2022 Srixon Q-STAR Golf Ball

Since its inception, the Q-STAR golf ball has been a boon for Srixon Golf. A golf ball for the masses, which focuses on the things that most golfers need, and at a price point that makes them as happy as the performance. 

2022 Srixon Q-STAR

It is because of that, when new release season rolls around, it is always fun to see what tweaks Srixon decides to make, and this year with the sixth generation of the Q-STAR, I think “tweak” is a great way to describe it. 

The New 2022 Srixon Q-STAR

As mentioned, this marks the sixth Q-STAR design for Srixon and at the $27.99 price point, it is a popular golf ball, which doesn’t look to change anytime soon. The reason for the success? Yes, the aforementioned price is part of it, but bigger is the fact that it is an all-around performer for the masses. 

2022 Srixon Q-STAR side stamping

The Q-STAR remains a two-piece design with an ionomer cover. One aspect where Srixon has made strides with all their golf balls, and the ionomer Q is no exception, is the application of “Spin Skin” with SeRM. While the name is definitely unique, what the coating does on the golf balls is perhaps even more so by allowing the contact to dig deeper into the grooves of wedges with the goal of increasing spin potential into and around greens. 

2022 Srixon Q-STAR packaging

It should be no surprise to hear that Srixon went into this release looking to offer better distance off the tee and more feel as proximity gets closer to the green, after all, that is at the top of the list for pretty much every golfer on the planet. In order to accomplish those goals, Srixon has lowered the overall compression from the previous iterations. The changes to the FastLayer Core look to make distance and control from tee to green more sustainable for moderate swingers. Add in Srixon’s 338 dimple design and the Q-STAR is poised to remain a major player in its price segment. 

Initial Impressions

I have actually been able to have the Q-STAR in hand for a bit now, and put them into play. While I’m not going to get too down and dirty with the feedback just yet, that will definitely be coming very soon so stay tuned. But I did want to touch on the overall feedback I have seen. 

First, I hit the new version next to the previous and in the mild winter weather we are seeing right now in Oklahoma I could tell the difference in compression, which in my mind is a good thing. Now, I’m more prone to notice these differences than most, so your mileage may vary, but in some blind mixed-up testing of both versions I was able to pick out the new Q in long irons and with wedges. 

 While I’m a stronger swinger than what this is aimed at, the Q-STAR did quite well for me in the crazy wind we have been seeing and spin differences from urethane golf balls were quite close from long range, but the difference is there getting closer to the green. I also tried to really beat up the golf balls as I have had some past issues with SpinSkin, but so far so good here. Initial thoughts are definitely positive. Keep an eye peeled for a deeper dive in the future!

The Details

Price: $27.99

Colors: Pure White and Tour Yellow

Availability: 12/15/2021

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