2023 Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid

Just when you thought the Paradym lineup was complete, Callaway Golf is throwing another club into the mix, and it is one we weren’t sure we would see this time around. Today marks the unveiling of the Paradym Super Hybrid which is the third iteration of this club design. While materials and tech have clearly changed, the goal remains the same, to pack the power of a driver into a club which also gives the confidence of a hybrid. 

Historically, Callaway has nailed that goal with the Super Hybrid releases, but has enough changed with this Paradym version? Read on and we will let you be the judge. 

Paradym Super Hybrid

2023 Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid

The Super Hybrid is always an interesting release. When it made its first debut, there was a definitive place for it in the lineup, an oversized hybrid that was versatile but felt like it had driver like ball speeds. Frankly, the first two versions have absolutely crushed it when it comes to those goals. However, since then the Callaway offerings have diversified with multiple hybrid profiles in multiple lineups and even the Apex UW taking some of that spotlight that the Super originally held. That is why when I got word it was time to prepare for the Paradym Super Hybrid release, I was eager to know more. 

Paradym Super Hybrid

Honestly, there are some very cool changes this time around that make a lot of sense. The application of Triaxial Carbon Fiber on the crown is still here and this time it has been improved via altered shaping and placement that not only helps for weight savings, but it just looks way better based on the pics we are seeing from Callaway. The whole shape to my eye looks less boxy than in the past making the oversized nature not as awkward. However, eventually seeing the clubs in-hand will tell the whole story there. 

Paradym Super Hybrid at setup showing the carbon fiber crown

The rest of the design story is similar, but different, to the past as Tungsten and Titanium rule the day. By using Titanium as the base metal for the Paradym Super Hybrid it helps give that driver like power and ball speed because of the materials higher modulus nature that allows more flex without breaking.

Both on the sole and internally, the placement of up to 95g of Tungsten dials the rest of the design in by using the MIM’d material around the back perimeter to keep the MOI up while placing the rest low and forward for a flatter flight and mor more ball speed. Also worth mentioning, there is a bit of a shaping change to the rear of the sole that has some recess to it in order to help with the interaction off of the turf. 

Pull apart of the club showing the different tech pieces

Ralistically, the Paradym Super Hybrid is here to do what the Super Hybrid has always done, be a powerhouse for those who struggle with fairway woods due to club-length, as well as golfers who don’t want an iron replacement hybrid. The Super Hybrid has always been about absolute firepower, and it always will be. 

The Details

Callaway’s new Paradym Super Hybrid will be up for pre-order on 8/18/23 and come to retail on 9/1/23. The price on this one is $399.99. The loft options are plentiful with 2 thru 6 (16, 18, 21, 24, 27) options, though the 2 and 6 are RH only. Standard shaft and grip this time are the UST Mamiya DART and Lamkin Crossline 360, although we know by now there will always be plentiful custom options available as well. 

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