Abacus – Men’s & Women’s Spring 2010 Fashion Preview

Spring Fashion Preview is about giving you, the readers, the scoop on all the greatest fashion for Spring. We had some great returning champs that are always on our radar for incredible fashion and we also have some newbies that we believe are definite keepers. For the finale of Spring Fashion we are going to introduce you to a brand that is new to North America but has been making waves in Europe. Did you happen to catch the 2009 Solheim Cup? If you did then you know this brand because they dressed the European Ladies. Abacus is a men’s and ladies apparel company that has deep roots in tradition but with a slight European twist. For this preview we will give you a sampling from both the men’s and women’s spring lines.

For the ladies:
The ladies line has a nice mixture of bright and neutral colors and has a lot of mix and match capabilities. In each of the outfits below color’s are vivid and styles are dynamic. With the addition of the outerwear pieces these outfits are great for all climates.

Outfit #1:

Top – Baltray Sleeveless Rugger (Dk. Grey/Lt. Pink):
Traditional golf style would be more the theme of this top. With a regular fit this would be the perfect top for people who prefer a more classic look. With a nice dark grey color accented with light pink and white I could see this polo matching many different bottoms. For an additional essence of class the left chest area has the abacus crest. To me this top has a bit of a Regal look but at the same time is modern with subtle features like the snap button placket. As mentioned this is a regular fit so it will not be form fitting which is something to consider when choosing a size. Sizes run XS-XXL.

Bottoms – Cleek Capri (Lipstick):
To mix things up a bit from the classic look of the top these bottoms have a more modern look and feel. The fabric is a drycool poly stretch which feels more like the modern day tech material we have become so accustomed to. For an even more modern twist there is a zipper on the upper left thigh of these pants. It’s a little funky but the ladies really liked it and they loved how the top and bottoms are so different yet pair together so well. The fabric is just incredible and the fit is pretty true to size. These come in five different colors and run from sizes 4-18.

Outerwear – Helton Wind Jacket (Grey/White):
This jacket has so many fun features and the colors are an exact match to the top and bottoms above. When first trying on the jacket I thought the collar was a little thick and then I discovered why. There is a hidden hood underneath some velcro in the back. When I saw that my jaw dropped and I honestly thought this was so clever. You can leave the hood out if you would like or roll it up and hide it under the velcro and no one would be the wiser. The jacket is also water repellent, highly breathable, windprood, and lightweight. This is the type of jacket that, depending on the type of climate a person lives in, could honestly be used year round. Sizes run XS-XXL.

Outfit #2:

Top – Fortrose Drycool Polo (Dk. Red):
The ladies found this top to also have a slightly more traditional look which many really loved. To add some modern elements the sleeves have a sexy plaid slip where the plaid is the exact color and pattern as the bottoms described below. Along with the sleeves is plaid piping at the bottom of the top which also matches the bottoms below. The beck has a v-neck cut with a two button closure along with writing of the word Abacus on the left chest. The red color is deep and rich and many of the ladies absolutely loved the shade used. Just like the first top this is a regular fit which sits quite beautifully on the body but is by no means fitted. Sizes run XS-XXL.

Bottoms – Fortrose Skort (Lupine Check Combo):
From all the pieces that we were given as a preview this skort was the hands down favorite of all the ladies. They all thought the decorative, but functional, pocket on the left side was a great design element. The check theme is so much fun and the highlights of red really shine when paired with the red top above. The skort sits nicely on the natural and with the cotton poly stretch material it is incredibly comfortable and very flattering on the body. This skort runs pretty true to size and those sizes run 4-18.

Outerwear – Eriska Cardigan (Dk. Red/White):

To say this cardigan is soft would be an understatement. With a combo of bamboo and cashmere among some other materials this jacket just feels amazing to the skin. It’s lightweight but will still keep you warm when there is a slight chill in the air. That beautiful deep rich color from the polo above is also seen in this piece. This cardigan comes in three colors and I would like to have one in each color because this really is one of the softest and most comfortable sweaters I have tried. Sizes run XS-XXL.

For the men:
For the men’s line we really got true sample of everything. Pants, shorts, polos, sweaters, and jackets we have a little bit of everything from the Abacus men’s spring line. Just like the ladies the mix and match options here are endless.

Outfit #1:

Top – Berwick Drycool Polo (Black/Hawaiian Ocean/Mandarin):
Forget your traditional thin striped shirt because this polo throws those rules out the window. The thick ocean blue diagonal stripe across the middle of this top is quite striking and very visually appealing. The material is a cotton and polyester blend but to the touch it feels like a bit of a heavier cotton polo. The design might be bold but the fabric, at least according to our testers had a more classic feel. All the guys said the polo was true to size and they loved the cut and fit. Sizes run S-XXL.

Bottoms – Kenmore Trousers (Grey Combo):
There is nothing really traditional about these pants. Well maybe the check pattern but that’s about it. Made from a cotton poly stretch these pants are slightly slim fitting but have a lot of give and just look great with the yarn dyed check pattern. That great ocean blue from the polo below is continued in the check pattern of these pants. The fit is true to size runs 28-42.

Sweater – Dunmurry Pullover (Dk. Greymelange/Hawaiian Ocean/Black):
Of all the pieces we previewed from the men’s line this was the favorite piece selected by everyone. With a gorgeous argyle pattern on the front along with the same piercing blue that is seen in the top and trousers and the punch of black everything about this sweater works. This is offered in three color combinations and each one is nicer than the next. Sizes here run S-XXXL.

Outerwear – Wedge Stretch Anorak (Hawaiian Ocean):
Technology is key with this rain jacket. It is waterproof with breathable sealed seams, stretchable, windproof, and comes with a 2 year guarantee. For the ultimate in rain protection plus the benefit of a fashion piece this jacket has it all. Sizes run S-XXXL.

Outfit #2:

Top – Kenmore Drycool Polo (Apple):
First and foremost I love the color description of apple because that is so spot on. This polo truly does have a granny smith apple green color. A blue and green plaid design on the collar and placket adds a wonderful classy element along with the ‘a’ on the left chest. The fabric for this top is the same as the one in the first outfit so it too has a slightly heavy feel to it. The men really enjoyed the fit and cut of this top and said it is true to size. Sizes here are S-XXXL.

Bottoms – Hosel Shorts (Navy):
A theme I have noticed with Abacus is that their clothes not only look good but serve some sort of function. Take these shorts for example they are not just a comfortable pair of navy blue shorts. These bottoms are also water repellent, highly breathable, lightweight, and wind proof. The blue in the polo above really pulls this outfit together by matching the blue of these shorts. With everything going on with these shorts and all the protection it offers these are great in all weather situations. With a true to size fit these run from 28-42.

Outerwear – Man Grange Wind Anorak (Cactus):
For those really windy days on the course the best way to get the most out of the windproof shorts above is to pair it with this jacket. Similar to the shorts this is wind resistant, has odor control, and is water repellent. Comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for a windy round this jacket really has everything a golfer could ask for. This comes in three colors and runs from sizes S-XXXL.

With only a small sample of the 2010 Abacus line our testers were incredibly impressed and are anxious to try more. The ladies line is sophisticated yet spunky and the men’s line is stylish and weather resistant. Our reviewers really loved the mix of colors and how so many pieces can be mixed and matched. With Abacus now making it’s North American debut we are so pleased to bring this brand to our readers because we think there is at least one piece in each collection that will be a must have for every golfer. To see more of the Spring 2010 collection by Abacus you view their website here. For the ladies you can find the Abacus line for purchase at Golf4Her, a one stop shop for ladies fashion.

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