A Jacket That Keeps You Warm?  Mobile Warming Gear Review

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A Jacket That Keeps You Warm? Mobile Warming Gear Review

Once again, it’s the time of year when the leaves are changing and the golf season is winding down for many around the world. Apparel companies are launching their winter lines and many of us are making selections on fashion that will keep us bundled up in layers, all the while hoping that our new choices will not hinder the golf swing. When THP first heard about a heated jacket design to keep us warm, dry, and playing golf, we honestly thought little about it…until it arrived.

Company Information
Developed to extend your playing season, Mobile Warming Gear features breakthrough technology that provides unprecedented warmth at the touch of a button. Ideal for colder weather, its golf-specific collection includes waterproof jackets and windproof vests and jackets for men and women. Designed by PGA Professionals, the garments showcase micro-alloy heating elements built into the chest and back areas. Completely unobtrusive and powered by a small, rechargeable lithium ion battery, the system ensures a player’s core stays warm. This helps enhance comfort and flexibility for up to 10 hours.

Precisely crafted from breathable, washable performance materials, Mobile Warming pieces are USGA conforming. Providing complete freedom of movement via a golf-specific cut and four-way stretch fabric, they eliminate the need for bulky layers and offer four adjustable heat settings.

Each seam-sealed garment is USGA conforming and crafted from ultra-lightweight and breathable technical polyester that’s waterproof rated at 7,000 mm. Featuring four-way stretch, the jackets provide exceptional freedom of movement through a golf-specific construction. This is further enhanced by the system of micro-alloy heating elements built into the back and chest area. These completely eliminate the need for extra layers while keeping muscles loose in all conditions.

100% – 135 Degrees – 2.5 Hours
75& – 120 Degrees – 3 Hours
50% – 105 Degrees – 5 Hours
25% – 90 Degrees – 10 Hours

Heating Up
The jacket comes with a small battery pack that fits nicely in the front left pocket. There is actually a pocket within a pocket made of fleece-like material that is sealed and houses the battery pack. The battery itself connects with a single cable and features one button that acts as the mechanism to turn the jacket on and off as well as shuffle through the settings from 25% to 100%. When the jacket needs to be recharged, you simply unplug the battery from the cable, remove it from the pocket and plug it into the wall charger that comes with the original package. It is a very easy system to use and one that works incredibly well in its design.

Once on, it takes less than a minute to feel the effects of the heat, as your chest, stomach and areas of your back start to warm up. Depending on your build, the warmth generates rather quickly and is noticeable in key areas that are designed to keep your core warm as you play. During THP testing outside in the elements, the chest area got warm rather quickly and helped keep us comfortable.

Golfing In It
Despite all of the technology out there, playing golf in layers or with jackets on is something that is still loathed by many. The preference of feeling “free” throughout the swing is a characteristic that is cherished and makes golfing in colder climates rather difficult for some. The Mobile Warming Gear jacket effectively eliminated the need for multiple layers of apparel. During our last testing, the jacket was worn in sub-40 conditions on the course with nothing under it but a short sleeve golf shirt. By reducing the amount of bundling up, golfers should feel freer during play and effectively play better because of it.

The jacket is fairly lightweight, is about as obstructive as normal rain gear, and is not all that heavy while on. Playing golf while wearing the Mobile Warming Gear jacket was no different than those times we throw on our favorite piece of waterproof apparel. Although, that is where the comparisons end, because this item did in fact keep us warm throughout the entire round while also keeping any moisture away.

Is It Warm Enough
Whether or not the jacket will keep a golfer warm enough will of course be completely dependent on the golfer wearing it. During THP testing, the Mobile Warming Gear delivered in providing warmth to the core and allowing continued golf in weather that might have been skipped in year’s past. One thing we thought could provide even more comfort would have been the addition of some sort of heat through the arm areas, because swinging a golf club on a cold day can make certain areas of the body (shoulder, elbow and wrist) feel quite chilly. Outside of that, the lightweight jacket delivered in every facet of living up to the specs provided by the company.

Not many items that get reviewed by THP can completely alter one’s outlook on playing golf, yet the Mobile Warming Gear jacket did just that. No longer passing on colder conditions or being completely uncomfortable during play is something that, for many, is worth its weight in gold. When it comes to pricing, the rain jacket tested has a street price of around $220, which falls right in line with other high end rain gear. The company has golf specific heated outerwear products starting at $159 as well. For more information on the company or their complete line of products, check out their website at www.mobilewarminggear.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • One thing that I’ve found wearing this sort of gear on me motorbike is that I stay more alert by keeping my core at a warmer temp. I can see that this sort of garment could help keep ones mind on track for the task at hand. Hypothermia is no joke out in the elements.

  • Good review Josh. I was wondering about the arms. Is the material different in the arms or is it consistent through out the coat? How long does a charge last?

  • Freddie,
    The material is the same throughout the entire coat. THP found the times listed above in the tech section of the review were quite accurate.

  • This is an interesting concept. I like the idea of the heating element being for your core. It’s a similar concept for distance running in the cold – focus on heating your core, keep your head (and hands) covered, and you will stay warm in cold temps.

    I would be concerned with restricted movement, as I have trouble finding cold weather golf gear that allows me to swing freely. It’s interesting that the jacket has the heating elements but does not restrict movement.

    Where is the battery located?

  • […] weather, its golf-specific collection includes … … Go here to see the original: A Jacket That Keeps You Warm? Mobile Warming Gear Review … ← Mobile Warming Gear's Heated Golf Outerwear 2012 Collection […]

  • Great review JB! This definitely is intriguing since I play year round and I absolutely despise wearing “layers” as I just feel restricted so I end up wearing a compression shirt under a golf shirt and hoping to stay warm enough. The fact that you can wear this in sub 40* weather with just a golf shirt is very promising. Sounds like the battery in the front left pocket accessible via a second zipper is quite easy to use. I am pretty frugal and hate dropping this much money but if this lasts for years then it is definitely worth it. Thanks for letting us know about this product!

  • Very intriguing. This is something I could see not only wearing for golf but for other outdoor activity in the winter.

  • I play at least 50% of my golf in cooler temperatures, so something like this could really come in handy. I like the idea that it can extend a season for people that really hate the cold.

  • Awesome review! I would use this for so much more than just golf!

  • This is a very interesting product. Something I may look into in the future. It seems like it works well, which is fantastic. I think this jacket would be best for someone who lives in a place that they can golf all year, but still have a rather harsh winter. Good review, JB.

  • I think I need one of these. It would easily add almost a month of extra golf to my season. Very nice review, it has my interest.

  • Even though I live in a warmer climate, it still gets pretty chilly for about 2 months. This would for sure make golf a year round sport for me. I get hesitant once it gets below 50 🙂

  • Very nice review, I’m very interested in this. It could really help me out in terms of being able to hit balls outside during the winters around here, as well as using it for cold mornings in the fall and spring. The 10-hour duration is pretty impressive as well.

  • Great review, this is almost a must for us up North if we want to get into December playing golf,and with it being comfortable and not being “bulky” is just an added bonus!

  • This would be sooooo good for me when I have to golf for school in early spring and there is still snow on the ground and it’s raining…

  • Awesome info Josh, how cool all you had to wear was a polo under it in that cold, my cold weather radar is on high alert for sure here in the midwest.

  • An absolutely thorough and well done review. This really has me pondering, as I definitely could extend my season up here in NJ with gear like this.

  • Living in the upper Midwest a jacket like this would come in so handy it’s not even funny. I love how the battery pack seemed to be non intrusive as that was one of the things I’d be first concerned with. Thanks for the review.

  • I want one, NOW. I play YEAR ROUND, the only requirement for me is 40* and up. It really does seem like it was well designed with the battery pack design not being too bulky or in the way. I’m intrigued, Xmas list item? I think so.

  • Great review Josh, I really think this will be a must have for winter golf in Northern California. Most of the time it will be around mid 50’s and this could absolutely cure the fear to play golf in the cold!

  • great review i like the idea of staying warm but not having so many layers on and with playing in the winter i have found layers are the only thing that has worked for me to stay warm thus far.

  • Terrific review JB.
    I just have to get me one of these jackets !

  • Interesting concept Josh, I like it! I bet it worked up there in SC where it’s getting cold unlike Florida hah

  • Great review Josh. I really need one of these.

  • I don’t think I live where it is even close to being cold enough to wear something like this. Plus it’s just one more thing I have to plug in. Don’t like it.

  • Hi Josh,

    Keith Apple here, GM at Mobile Warming Golf. Thank you for the nice review of our heated rain jacket. The issue of heating other places on the body is battery related. If we were to put heating elements in the arms or pockets as some have suggested. These additional elements create higher demand on the lithium battery. The battery duration would be diminished by about 50% and wouldn’t last through a round of golf.

  • J’ai été très heureux de trouver ce blog. J’ai besoin de vous dire merci pour votre temps utilisé sur la publication de cet excellent écrit. J’ai savouré indéniablement à peu près tous seul bit de celui-ci et je vous ai signet pour regarder de nouveaux articles ou billets de blog sur votre site.

  • As a golfholic residing in the frozen tundra, one learns to adapt if they wish to golf throughout the year(eg using an ice pick to create a hole in the tundra to insert tee). I recently acquired a mobile warming vest.It works, it works, it works! I wore a long sleeve shirt followed by the vest and wore a long sleeved light weight windbreaker over the vest. I hate the cold and was perfectly comfortable golfing at 35degrees F. I am looking forward to an opportunity to break my personal record of golfing at minus 4 degrees F.

  • This is my first time visit at here and i am actually happy to read everthing at alone place.

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