the fact that Cobra/Puma is the sponsor and it takes it up another level. Cobra was the first brand of real irons I ever had and I’ve been a huge fan since.

    And selfishly I’d love the opportunity to defend the title from last year!

  • I would love to be in The Sweep! That video from last year with OITW looks fun!

  • So many choices, which is a good problem to have!

    I’d have to say the Cleveland/Srixon event with Jamie Sadlowski, so many awesome parts, a 14 club deal, how awesome to leave with a full set of equipment. And to watch and/or play with such a long driver of the golf ball and to play with a professional, what an amazing experience all around.

  • The front runner for me right now is Cleveland/Srixon. Sounds like such a cool opportunity.

  • I really want to be in a Callaway event some day, but the Morgan Cup sounds so special, so I think at this point, I’d have to go with the Morgan Cup.

    (Pro tip for others: read the entire article or at least note the excluded events LOL)

  • Ok… I completely missed the print on the bottom. So sorry.

    Cleveland/Srixon would be great! I’ve never played in Arizona before. Plus seeing Jamie Sadlowski would be an eye opener!

  • If I was lucky enough to win the Golden Ticket I would use it for The Morgan Cup with Cobra Golf.

  • I would have to say the Grandaddy with the Morgan Cup being a close second.

  • I would lean toward The Morgan Cup with Cobra/Puma, but the Odyssey Event with Sean and Luke would be a blast for sure.

  • I would love to be selected for any of the THP Events, but I always wanted to participate in the Morgan Cup and I believe strongly in the importance of shafts. So I need to commit to one, The Shaft Up Event would be my choice with the Golden Ticket.

  • This is awesome! I would have to go with The Morgan Cup

    Thanks THP!

  • While the ticket is t good for it – the granddaddy of course. Right. Ow the Morgan cup is at the top of the list.

  • The handcrafted event is super high on my list this year, along with Morgan cup and the odyssey event. As for the brand, I’m really interested in what Callaway is doing this year.

  • Morgan Cup would be at the top of my list. I want to be a Tour Player!

  • So what you’re saying is I have a chance.
    Okay, The Greatest 60 Second Dash would be awesome.
    But then again, THP with Budget would be crazy too!!
    Who isn’t a fan of Odyssey or Cleveland/Srixon.
    So many choices.
    If I would get the ticket, I’m would dash like a madman.
    Final Answer.The Greatest 60 Second Dash!!! That’s me!!

  • I would pick the Morgan Cup due to the amount of respect the event has among the THP vets. As a guy that is about to hit his one year mark of joining the site, I value those that have been active here for awhile and all speak highly of all THP events….but the Morgan Cup seems to be the ONE to go to besides the obvious GD.

  • Wow! Golden Ticket….too many events to choose from that are unique and awesome at the same time…. With the fact that this is THP’s 10th Anniversary, I would have to go with MORGAN CUP!

  • Came down to 2, and I’ll have to go with the Cleveland/Srixon event. A company on the serious rebound and seeing Sadlowski bombs in person? Sign me up

  • The Morgan Cup really took my love of the game and THP to a whole new level. I think that would have to me choice if I were to win.

  • Awesome contest per usual from THP!!! While the Morgan Cup sounds mighty appealing for the teams, equipment, and competition, my heart belongs to San Diego and I would definitely use my Golden Ticket on The Handcrafted Experience with Project X.

  • I think I would most be interested in the Morgan Cup event. Brand wise, ive been all over Callaway the last two years.

  • As usual there are several great events that have been announced and JB being JB, I would have to presume that some haven’t been announced yet.

    This probably comes as no surprise, I would select the Odyssey Event if I were to win the Golden Ticket.

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