Adams A7 Select Putter Review

In September Adams Golf announced that they were introducing a new line of putters to the market called a7 Select and quite a few of our readers emailed in because they were extremely intrigued. The line consists of four classic, time-honored club head shapes. The reason for the intrigue centered around quite a few different characteristics pertaining to this line. First there was the vivid yellow insert that is quite striking, then there was the popular designs and good looks, and last there was the price. All three of these things stood out and created quite a stir for many golfers, but the big one was price. These putters launched at a retail price of $69.99 and that was something that stood out for many including our staff here at THP.

Technical Specs
The entire face is precision micro–milled and feature co–molded urethane technology (CUT Design) inserts and soft cast 304 stainless steel construction. This allows for precise head weights, lofts and lies and deliver accuracy, control and consistency so your ball stays on line to the hole every time.

Two styles: Blades for thinner top lines and the weight is distributed to the heel—for balance and control. A mallet for higher MOI for maximum confidence and forgiveness.
60 Series
This 345 gram stainless steel heel/toe blade features a classic plumber’s neck hosel with a full shaft offset.

61 Series
Featuring a high toe design, this traditional 345 gram blade putter with its flowing S-neck hosel has a half shaft of offset.

62 Series
Constructed of 355 grams of soft-cast stainless steel, the high-MOI of this mallet design features perimeter weighting, multiple alignment aids and a classic plumber’s neck hosel with a full shaft of offset.

64 Series
The true heel-shafted blade design of this 305 gram stainless steel head features a three-quarter shaft offset.

All models come with a distinct players fit grip with a flat paddle front for the perfect balance of performance and feel.
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First Impressions & Looks
Adams Golf was kind enough to send over a putter for us to put through some testing from their new line. We received the a7 Select Series 61 to try out. Out of the box you notice the bright yellow grip that matches the black and yellow headcover that is quite sharp looking. Once you take the headcover off, the putter itself comes to life. The head is a classic design with good edges and a great finish. The sole is filled with all the information and the font and style chosen is really eye catching. The cavity is subtle with just a7 written in white lettering and the toe side bumper has the weight listed. A dot and a white sight line make up the view at setup and the simplistic design really shines here. The face has a nice milled finish and of course the insert that just stands out and screams at you.

The insert itself is quite unique looking. It is smaller than most we have seen, being just about the size of the sweet spot rather than the entire face. Most of the first impressions we got was that the insert looked small, but once you roll a few with it, you realize that it is very hard to miss it. The insert is a yellow in color and from appearance alone looks to have a different texture than the face, however running your fingers across the face reminds you that it does in fact have the same milled lines feel as the rest of the face.
Range Testing
We took the Adams a7 Select over to the putting green and were able to line up 14 golfers to give it a try. The results of this one were different than what we normally come across and the more testing we did the more it remained the same. It seems that this putter is quite polarizing in a way we are not used to. 7 of the golfers that tried this one out absolutely loved it and the other 7 did not care for the feel off the face. All agreed on one thing, that they really liked the looks and REALLY liked the price.

Performance testing on the putting green showed that the technology was working for most of the golfers and people were getting closer with this putter than with their current models. But in the end, when it comes to putters, it seems feel is king for many and some really struggled with what they described as an “artificial feeling” as the ball comes off the face. The players that liked the putter were simply raving about it. The weighting and true roll were among the comments being said by the people that enjoyed it. With the initial testing being so polarizing, I was looking forward to find out for myself how well it worked.
Course Testing
I was able to try out this putter for over 7 rounds of golf and countless putting green sessions and for my game this putter works quite well. It helps that the Adams a7 Select Series 61 is one of my favorite shapes and that the overall look is exceptional, but I had zero issues with the feel off the club face. In fact for me it was quite the opposite. The insert felt soft and responsive and I did not notice any artificial feeling. The insert seems to help the weighting quite a bit and really keep the face balanced through impact.

Gaming this putter offered no drop off in performance and/or scoring. From the 1st day it was put in my bag, the putts rolled true and as you use it more, you definitely get more accustomed to the feel off the putter face. I can see why some testers struggle with the feel, because it is soft and responsive, but not as soft as some were expecting it to be. The sound is slightly muted, but nothing bad or out of the ordinary at all and certainly nothing that affects performance one way or the other.
face heel
Price Point
With the exception of the insert, the most talked about part of this putter was the price. $69 retail price is quite low and when you consider the bang for the buck factor, this one deserves a spot near the top. Your wallet will always play a role, as it should, in purchases for the game of golf, and companies like Adams are offering to make it much easier to find a quality piece of equipment for less.
The Adams a7 Select Series 61 putter offers something that we just do not find a lot of right now, and that is bang for your buck in the putter market. The entire line offers great looks, good performance, and a nice feel for less than the price of a couple of dozen tour level golf balls. Not too shabby if you ask me. For more information on this putter or any of the other equipment that Adams Golf is currently offering, check out their website at

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