A Look At Vesti Ascendi – Bringing Tradition Back To The Game

Golf style is something that is extremely personal to each and every golfer. Some take it seriously and others wear what comes out of the closet at first grab. One thing is for sure, golf fashion is as cyclical as the rest of the world and a new brand is staking a claim to bringing a certain class back to the golf course.

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Fashion Rebirth
Thoughts from the company
The game of golf used to be a gentleman’s game. Style and class were displayed not only in character, but also in apparel. While we applaud the years of hard work by so many to include people from all walks of life into the game of golf, we miss the high standards of apparel. Vesti Ascendi is all about bringing back the classiest of golf apparel, yet making it comfortable for everyone to wear.

Neon colored shirts and flashy pants are fun and eye catching for the weekend golfer, but is that what you want to be wearing if you’re trying to land that promotion or impress a client on the course? As you’re gazing out the window on a beautiful sunny morning at the office you know you could take a two hour lunch break and sneak in nine holes if only you didn’t have to run home to change clothes. Vesti Ascendi is your solution.

Vesti Ascendi is a line of clothing appropriate for the office, for church, for any formal setting; but yet newly designed with innovative stretch materials to allow for the freedom of movement needed for the golfer. Vesti Ascendi is class, comfort and convenience. #GolfLikeAGentleman

Is It For You?
Are you a khaki or black pants with red or blue shirt or do you venture down the path of all orange and flat brimmed hat? Whichever side you fall on, it is your style. Many golf courses have a dress code in place to eliminate a look that they deem inappropriate, but the look of this apparel would be anything but. It is a return of grace, a return to the roots and most notably a return to something that many wish was part of the game.

Have you boarded a plane in recent years, walked through a grocery store or just went outside and said to yourself “What happened to the days when people took pride in their appearance”? You are not alone as others have been saying the same thing alongside of your thoughts and while this truly traditional line might not be your cup of tea, thinking about it is the first step to action.

Shirts & Ties
Vesti Ascendi’s dress shirt line is made of Peruvian cotton and spandex and designed for on and off the course. Due to the design, it makes it possible to play golf in a dress shirt unlike any before it. The back of the shirt features what the company calls an “expansion pleat” that makes the golf swing completely possible without any restriction, all the while keeping that refined look. On days where the temperature is getting up there, the sleeves have a strap built in to roll up and be held in place.

Every detail of the shirts were designed with the golfer in mind, although you still must be the type of golfer that would dive into this very different look.

Could a dress shirt on the golf course be complete without a tie? Vesti Ascendi has without a doubt the only tie made specifically for golf with features built in to accommodate. A “Tie Rail” that secures it in place, so that during your swing, there is nothing in the way. Due to a patent pending button system the tie will stay in place with no issues.

The Million Dollar Question
The question you have to be asking yourself right now is “What the heck?”. For some this will be a breath of fresh air and a reminder that this game has a certain soul. For others this will be a “Are you kidding me” moment. Regardless of which side you fall on, having choices out there is always a reminder that everybody has a different style.

For more information on the items pictured or the entire Vesti Ascendi collection, check out their website at www.vestiascendi.com.

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