A Club Making Legend Answers Reader Questions

ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with legendary club maker John Hoeflich. The man that has arguably been as responsible as anybody in the business for where golf equipment is today.

This Episode Features:
The Ongoing Debate of Cast vs Forged
Where will technology go from here
Forgiveness & Workability, can they coexist
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes at Itunes or Podcast.com under THP Radio.

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  • What an awesome show. JH put a lot of debates and discussions to rest, I like that! It’s very kind of him to answer our questions and to take time out of his schedule like that. I appreciate it very much. Is it bad that I could listen to him talk and tell stories all day long?

  • Fantastic show THP. Mr. Hoeflich, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer our questions.

  • AWESOME SHOW! Allot of great info and he really knows his stuff. Thanks JH

  • Super Job. Members questions were great. JB & GG were awesome Thank you JH for that wealth of information

  • Lots of good questions asked and answered there. Thanks to Mr. Hoeflich for taking the time to do that for THP.

    Loved the question about the blades – “good for your ego”. Don’t know much about the Arc wedges; need to look those up and check them out.

    Oh yeah…I want a 500 CC driver – need all the forgiveness I can get 🙂

    Very interesting about the iron head vs shaft comparison for tour players (or anyone for that matter).

  • My favorite show so far. Interesting that what holds a lot of club design back are the rules of golf. Makes perfect sense.

  • good show as always!!! the forged/ cast debate was awesome to listen to the facts!! great job!!

  • John, just want to say thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Your wealth of knowledge is incredible and I appreciate that you share it with us.

  • Well, off the top, his thoughts on the cast vr. forged debate was just as I have always thought, in that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.
    I was also happy to hear him touch on the debate on whether a club with a lot of “forgiveness” becomes unworkable. Not sure I agree 100% with his thoughts. I have irons with a lot of offset, and I find it fairly easy to work the longer irons in either direction. It may be harder for some, but in my case, it is pretty easy.
    LOVED his thoughts on blades vr. cavity backs…..”Good for your ego” Classic. Wonder if anyone is paying attention?
    Great radio show!

  • Another great show! Big thanks to John for coming on and answering all those questions! Cudos to the THP members for coming up with such great questions too! Awesome show Team THP!

  • Great show guys, thanks John for taking the time to do this. I have one question that I wish I would have asked and hope is presented on the next show: Where do you come up with your best ideas? Is it on the course, in the shop, or like me in the shower before work or some times in bed at night just before sleep? lol

  • Awesome show once more from THP. Many thanks for JH for taking the time to answer our questions.

    Some really intriguing answers too, simply put and thought provoking. I’ll need to listen to this one another couple of times.

  • Good show, lots of solid information in there, I could listen to John speak for hours!

  • I could listen to him talk golf technology all day! This was perhaps my favorite show to date. Many thanks to John Hoeflich! I hope we are able to do a live chat in the future

  • Great show, very informative!

  • What a great show! It was awesome that he was willing to take the questions of the THP’ers.

  • I am enjoying this interview (listening and typing as it goes). Great questions so far. I love JBH’s bag. Like that he’s still playing the Evolver. Very cool that he took the time to do this.

  • Great show with some enlightening information. Thank you THP and JBH.

  • Great show, Hoefy is more knowledgeable about component design than anyone I’ve ever met. I enjoy his willingness to share his knowledge and experience and put them into a context that 99% of all players never really get a chance to participate in. On top of all this, John is known as a leader and not a follower and his list of design accomplishments speak for themselves!

    Two questions I would have like answered:
    1. with the advancement of technology in club design, why have overall golf scores not really improved since the days persimmon?
    2. the world of women’s golf equipment has long been ignored (well short changed in comparison) from the major club manufacturers, do you see the future of this changing and if so, how?

    Big thanks to THP and John for sharing in this show, loved it!

  • Excellent show! Hopefully this puts the forged vs. cast debate to bed!

  • cant believe I didnt comment earlier! Fantastic show and so glad he came on to talk. Always a pleasure and hope to hear from him again very soon!

  • Great questions folks, this was a great show. JB’s 1st question was a true classic, we knew he would ask that question, it was just a matter of when.

  • Great show. I wonder how much golf rules will change in the future and how much clubs will change then once new regulations are in place. If they keep making courses longer I wonder if they will allow new equipment to be made that would allow them to hit it even further.

  • Fantastic show. I loved how he quickly said that you can’t “feel” the difference between forged and cast irons. So many people think they can, and I loved hearing otherwise. Thank you for the hard work, keep it up.

  • Thank you guys for the opportunity to learn from a legend. And thank you Mr. Hoeflich for answering my question.

  • Nickent was the first set of irons I ever owned. Even though they went out of business I swear by them. currently play the 3dx pro (a JBH design) and 4dx driver. And i love them. Unfortunately this new offering from the reinvented Nickent seems to be extremely super game improvement driven. They need to hire JBH back! Great podcast!

  • Great show!

    I recently went to a big box store to have them bend the lie angle to +2. However, because it was a casted club they gave me a big speech that they couldn’t bend it w/out risk of breaking the club. Is their any truth to the notion that casted clubs may break more than a forged club?

  • got round to listening to this at last, some real insight to club design and build.
    great stuff.

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