adidas Climaheat 1/2 Zip Jacket Review

Having ideal clothing to suit the elements is a big factor in performance and the ability to stay on course in all temperatures, especially for golfers who live in regions with cold spring and fall months.  For adidas, the climaheat half-zip training top challenges the colder temperatures, encouraging golfers to ‘play when no one else will’ by providing gear that will allow 18 holes of golf to be played all 365 days of the year.

From adidas

The climaheat™ ½ zip has you covered. The climaheat™ fabric provides maximum warmth while optimizing movement. You’ll beat the cold, beating your buddies is up to you.

  • Climaheat fabric for maximum warmth and maximum movement
  • Two front zipper pockets
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Engineered with puremotion stretch
  • Contrast adidas brandmark on back yoke
  • Climaheat 95% Ply/5% Elastane

Color Options:

  • Black/NightFlash (purple)
  • MidGrey/VistaGrey (pictured)
  • NightMarine (Dark Blue)/VistaGrey
  • VistaGrey/Black

pic1 (400x225)

First Impressions

The packaging of the climaheat half-zip is very interesting and certainly ideal for golfers who prefer something tidy to keep in their trunk, in a cart, or even in some bags depending on size.  Out of the ‘bag’ introduces the touch senses to a soft material that would lead expectations of warmth and movement when worn.  The two-tone grey (midGrey/VistaGrey) makes for a relatively subtle presence, and the half zip is free of any wild colors with the adidas logo in black just below the neck line on the back.  It also boasts quality stitching in every section.

Unlike some of their other recent half-zip climaheat offerings, the latest iteration comes with the ability to tighten the bottom using a drawstring, which makes sense considering the slightly less form fitting sizing experienced around the waist area.  Another interesting addition are two front pockets, both with zippers which are black.  More on this later in the review.

pic2 (800x450)

Also interesting to note, the construction of the material makes for a very unique and subtle square pattern throughout the top.  Flipping the half-zip inside out seems to make sense of the design, but also shows what appear to be thousands of little warmth nubs.  A rather basic look at their overall design, but certainly a suggestion on the presentation of warmth as a whole.

Overall Fit

Wearing a size medium on a relatively narrow 6’3 frame, the climaheat half-zip training jacket fits well.  When completely zipped, there is a reasonable amount of room in the neck area, about the width of two fingers which gives a very comfortable feeling.  The sleeves extend into the thumb area when pulled down, and maintain longer than the wrist joint when arms are extended.  The overall length extends past the belt area when standing normally, and the back maintains the belt line when bent over.

pic3 (800x450)


As noted above, the sleeves are very comfortable and should not allow much cold air into the wrist section when pulled completely down.  Despite not having a band-like feature on the wrists, they can be pulled up the forearm and maintain their position there, likely due to the stretchiness of the fabric.  During testing this was found to be very valuable in the days where the preference was to keep the sleeves out of the way. 


While the zipper design of the adidas climaheat will not stop all wind from breaking through, they utilized a zipper that has fabric extend over a majority of the zipper area, stopping a majority of the elements.   This is the same design between the neck line as well as the two pockets.  Additionally, the decision to utilize a black zipper offers a very nice contrast to the double grey.

pic4 (800x450)


The decision to include the pockets was an interesting one.  While they can be very practical in the cooler temperatures to keep hands warm, most situations on the golf course would have pants pockets readily available.  This addition gave the presentation of the climaheat half-zip more of a jacket ‘feel’ to it rather than a layer.  During testing, leaving the pockets unzipped when sitting, while entirely cosmetic, was a bit of a visual nuisance as it created bulges on each side.  Again, this is purely a visual cue, based on previous climaheat apparel and the preference towards no pockets.

pic5 (800x450)

Some Additional Notes

As golfers often carry their clubs, concerns arose with the material utilized in the climaheat and whether it would snag or wear down in the shoulder area where the straps of the golf bag slide on and off.  In this case, over the course of a series of opportunities to wear the climaheat, there is some very mild fabric bunching, but nothing overly obvious.  It would not deter for continuing to carry clubs and wear the climaheat half-zip.

The ideal temperature seemed to be in the low sixties comfortably, and with additional layers underneath, into the high fifties.  Because the climaheat half-zip is not overly form fitting, it provided the flexibility for additional base layers underneath without feeling cumbersome or tight throughout the swing.  With that in mind, and the combination of the pockets and the draw string, it produced the mindset of wearing a very light jacket as opposed to a sweater or top. 

pic6 (800x450)

Parting Thoughts

The climaheat half-zip by adidas would make a solid addition to any cooler temperature wardrobe, battling the harsh late fall climates that plague golf games.  Between the climaheat fabric, soft material, and reasonable fit, swings will no longer be hindered by heavy or thick layers.  Adidas offers a variety of color combinations and sizes ranging from small to XXL.  The MSRP is $80.00, and more information can be found at

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