2nd Round Pairings – The Morgan Cup

The inaugural Morgan Cup is less than a month away and the lucky 16 participants have been gearing up for this weekend event of a lifetime. The weekend golf tournament that consists of 16 regular golfers being sponsored by THP, in conjunction with industry giants TaylorMade Golf and/or Callaway Golf, has been building for months and the time is almost here. In case you have not heard what this incredible opportunity is about, you can read about it right here. Two teams of 8 are preparing for battle and both Team Hackers and Team Paradise are getting ready for this showdown at Reunion Resort on August 19th-21st.

The Breakdown
Team Hackers
Lucas Calloway
Andrew Aurand
Ryan Staples
Ben Kember
Donne Willingham
Matthew Buemi
Jarrod Krug
Kevin McNiel

Team Paradise
John Biggs
Kevin Dunn
Ryan Belbin
Jason Kunze
Jarret Calloway
Amol Yajnik
Dean DeCrescenzo
Marc Gradillas

The Tournament
Friday – Media Day. Players will be interviewed and will cut promos on the equipment, apparel and accessories that they are using for the event.
Saturday – Morning round is a 2 man scramble round. Afternoon round is a 2 man better ball round.
Sunday – Singles

2nd Round Pairings
Lucas Calloway & Ryan Staples vs Ryan Belbin & Amol Yajnik
Jarrod Krug & Ben Kember vs John Biggs & Jason Kunze
Kevin McNiel & Andrew Aurand vs Dean DeCrescenzo & Kevin Dunn
Matthew Buemi & Donne Willingham vs Jarret Calloway & Marc Gradillas

Stay tuned as we get closer to this incredible event for more announcements and information.

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