2018 THP Holiday Cheer Day 1: Win a Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

2018 THP Holiday Cheer Day 1: Win a Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

Today we are honored to kickoff the 2018 THP Holiday Cheer Event, the annual contest that is the celebration of the THP online community. Nine years ago, we hosted our first Holiday Cheer, and it was a contest unlike any other and this year the week long event continues with amazing prizes.

2018 THP Holiday Cheer will run for the entire week with a new prize every single day. If you do not see it on this home page, do not forget to check the forum each day for a chance to be the big winner.

Know Your Distances
Day 1 features one of our favorite distance measuring devices on the market. The lucky winner will receive a brand new Precision Pro NX7

The Prize Pack includes:
A Brand New NX7 Laser rangefinder from Precision Pro, one of our favorite distance measuring devices on the market. Of course it comes complete with what they call the “Precision Care Package”. This means you get battery replacements for life.

Entering is as easy as following these instructions.

Step 1 – Leave a comment below on why you want to win the prize pack.

Step 2 – Sit back and see if you won when the winners are announced later this week on the THP Forum.

That’s it. It’s that time of year where we celebrate the wonderful THP Community and the people that make it great.

Don’t forget you have to get your entry in before the end of the day, and each morning a new contest will be up to enter!

Good luck everybody.

If you don’t win, but still want to pick up one of these awesome devices. Click here and check out their website, as they are the perfect size to drop into a stocking.

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  • I have seen this rangefinder in action from some of those I had to compete against in my league. The yardage was on point and super easy to use. Would love the opportunity to place this under the tree for my family’s secret Santa.

    This year we have a rule where you can steal another gift. Would love to see them all fight for this.

  • I would Love to win this so I can Kick my buddies A** on the course. ??????

  • I’m adding a rangefinder to the bag this year. The NX7 is one of the options I’m considering. Would love to win this!

  • I would love a another NX7 so my daughter can stop “borrowing” mine and saving me from running across the fairway to get it back.

  • When you’re playing from the rough as much as I am, the course markers for distance don’t mean much lol. So knowing how far I’m offline would be a huge help.

  • Its Christmas

  • A lot of times I hit a decent shot but its the wrong distance. Knowing my exact distances might help my game out

  • Need a range finder because I am tired of triangulating distances from the other fairway, lol

  • I would regift it to a friend of mine.

  • Precision Pro makes a great product for the cost. If I won, I would give it to my dad. He’s been thinking about getting a range finder and this would be a great way to introduce him to Team THP!

  • I need this rangefinder to help improve my game.

  • More accurate yardages would improve my iron game.

  • Have tried a GPS watch the has a battery life of 10 holes (eyeroll), and a glove mounted sensor that can occasionally fly off when using the driver. Would like a device I can use that is accurate, and does not require the occasional search for in the scrub in front of the tee box. Good luck everyone!

  • My rangefinder is getting a bit long in the tooth. I prefer rangefinders to GPS watches for a variety of reasons. I have heard very good things about this rangefinder and it would make a very welcome addition to my bag.

  • I would love getting the range finder to better my game and knowing the true distance to the pin is always a plus

  • My 10 yr old Bushnell refuses to die.
    Please help me retire it.

  • Looking at the rangefinder,
    I can see myself shooting my best round of the year with it! Cant wait for warm weather again and a chance to use my new laser! Thanks THP!

  • My son has been trying to get me to golf, I’ve only golfed a few times and am not that good winning I could use to improve my golf, or give to my son who would use it frequently.

  • To help improve my game! 😉

  • I would love to see what it feels like to win anything something.

  • It would be nice to know exactly how far it is to the falg

  • My granddaughter hs begun golf lessons at the PGA Golf School locally. This would be great for her & her dad when they practice.

  • Why a range finder? i always wanted to see infinity, which is where my shots usually go. 🙂

  • I don’t see very well and having this range finder will make my golfing a lot more enjoyable. Thanks for making it available for someone to win!

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