2021 PUMA Golf x Arnold Palmer Collection

Last year, the birth of the PUMA Golf x Arnold Palmer Collection was born. Celebrating The King’s timeless style if it came to the modern life today. Fast forward to National Umbrella Day (yes that is a thing) and the second collaboration with Arnold Palmer Enterprises is being announced.

The personal detailing of each piece comes to life in this line which is inspired in part by the Arnold Palmer drink, a mixture of lemonade and iced tea. Each item features something reminiscent of Palmer’s taste. Be it the iconic umbrella, iced tea and lemons and quite a bit more.

Arnold Palmer Puma Collection

Hidden quote labels with famous thoughts from The King himself are included on the inside of every piece, along with a two-tone version of the iconic Umbrella logo, adapted to reflect the PUMA x Arnold Palmer partnership. The entire collection is filled with “easter eggs” including pink stitching of the top button, real shell buttons being used in spots and unique tags inspired by the labels he used in his own personal archives.

“When designing this collection we had the honor of spending time with the Arnold Palmer Enterprises team, along with close Palmer friends and family, diving deep into the archives to bring key elements of his life and career into every piece,” said Chris MacNeill, Senior Product Line Manager, PUMA Golf.“We wanted to make each piece something special that fans of Mr. Palmer and the game of golf will truly appreciate. We feel we captured the essence of his life and trend-setting style in a modern way in this new collection.”

Arnold Palmer Pump Polos


The PUMA Golf x Arnold Palmer collection for 2021 is comprised of six polos, three layering pieces, two pairs of shorts, and three cap options: 

AP Lemons Polo ($85) – When life gives you lemons…you make an Arnold Palmer. The AP Lemons Polo features a fun umbrella, lemon and iced tea graphic. Available in Bright White, Pale Pink, and Mist Green. 

AP 19th Hole Button Down ($90) – Great for on or off the course wear, this button down features a unique print celebrating the Arnold Palmer beverage and comes in Bright White & Halogen Blue.  

Legacy Print Polo ($85) – This classic comes in Legion Blue and Pale Pink, two of Arnie’s favorites, and features an understated two-tone umbrella pattern. 

Signature Pocket Polo ($80) – Offers a simple, clean look with single pocket button and cool interior print of The King himself. Available in five colors.  

Signature Stripe Polo ($85) – Clean lines are the dominant characteristic of this striped polo, which comes in Halogen Blue, Pale Pink, Mist Green, and Legion Blue. Includes illustrations of Mr. Palmer at varying points in his career highlight an interior collar print. 

Signature Tipped Polo ($80) – Contrasting sleeve and collar for added style; interior collar prints of Arnie. Available in Bright White, Pale Pink, Mist Green, and Legion Blue. 

Puma Arnold Palmer 1/4 zip

AP Cloudspun Clubhouse ¼ Zip ($140) – While he enjoyed cardigans, if he was playing today Arnie might opt for a ¼ zip option. Available in Legion Blue Heather and Halogen Blue Heather, this Clubhouse model also features an interior print of Mr. Palmer. 

AP Handshake Woven ¼ Zip ($130) – Features of the “Handshake,” include a cool, retro vibe, 100% Polyester construction, dual collar and cuff rings. Available in Legion Blue & Mirage Gray. 

AP CLOUDSPUN Crewneck ($100) – This crewneck design is as clean and timeless as they come. Available in Legion Blue Heather, Pale Pink Heather, Halogen Blue Heather, Mist Green Heather.  

AP Full Circle Short ($95) – Available in classic Khaki & Legion Blue with simple circle and umbrella print details. 

Latrobe Short 9.5” ($95) – The simple elegance of The Latrobe captures The King’s essence perfectly and comes in a choice of Pale Pink, Halogen Blue, and Mist Green. 

Puma Arnold Palmer rope hat

Caps: N1AP Rope Snapback Cap ($35) – If you’re into retro, you’ll dig the Rope Snapback. AP Circle Umbrella Snapback ($35) – Simplicity and style at its finest – sometimes an umbrella says it all. AP Umbrella Adjustable Cap ($35) – The circle and umbrellas pattern revisited with the addition of a dressy leather logo. 

For more information or to pick up part of the collection, check out the website here.

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