2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade has believed that the TP5/TP5x golf ball is the most complete golf ball on the market since its introduction in 2017. The company has traditionally released an updated version of this line every two years, each with some improvements. In 2019, the Speed-Layer system was brought to the masses to boost speed, and in 2021, a new Tour Flight Dimple pattern was added to improve aerodynamics and performance in windy conditions. With three years since the last version, TaylorMade has been working to ensure that the 2024 iteration will be the most significant update yet. Today, the wait is finally over as TaylorMade unveils their newest TP5 and TP5x golf balls. 

2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x

It’s worth noting that TaylorMade has invested over $100 million into their golf ball category this year. They strive to ensure that every aspect of the golf ball meets their high standards and qualities. This is a significant venture, representing their largest investment as an organization in the last five years. This has allowed TaylorMade to become one of the few companies that make cast urethane golf balls while being 100% vertically integrated. It also means some big things are coming on the horizon for TaylorMade in this category. 

Since the wait for this release extended an extra year, it allowed TaylorMade to have this product in the prototype stage for a more extended period than usual. With that being the case, these new TP5 golf balls are the company’s most prototype-tested product they has ever made. Ready to hear about the results of all this testing? Let’s get to it. 

“Our learnings from countless player and Tour tests show that golfers, unsurprisingly, favor a softer, more muted sound with added distance. Historically, the challenge has been the inability to improve one without negatively impacting the other. With this understanding, we’ve evolved our golf ball design process by uniquely decoupling feel and speed through material advancement, a complete departure from the conventional. The material-level advancement positions our TP5/TP5x family as having the best feel in the industry with faster constructions.”

Michael Fox, Senior Director of Product Creation, Golf Balls 
2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x layers broken out

The 2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls focus on delivering both speed and a soft feel. Previously, achieving these qualities in a golf ball has been difficult. Engineers could increase compression to make a ball faster, but that also meant negatively affecting its sound and feel. Alternatively, the core could be softened to create a more muted ball, but this would sacrifice distance for some golfers. TaylorMade’s new TP5 balls address this issue by using a new technology called Speed Wrapped Core. Speed Wrapped technology allows the company to increase ball speeds while maintaining the softness of the golf ball. This new core material is less dense, which is essential for controlling sound without having that inverse effect on speed. It is made of a unique material that has never been used before in the golf industry, but it works similarly to the Speed Foam used in their p790 irons. 

TaylorMade has incorporated Speed Foam in the hollow body of the p790 irons to regulate sound and enable a thinner face, resulting in faster and more pleasant performance. If you have ever compared a completely hollow iron with one that uses SpeedFoam, you would have noticed that the latter produces less noise. To ensure the same softness and sound control, the new TP5 golf balls utilize a similar method to create a quieter, less clicky sound. Sound plays a significant role in the overall feel of the golf ball. 

2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x core

Even with the presence of the Speed Wrapped Core, this line continues to be a 5-layer golf ball. There were times in the past when the differences between layers were minimal in terms of compression, and that all changed with the new TP5 series. These new balls offer the highest speed gradient that TaylorMade has ever had in a golf ball, which means that this golf ball can uniquely react depending on the type of shot being played. When teeing it up with a driver, the highest swing speed club in the bag, golfers can activate a low 5-compression core, which will help deliver high launch and low spin. As players get closer to the green and start with their wedges, only the two outer layers come into play: A firmer mantle and a soft cast urethane cover, leading to more spin control. According to TaylorMade, the new TP5 golf balls are remarkably different from their predecessors when it comes to iron play. In fact, they claim that it is one of the longest iron-performing golf balls they have ever produced.

Are You a TP5 or TP5x Golfer? 

Below is a quick breakdown of each golf ball and the type of player it best suits. However, if you are still deciding which ball to purchase while you are at the store, TaylorMade has devised a simple and speedy solution. Located on every TP5 golf ball box’s cover is a QR code that leads to a ball recommendation tool. Answer twelve relevant questions and TaylorMade will suggest the TP5 golf ball that best matches your playing style.

2024 TaylorMade TP5

Golfers seeking a golf ball with superior control around the green and increased spin on wedge shots should find the TP5 an ideal option. Compared to the TP5x, it boasts a softer feel and a marginally higher ball flight. TaylorMade has reduced the driver spin in contrast to the previous generation while still ensuring exceptional greenside performance. TP5 will also offer the highest amount of iron spin within the lineup.

2024 TaylorMade TP5x

Golfers prioritizing longer distances and higher speeds will appreciate the TP5x golf ball from TaylorMade, as it is their fastest 5-layer tour ball. The TP5x reduces spin on driver, iron, and wedge shots while maintaining a flatter, penetrating trajectory. As expected, TP5x will have a firmer feel than that of TP5.

2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5X Pix 

TaylorMade collaborated with Rickie Fowler and Tommy Fleetwood to help revamp the design of their TP5/TP5x Pix golf balls. The previous “motion triangle” graphic has been replaced with a “motion diamond” shape, resulting in more orange closer to the centerline and black color further away. The change may seem subtle, but it improves the colors’ contrast and increases the ClearPath Alignment’s visibility, which will help provide more feedback to golfers when rolling putts. 

The Details

Starting today, the new 2024 TaylorMade TP5, TP5x, and Pix editions are available in stores for $54.99. TP5 and TP5x are available in both white and yellow. More information on the latest TP5 golf balls is available at www.taylormadegolf.com

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