The 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X

The Ultimate Shaft Event is back in 2019 and this year is going to be incredibly special. Imagine what it would be like to imagine, design, roll and create the perfect golf shaft for your game. Now you can.

Small Batch
There will be some surprises
The experience will begin about a month before the event where you will get a shaft sent to you from Project X. This is called your baseline shaft and your job will be to test it out and take some notes for a few weeks about what you like and what you would change. Nothing scientific here, just thoughts on feel and ball flight.

Once the event begins at Project X Headquarters, there will be a tour and then you will sit down with the experts and design your own shaft. Based on the current feedback as well as the performance notes from your baseline shaft, adjustments to flag sizes, material angles and more would be made. You will get to see torque, frequency, tip deflection change as your design gets adjusted. It might sound overwhelming, but trust us when we say with the team in place, this will be an unforgettable experience that will be far easier than you can imagine.

The next day will begin at Project X Headquarters again where you will hand roll your very own shaft. Then its off to graphics. Here you will work on design and color options for your completed project.

When & Where
October 3rd & 4th (this is a Thursday & Friday)
San Diego, CA
Project X Headquarters

How to Enter
There are some costs associated with the event, and the forum thread has all of that up now. To follow along and make sure you do not miss signup, stay tuned to this forum thread for all of the details.

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