Adams A4 Tech Irons – A Readers Opinion

Once in a while on our site we like to let one of our readers put together a piece on some new irons he is playing. SG from our forums recently purchased this set of irons and we asked him to put together something to tell the readers what his thoughts were.

I was excited as I was waiting for this new set of Adams A4 Tech irons to arrive. The days just dragged by as I kept waiting for that magical delivery person to drop them at my door. When they finally arrived, I quickly unpackaged them and just stared in awe of how beautiful they looked! Time to fly out to the range and smack some balls.

I’ve tried the game improvement irons over the past year. While they are nice and easy to hit, I end up not being able to use them because I love the small muscleback look and feel. Feel is the main thing for me and those big chunkers just lack it for my needs. I didn’t think I’d be able to find a nice compromise, but the A4 Techs seem to be the ticket thus far.

Again, the A4’s appearance is a thing of beauty. They just look sharp to me. Aesthetics are a big thing for me especially when it comes to setup and confidence. The clubfaces aren’t nearly as big as the other GI irons I’ve been trying lately. Actually, the shorter heads aren’t any bigger than the blades I have been playing; soles are a bit wider, but not enough to mess with my mind. As the irons get longer, the forgiving backs do protrude upon squaring the face. This isn’t a problem because the long irons are for getting that ball to the green! They do have some decent offset to them, so keep that in mind. The 3 and 4 hybrids make me a believer in Adams Hybrids once again! Same classy chrome appearance as the irons. The blue on the Javlin shafts is a great color and compliments the overall look as well.

But appearance aside, how did they work is what people want to know.

Light, is the first thing I noticed. The weight is super light. I wasn’t too sure about this, I came to not be bothered by it. At address, I really liked the setup. Confidence at address will lead to confidence in the swing. As a player that is a mid-handicapper, comfort is a major key. The light weight of these compared to what I am used to is going to take time. Especially when my swing gets a little loose.

I tried them first on the range in the bitter cold weather here in Ohio. I sure hate the cold! The clubs are strong lofted. These were playing about ½-1 club longer than my normal. The impact of the irons when pured is really nice. Not super buttery like my blades, but certainly nicer than the cast clubs I’ve tried. Even though they have the SL shafts, I didn’t notice any ballooning as I was worried about. The flight wasn’t penetrating by any means, just a nice high flight.

The hybrids, wow, I love these shafts! They feel smooth, very smooth! I was hitting the 3 hybrid straight and long. That was a first for me. The hybrids took me a little bit to get used to and adapt my swing to, as they are different than the hybrids I have been playing all year. Once dialed in, they have nicer, more penetrating ball flight and the overall ball spray pattern I was getting was pretty good.

I’m not a big worker of the ball, but do need to hit a fade or draw on occasion. No problems here. I was not sure that coming from blades that I would have the ability to put the ball where I wanted to. Yet it has not been an issue at all.

On the course:

My first round was great! I was plugging greens on my approach, actually much more than I recall with my blades. The A4’s were working! As I adapted to the light weight I was hitting nice little pitches and lobs from around the greens. I was fighting a slice a little bit with the hybrids, but I am sure that was more my swing than the clubs.

I finished the round being really happy with the new gear. Time will tell on whether or not these stay with me, but for right now, they are working. That is until the next set arrives.

Overall, I think Adams has a winning club set here. Performance and forgiveness, along with a wonderful appearance. My only issue is the weight being as light as it is. I would think that people looking for players’ irons would want something with a little more to it. Thanks for tuning in. You can read all the specs on these Here>


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