2022 Odyssey and Toulon Design Putters

Quick! What do the #1 putter on Tour, the #1 putter in the last 11 years, the #1 putter at the last 35 Major Championships, and the #1 putter in global wins have in common?

If you screamed at your screen “ODYSSEY!”, then you deserve a cookie. If you didn’t, then what rock have you been living under?

I kid, kind of, because Odyssey has been on the biggest wave of success they have seen since the inception of the 2-Ball shape, which is saying something. The past year’s re-introduction of the White Hot insert has taken the industry by storm as it remains the best insert ever made, and it is because of that the new releases from Odyssey, outside of the Toulon Design options, will all feature the White Hot insert. 

With that in mind, yes, there are some holdovers from last year, but the bigger picture here is much more than that, the innovation and expansion of Odyssey is on full display for 2022. In fact, this might be the broadest and most impressive putter release that we have ever seen from the company. 

2022 odyssey white hot go
White Hot OG Putters

2022 Odyssey White Hot OG

When you’re the OG, why wouldn’t you hang around? In this case, this line is back because it was nothing but successful with some of the most significant market share increase Odyssey has seen in a while. Why? Because the greatest insert of all time is the greatest insert of all time and both amateurs and Tour Players alike flocked back to it. 

For 2022, the #1, Rossie (DB and S), 7 (DB and S), as well as the 2-Ball will be the holdovers from last year as they are the most popular of last years run. The additions are the Double Wide, 7 CH (“Crank Hosel” also known as a Plumbers Neck), the 7 Bird which is a marriage of a 7 and Jailbird, as well as the 7 Nano that is a more compact version of the 7 with a #9 style flow neck maximizing toe hang. 

The OG putters will be available in a steel shaft or paired with the Red Stroke Lab shaft which will be used throughout the Odyssey releases this year since it absolutely POPS on the TV screen. Additionally, there is a new Pistol Grip with colors designed to mesh perfectly with the shaft. The White Hot OG putters will come in at $229.99 for steel, and $269.99 for Stroke Lab. 

But wait, there’s more! Callaway is quickly becoming the most forward-thinking brand when it comes to options for juniors and female golfers, and the latest showing of that is in an OG line focused on that segment. With blue accents and a White Pearl Stroke Lab shaft, the 1 WS, 7, and 2-Ball will be available in 32” and 33” and have the same pricing as the standard version of the OG. 

White Hot OG Women’s Putters

2022 Toulon Design by Odyssey

Odyssey is also evolving their Toulon Design lineup and continuing their mission statement of making the best performing and most beautiful, milled putters in the world. What some don’t realize is that Toulon Design putters continue to rack up wins worldwide, so it makes sense that they would continue to perfect the options available. 

Toulon has always wanted to bring technology to the milled putter, and this year it is happening by a new sleek forward adjustable weighting in the putters moving the CG forward as well as taking the little lines which have been inside their diamond face milling and running them all the way across continuously as a groove system with the goal of increasing roll and feel. 

This release sees the return of some familiar shapes in the San Diego, Madison, and Chicago blades alongside the Atlanta, Memphis, and Las Vegas (DB and H7) which are now 10-15% larger to become true Mid-Mallet sizes. 

New to the line are two mallets, the Daytona which is a mix of an Atlanta and Memphis (and had already won on the European Tour with Danny Willet) and Le Mans which looks practically identical to another new Odyssey mallet we will soon discuss. 

The putters will be available in a midnight black finish with Black Emerald Stroke Lab shaft and Toulon pistol grip. Price point will be $449.99.

2022 Odyssey Eleven

While I will refrain from using my favorite This is Spinal Tap joke, Odyssey is indeed turning it up by adding to what the company calls their “Hero Mallets” with the new Eleven shape. Progressive mallets drive interest in the market, but data has shown Odyssey, because of the rearward CG they can lead to or accentuate a right miss at times. So here, continuing a trend you might be noticing, the CG has been pushed forward to combat that. 

odyssey 11 putter
Odyssey Eleven Putters

The Eleven is a multi-material mallet which looks like a plethora of Odyssey designs got together and combined their forces for the greater good. This is a high MOI but forward CG design due to the use of the different materials in the design. 

Available in Stroke Lab (Red) only with the new pistol grip design, the Eleven has Odyssey incredibly excited. It will come in at $299.99 and is sure to be an interesting conversation point. 

Also worth throwing in there, the Eleven uses the White Hot insert, which will also be the featured insert in the 2-Ball Ten which will be returning for 2022 to round out the mallet offerings. 

2022 Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K

So, maybe I buried the headline here, but this might be saving the most impressive for last. Odyssey wanted to create a blade that played like a mallet. This is something we have seen tried before, but the catch here is the company knew they had to do it while keeping traditional shapes, well, traditional. 

odyssey tri-hot 5k
Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K

Obviously, those looking at the pics might see the two- tone look and crow that it isn’t traditional, and no, it’s not, it is more on the flashy side, but the shapes here are spot on dimensionally with what golfers of all levels, including the Tour, have come to expect. 

Tri-Hot 5K uses a steel face/frame with massive amounts of tungsten in the heel and toe and attaches an aluminum back flange to finish the look while keeping the weight forward. If that wasn’t enough, they then used two more tungsten weights and put a White Hot insert in. 

Why all this weight through multi materials? Why place it so forward? Because as we have seen with some other putter releases, that forward CG creates definite increases in consistency and roll, but here, the way they have placed the weight means the MOI ratings of every single blade putter in the line is over 5,000. To put that into perspective, there are only a couple of mallets out there from any company that hit that kind of MOI. 

That MOI means that all measurable aspects have been improved in terms of robustness (retention on misses) and this means more consistency and better chances to make the putt or leave it closer. In fact, their testing showed the dispersion on these blades to be 10% better than another company’s super popular mallet, you know the one. 

The Tour adoption has been immediate, including Talor Gooch putting it into play and winning the RSM. Being a blade release, it is no surprise that Odyssey’s classic One, Two, and Double Wide shapes are here, but they are being accompanied by the Triple Wide and Three. The three is perhaps the most intriguing because it is the old Zing (Azalea in the Toulon release) which is historically beloved but incredibly penal, well, it has the highest MOI of all the Tri-Hot 5K models. 

These will come in at $399.99 paired with the Red Stroke Lab shaft and new Tri-Hot pistol grip. All signs absolutely point to this line being dominant on Tour this season, so that is something to keep an eye on. 

All the new Odyssey and Toulon Design releases will be available for pre-order on 1/14/22 and hit retail on 2/4/22. Be sure to keep an eye on THP as we will have plentiful feedback on each of the models very soon!

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