2022 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Compared

Last month, the 2022 lineup of Chrome Soft golf balls were announced and if you missed the details, you can find them here. Three different models again, each featuring the manufacturing process they call Precision Technology. As the golf balls hit stores last week, the recent reviews have been extremely positive on the THP Forum, yet some wonder which is the best ball for them.

Time for a new episode of TESTED! where we hop into the hitting bay in the THP Tech Studio, and focus on a piece of equipment and breakdown all of the data for you. Today, the 2022 Callaway Chrome Soft lineup gets compared. We test all three in the family and go through the data on what separates them from each other.

As you can see from the breakdown in the video above, Callaway has three golf balls that will fit a myriad of golfers. Which one do you think will be the best fit for you out of the Chrome Soft lineup?

For more information on their latest line, check out their website at www.callawaygolf.com.

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Dan E.
Dan Edwards is a THP staff writer that currently resides in southern Ohio. He is a low index player that has a long-held love for taking in and sharing knowledge about golf equipment.