2024 Cobra Putters

Introducing the 2024 Cobra Putters.

2024 Cobra Putters

Today, Cobra Golf is dropping two refined and reimagined putter lines that both continue and advance technologies their customers have come to love. The Vintage series delivers a great blend of performance and feel at an attractive price point, while the 3D Printed line is the pinnacle of what the company’s engineers have to offer in putter design. 

According to Jose Miraflor, VP Marketing & Product Architecture at Cobra, “The new Vintage series is aimed at players looking for precision manufacturing and advanced technologies with a more traditional look and soft feel,” while the 3D Printed family, “is the most advanced yet and sets the standard for putter technology and performance.”

3D Printed Putter Series

2024 Cobra Putters 3D Series

Cobra has blossomed into a company known for continually pushing technological boundaries, and there may not be a single product line that outwardly exhibits that fact more than their 3D Printed putters. 

The centerpiece, literally and figuratively, of these putters is a lightweight, 3D-printed lattice cartridge. The cartridge comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the model, but its purpose is the same for each putter: By utilizing a lightweight, lattice framework mass can be placed in specific locations around the head to boost MOI to greatest extent possible. At the same time, it contributes to better sound and feel. 

The Sole of the 3D Printed Cobra Putters

An ongoing collaboration with LA Golf brings back Descending Loft Technology, a milled 6061 aerospace grade aluminum face insert. This insert provides four different regions of loft that descend from 4 degrees at the top down to 1 degree at the bottom. That’s a lot of technical jargon to comprehend, so let’s simplify if a bit.  

Conventional wisdom tells us that getting the ball rolling quickly and cleanly (rather than skipping or hopping forward) is a major key in ensuring an accurate putt. Everybody’s stroke and impact pattern are unique to them, so it makes sense that having the same loft for all strokes leaves roll performance on the table. By providing different lofts that coincide with these different delivery angles and impact positions, the ball has a better chance of starting a true roll sooner. 

Cobra has moved to a carbon fiber crown, replacing the forged aluminum found on the last generation of 3D printed putters. Again, this functions to reduce weight where it isn’t needed so it can be utilized elsewhere. At the same time, it creates a visual bridge between Cobra’s 3D Printed putters and Darkspeed drivers, emphasizing that both contain advanced technology to make the game easier. That’s not easy to do with something as entangled with tradition as a putter. 

2024 Cobra Putters GrandSport

The rest of the body is built from metal injection molded (MIM) 304 stainless steel. Even this portion of the putter is interesting, as the MIM process allows the company to create these intricate components in an efficient manner with tight tolerances. 

Finally, the 2024 3D Printed line introduces adjustable sole weighting. Five different weights are available (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g) and they can be swapped quickly to customize the weight and feel of each putter. 

Eight models are available in the 2024 Cobra Putters 3D Printed line, giving a full range of options that should appeal to different strokes and visual preferences. Each putter comes standard with a SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 1.0 Grip and a KBS CT Tour 120 (170 for Armlock) shaft.

  • AGERA: Full size mallet with single bend shaft for face balanced performance. 
  • AGERA RS: Compact version (15% smaller footprint) of the AGERA with single bend shaft for face balanced performance
  • AGERA RS-30: AGERA RS with a slant neck design and 30-degrees of toe hang. 
  • AGERA CB: Counterbalanced version of the full size AGERA at playing length of 38” and longer 17” SuperStroke grip
  • AGERA AL: 41” armlock version of the AGERA with more upright lie angle and heavier clubhead. 
  • SUPERNOVA: Fang style mallet with single bend shaft and face balanced performance. 
  • GRANDSPORT-35: Traditional plumber neck blade with 35-degrees of toe hang. 
  • GRANDSPORT AL: 41” armlock version of the Grandsport with more upright lie angle and heavier clubhead.  

Vintage Series

2024 Cobra Putters Vintage Series

Cobra’s Vintage line comes in a lower price point, and while it doesn’t include the 3D printed cartridge, still manages to boast several traits that should offer solid roll performance and high MOI. 

The most notable change in the 2024 Vintage line, when compared to the King Vintage line that preceded it, is the introduction of a new, softer PEBAX insert. This insert is constructed of a lightweight thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE), which will completely differentiate the Vintage series when it comes to feel. Golfers should expect it to be extremely soft compared to the 3D Printed line’s firmer aluminum insert. However, and of almost equal importance, the company is still incorporating LA Golf’s Descending Loft Technology in the PEBAX insert, ensuring Vintage users will continue to have all the benefits we discussed above. 

The Vintage series will utilize a fully MIM 304 Stainless Steel construction, with machining utilized to perfect all the smallest details. In addition, the line will continue to offer adjustable sole weighting (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g) that can be adjusted with the turn of a screw. 

Eight models will be available in the 2024 Cobra Putters Vintage line:

  • SPORT 60: Flow neck blade with 60-degrees of toe hang. 
  • SPORT 40: Plumber neck blade with 40-degrees of toe hang.
  • WIDESPORT: Face balanced, oversized blade with single bend shaft for face balanced performance.  
  • NOVA: Face balanced, fang-style mallet with three alignment lines
  • NOVA-30: Fang-style mallet with slant neck, 30-degrees of toe hang, and three alignment lines.  
  • STINGRAY: Face balanced mallet with single bend shaft and single alignment line.
  • STINGRAY 30: Fang style mallet with slant neck, 30-degrees of toe hang, and single alignment line.
  • CUDA: Face balanced mallet with single bend shaft and three alignment lines. 


  • Presale begins January 23, 2024
  • Available online and at retailers February 23, 2024
  • $249 Vintage Series 
  • $349 3D Printed Series
  • More information at www.cobragolf.com
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