2018 THP Thanksgiving Feast Picture Contest

It’s that time of year when many celebrate with their families with a wonderful feast. Well, those that know us here at THP, know that we love food and we love giving thanks. So this is a perfect opportunity to launch our 8th Annual Thanksgiving contest and do this one around those incredible feasts that are being served.

It’s all about sharing that joy of the holidays with the Hackers Paradise online community and doing so gives you a chance to win a fantastic prize. The winner will receive a THP Prize Pack. You never know what’s going to be in there, but you know it’s going to be 100% awesome.

How to Enter
First step is take a picture of your Thanksgiving Feast.
You can take as many as you would like including the prep work.
Join us in this thread on the THP Forum
Post your picture
That’s it!

Then sit back and see if you are the winner and take in all of the glorious Thanksgiving meals that are in the thread. As a community, it is all about giving thanks and sharing and we enjoy this thread as much as any other all year long. Come on in and join the fun.

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