2018 Golden Ticket Contest

THP Events are unlike anything else when it comes to golf trips. The slogan, making the impossible, possible is the goal each season and because of that, getting into one can be rather difficult. A THP Golden Ticket is much like that of a fast pass at Disney World. You can skip the lines, not worry about signup and choose any event you want to participate in.

The lucky winner can choose any THP Event* he would like to attend and do so before the official details are event released. While there are costs involved, the details have a way of making that less of an issue for most when considering what each event contains. Have a brand you are a big fan of? Easy, pick that one. We have events with so many wonderful partners that choosing might be the hardest part, because after all, each one is about the slogan mentioned above. Making the impossible, possible.

Entering is very easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1: Leave a comment below with what THP Event or brand you are most interested in being a part of.
Step 2: Sit back and wait for the announcement next week on the THP Forum to find out if you win.

That is it.

Do not forget that to be a part of 2018 THP Events, you must be a member of the Albatross Club. It is our yearly campaign and this year we have once again partnered with St. Judes Research Hospital and the details can be found here. Together, we can make a difference and in doing so, open the doors to some amazing things taking place on our 10 year anniversary.

Good Luck Everybody!

*Not available for use with the Grandaddy, Shaft Up or the Sweep

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  • I think I would be most interested in the Odyssey event…for now. I can’t decide!!!

  • This is a tough one, so many good events. I think I would probably choose a Callaway event. That’s what I’ll go with right now..

  • I would love to be a part of the Wilson Staff Proto or Cleveland/Srixon or The Morgan Cup. I love me some competition. Super excited to see the full list of events.

  • I think I would be most interested in the Wilson Staff Proto. However all these events sound awesome!!! Looking forward to hopefully getting to travel to a THP Event this year, since I have never been on a golf trip this would be a great place to start!

  • This is tough, they are all amazing. If I had to choose right now and not include the Granddady, I would have to say…
    The Morgan Cup Sponsored by Cobra PUMA
    or maybe…
    The Odyssey Event
    but the most intriguing would be…
    The Return of the Ultimate Weekend of Golf. Final Answer.

    Honestly I would be happy to attend any THP event.

  • even though the odyssey event would be a great help to the weekest part of my game, I

  • It’s Callaway all the way for me. Definitely interested in getting involved in 2018

  • Even though the Odyssey event would be the best to help with the weakest part of my game. I would rather use the Golden Ticket on the Morgan Cup. To experience the treatment of being a tour pro would be great and I love competition!! Bring it on.

  • The event is incredibly special. The sponsoring company is phenomenal. The equipment is superb.

    A guy who gets called “Little Ricky” by his buddies because he wears so much Puma and plays Cobra clubs can’t possibly pick anything but Cobra and the Morgan Cup.

  • The THP Championship. I think that would be a once in a lifetime event.

  • The Granddaddy.
    Because it is the most Epic golf event that a mere mortals (non pros) like myself could ever be lucky enough to participate in.

  • Just noticed the *
    Since the Granddaddy is out. I would choose the Staff Proto, because Wilson Staff is a phenomenal company, and it’s Vegas Baby!

  • “Cleveland Srixon THP Event will Return in 2018…But return is really the wrong word. Think new, fresh, bold and something that will make this the best event we have ever done with the brands. Stay tuned for more info, but this one is worth getting excited about.” – Quoted from JB’s 11/12/2017 post.

    Big fan of Srixon/Cleveland and from what I saw in 2017, this year should be super exciting from what I am reading from above. It would be amazing to attend and meet the hard working people at Srixon/Cleveland and Jamie’s 400+ yard drives or maybe we’ll see 250+ with his putter?!!!

  • I’m all about Callaway/Odyssey so the Odyssey event would be a dream come true for this guy!!

  • Love this opportunity! With so many great events to choose from it’s a very difficult decision for the Golden Ticket winner.
    If I was lucky enough to win this one, I would choose either the Morgan Cup or the Odyssey event. I would love to be treated like a Pro at the Morgan Cup & I would love to be a part of one of the greatest events here on THP. Especially since it’s coming back. If I was really to go with something that might help my game, the Odyssey event would be amazing opportunity to be fitted for a putter, especially a Toulon.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Morgan Cup/Cobra – Easy pic for an event of a lifetime!

  • *repost with THP handle*
    Morgan Cup/Cobra – Easy pic for an event of a lifetime!

  • It would be The Morgan Cup with the tour pro treatment and all the Cobra/Puma swag for me! It would be an unbelievable experience that I would gladly use the golden ticket on!

  • Sitting back last year and reading as an outside, I joined. I would definitely like to be a Part of any, but would have to pick The Morgan Cup. I love me some competition and being a little older than most, I bet i can put a whooping’ on a few still…

  • The Morgan Cup/Cobra event for sure. I’m a huge fan of everything Cobra-Puma and would love to attend this once in a lifetime event!

  • I’d love to get into shaft up with ust mamiya. I’m almost positive a fitting with the right shafts would do wonders for my game

  • I’d love to be part of the Cleveland/Srixon event

  • There are two events that I would love to be in but I would have to choose the Cleveland/Srixon event.

  • The Morgan Cup with Cobra would be amazing, although the Wilson Staff Proto has gotten more than rave reviews from past participants as well!

  • The Morgan Cup with Cobra would be an awesome event to attend!

  • The number one interest for me is and always will be the Morgan Cup.
    The Morgan Cup is the greatest event in history. Steeped in such great THP history, it’s an event no one ever forgets. I know I’ll never forget my experience!

  • I’d probably choose the Wonka Factory Tour, but since that’s not available, I think I would have a hard time passing up the Morgan Cup with Cobra/Puma.

  • I think I would most likely pick the Cleveland/Srixon event. The Odessy one would be tempting though. In all honesty a lot woyuld depend on when and where each one is.

  • I think it would have to be the Cleveland/Srixon event. To get a chance to watch Sadlowski close up would be something.

  • There are a ton of great events this year (as always). Besides the Grandaddy, the Morgan Cup with Cobra/Puma is probably the one I covet the most. I’ve dreamt of playing in a Morgan Cup for a long time and with Cobra/Puma involved, I know it will be something special again this year!!

  • The Morgan cup sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. Would be really hard to pass that up.

  • The Morgan cup and cobra/puma

  • This is a hard decision but I’ve always wanted to game Titleist irons so I have to say Titleist.

  • Callaway Event!

  • Cant believe theres another #GoldenTicket Up for grabs!!!
    Based on what we know now, I’d have to lean towards The Morgan Cup! The history of the event is enough to make someone drool…

  • Super interested in the Odyssey Event, or any other event with Callaway!

  • Tough choice, but I’d probably go with the Srixon/Cleveland event.

  • The one that has me intrigued the most is the Shaft-Up, to be fitted by Danny and then have a chance to be chosen for the Grand Finale.

  • I need to revise. I went back and read the rules again and found out the Shaft-Up is not available for this contest.

    The Morgan Cup would be my choice to since that it is a Cobra event. My wife always tells me to “read the directions FIRST”.

  • What a tough choice with so many incredible events. My soft spot for Cobra would have me most interested in The Morgan Cup…I think.

  • For me it would be Cobra/Morgan Cup! Cobra really has me intrigued this year!

  • Forgot to say my username is ttucliffhanger

  • I think I would have to go with Callaway or Odyssey event! Thanks

  • I have to pick the Morgan cup. Two eight man teams going at it competitively is just what I want. Meeting other THPers and sharing a common bond would be a memorable experience. TCB2010

  • The return of the ultimate weekend of golf is my pick. The Ultimate club test with Titleist was pretty awesome but would be more than willing to give the ultimate a go. Thanks for the opportunity THP.

  • Would love a crack at the Wilson Staff Proto. Wilson has definitely upped their game the last few years and definitely want to be part of that. Plus it’s Vegas Baby!!!

  • Tough call the Cleveland Srixon THP Event and the Cobra/Morgan Cup both seems so awesome. If I have to choose now I think I would go with the Cleveland Srixon THP Event!

  • Whoops…typo in handle! I’ll go with Cleveland Srixon THP Event!

  • Anything Callaway related is good in my book.

  • Being the Callaway homer that I am, I would absolutely love to be a part of the Grandaddy, but since that one is out, I would have to select the Morgan Cup next. I’ve wanted to be a part of one of those since they first started.

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