2024 Titleist Vokey SM10 Review

One word, Vokey. 

Immediately every single golfer out there knows what you are talking about, just with a single word. If that doesn’t achieve Mt. Rushmore of golf club design status, then I don’t know what will. 

Here in 2024 though, Vokey has returned to debut their all new SM10 wedges, and aside from immediate Tour adoption showing clear positive feedback of their performance, THP also got them in hand to put through their paces. 

Vokey sm10 review

Quick Take – Vokey SM10 Review

While there may not be any seismic changes in technology, it is still safe to say that the SM10 is an even more complete wedge than its predecessor. The refined CG progression combined with an improved aesthetics are worth showing up for, but you will stay for the top-shelf spin and seemingly infinite combinations of lofts and grinds. 

2024 Titleist Vokey SM10 Review – Tech Talk

If you want the full rundown of what is going on with the new SM10 wedges from Vokey as well as further info on how they got to this design via Tour feedback and testing, then be sure to check out our release article here (Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges – The Hackers Paradise). That said, I do still want to break down some of the internals that make the SM10 different. 

Vokey sm10 review the 60 T Grind

The big story this year is CG. Now, before you remark something about that being part of the previous releases, you aren’t wrong, but this time they have taken it to another level. If you had a chance to listen to our very own Dan Edwards recent Off Course episode with Aaron Dill and Kevin Tassistro of Vokey here (Vokey SM10 Wedges Go Off Course – The Hackers Paradise) then you know they like to take things to extremes when designing, but are alwaysattentive to not mess up the foundation to what is the most successful wedge in golf. 

Titleist Vokey sm10 review

The CG in the SM10’s are the perfect case study of that, there is a level of refinement which sought to push things beyond what we have known in the SM9. Every loft still has an optimized CG based not only on the loft, but also the use of each wedge. Within the lower lofts (46-52 degrees) it is now lower to help blend those wedges more seamlessly into and out of the irons. Then, in the higher lofts (54-62 degrees) it is raised in order to help flatten out the flight and thus offer more accuracy into greens. 

The Grooves

Naturally, the Spin Milled grooves are present with the TX9’s being cut with the lower lofts being narrower and deeper while the upper options wider and shallower to optimize how each wedge is used. It also goes without saying that there is a plethora of “Tour Proven” grind options, in fact there are six (F, S, M, K, T, D) with twenty-five different loft, bounce, and grind combinations. Add in the Tour Chrome, Jet Black, and new Nickel finish and you have possibly the cleanest Vokey Wedge release yet from Titleist. 

The Vokey SM10 Wedge at setup

Performance BreakdownVokey SM10 Review

The SM10’s are visually everything you expect a Vokey to be. In hand the eyes immediately go to the engraving and new badging on the rear flange, a modern yet elegant look overall. It is when you get past that initial eye candy that you notice a shaping that has undergone a subtle evolution. Make no mistake, these are Vokey wedges at setup, but I could notice a more rounded nature both in shape as well as leading edge in the 60.04T as compared to the 50.08F which is another nod to the progressive nature of the SM10. That said, they remain as compact and traditional as always. 

For this review, I received three wedges to put through their paces, the 50.08F, 54.08M, as well as 60.04T. With so many grind and loft options, it was exciting to get the full breadth to test turf interactions and overall versatility. What stood out above all else in that regard is just how well thought each and every grind really is. With the F grind in the 50, full swings were a non-issue with my steeper move while in the 54 the M grind showed why it is Bob Vokey’s favorite grind. Whether it was a full swing, partial swing, or even a greenside shot from thicker grass where the wedge needed to be manipulated, the response was true. 

A look at the sole of the Vokey SM10 Wedge for this review

The biggest surprise for me personally was with the 60. The T grind, as aggressive as it is, truly uses its wide but low bounce sole to offer anything a creative shotmaker around the greens could ever want. Although it might not be my choice as someone who plays almost exclusively in bermuda grass and enjoys more bounce, I absolutely had a blast hitting all sorts of manufactured shots from all sorts of situations, even when I didn’t need to. 

What I wanted to look at the most, however,  had to be done via launch monitor. As you will see in the various data sets throughout, information was recorded for each wedge in three different sets, 50-Yard, 80-Yard, and Full Swings. Historically, spin has always been a cornerstone of what Vokey wedges are known for, the SM10 continue in those footsteps. Of course, I was dealing with new grooves, but the numbers across the variety of shots still provided the levels which I would expect from a Titleist wedge. 

For me, the standout was the previously discussed progressive CG. If you look at the full swing data set, you will see that the vertical CG progression did exactly what it intended. The best part was this was seen on the course as well. While I am not anywhere in the realm of what I would call a high-caliber wedge player, I do battle losing some control and consistency when swinging my higher lofted wedges into greens. I hesitate to use the catch all “ballooning” term because it is overused in my opinion, but you could apply it if you want. 

Vokey SM10 Review Data

Being that this was some of the story in the SM9’s, and I played them for an extended period without feeling like I was benefitting from the CG all that much, I was a little pessimistic here. However, from the first shots with the 54.08M and 60.04T on the course I could see the flight a bit flatter that worked to the apex rather than simply launching to it. For me, that translates to having a lot more confidence into greens via added control in the Oklahoma wind. I will add though, the 50.08F kept a higher launch and quicker apex than the others which let it blend into my irons smoothly. 

More Vokey SM10 Review Data

The bow on top for the Vokey SM10’s from Titleist is that they feel like Vokey’s. They keep that same head heavy feel that they have always had in hand, which for me makes them feel like a precision instrument as you can locate them at all times in the swing. On center strikes, it is a thumpy feedback which Vokey does impeccably well. I will say, when you get off center, the feedback does get a little quicker and sharper letting you know what has just occurred, and where.

Parting Thoughts Vokey SM10 Review

By now there is an understanding that when Titleist and Bob Vokey unleash their latest iteration of the most played wedge in golf, it is going to deliver. The SM10 keeps that train rolling in a manner which is both exciting and subtle. With the CG progression and seemingly limitless loft and grind combinations, there is something for everyone. Although, don’t forget, if it isn’t offered standard, there is a good chance you can find what you want via WedgeWorks. 

The new Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges hit full retail on 3/8/24 and are offered in lofts from 48 to 62 as well as six different grinds. They will be priced at $189.99.  For more information, check out their website at www.vokey.com.

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