Ashworth & adidas Golf for Men – 2010 Spring Fashion Preview

Few companies cover the spectrum of style for golfers like adidas Golf does in their 2010 lineup of apparel. For the 2010 Spring Fashion Preview article, THP has a special treat for you in that this review is for the most part 3 brands in 1. In this preview article THP will take a look at an outfit from adidas Golf, Ashworth, and AdiPure and showcase the broad spectrum of reach that this brand now has in their 2010 lineup. From the head to the toe, adidas Golf has put together a sample of outfits here that will make everybody extremely happy and they seem to have outdone themselves with their newest lines.

adidas Golf

When it comes to golf style and fashion, adidas Golf has been known to put out some of the most popular clothing year after year, and 2010 will be no exception.

Pants – ClimaCool 3 Stripes Pant in black and white
At first glance, I must admit that I thought these looked a little funky with the ventilation in the lower leg, but once you put them on and play some golf, you realize a couple of things. First, they look extremely good, style is very important, and second the function of the ventilation actually works quite well. No longer will you have to choose fashion over function or vice versa. The black pants features a 3 bar pattern down the side to where the ventilation begins. A very clean looking pair of pants that adds some style in the pattern and some function in the mesh ventilation in the lower heat zones.

Shirt – ClimaCool Vertical 3 Stripes Polo in lance/white
This shirt is absolutely phenomenal looking when paired with the 3 Stripes pants we just spoke about. ClimaCool material is as good as it gets, and the gray looking shirt features the 3 stripes down the front to offer a unique style. The shirt itself has a “ribbed” type of look and texture and the end of the sleeves is done in white to match perfectly with the 3 bars. The shirt features mesh in a small section in the underarm region that works quite well to provide cool air to a heat zone of the body.

Accessories/Footwear – White Trophy Belt & Curve Hat in black and white
I have said many times that in my opinion the adidas Golf Trophy Belt is a must have accessory for golf style fans. It is modern, elegant, and brings outfits together like few belts can do. This one is no exception and works perfectly with the entire outfit. The hat brings the entire outfit together even further and black and white hats should be a staple for any golfer. A few months back THP had the opportunity to review the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 golf shoes and they work perfectly with this outfit. Extreme comfort and stylish looks are what all golf shoes should aspire to be. The Tour 360 4.0s have that covered perfectly and are a favorite among the THP staff.

Tradition, excellence, and so much more are what comes to the minds of our readers when the name Ashworth is brought up. This year’s spring line is no different and lives up to the famous logo.

Pants – Pleated Blend Solid Pant in cement
The pants for the Ashworth outfit are exactly what you would expect from a brand with this much tradition. They are solid in color in an almost gray/khaki combination with the classic Ashworth logo over the back right pocket. They are lightweight, functional, and a definite staple for most.

Shirt – Micro Pima Tech Stripe Polo in white
The Ashworth shirt for this outfit is quite intriguing. It is a cotton blend made up of two thirds cotton and one third polyester, which apparently equals 100% incredibly soft and comfortable. This is one of the softest shirts we have ever tried out at THP and the look just screams tradition which is something we have come to expect from Ashworth. The cut of the shirt is slightly larger than that of adidas for those wondering about sizing and did I mentioned just how soft and comfortable this shirt is?

Sweater – Cotton Pattern V-Neck Sweater in red clay
For those days when you are getting to the course early, or playing when the sun is going down, this sweater is simply divine. The color being a red/orange mix really stands out, but at the same time makes this extremely versatile. Argyle type of pattern brings you the classic sophistication that makes the Ashworth brand shine.

A new line from adidas Golf that is one of the best we have ever worn. Different in so many ways, it combines modern feel and style with classic elements to create an apparel line that is quickly racing to the top of THP’s must have list.

Pants – Wool Trousers
The pants are a blend of 75% wool and 25% polyester and at first glance look absolutely incredible. Classic with a modern twist is the best way to describe them. Playing a round of golf in them is a treat to say the least. They have a rich look that can be attributed to the wool and stitch pattern, and yet still have tech properties that were quite nice. The fit is perfectly true to size and the overall look is exactly what many have been on the search for.

Shirt – Sanded Jersey Polo in core
This may in fact be one of my favorite golf shirts I have ever had the opportunity to preview. The color is unique in that it has elements of red, orange, and pink in it to my eyes and really pops well with the pants previewed above. It is a blend of polyester and spandex and is solid in color other than the classic adidas logo on the back under the collar and a small adiPure on the sleeve. The material is almost jersey like to the touch and incredibly unique and unlike most we have ever worn. It is extremely “stretchy” and fits so well its as if it was tailored for us.

Footwear – adiPure Golf Shoes in black
This may in fact be the best golf shoe I have ever tried on. The adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 golf shoes are something incredible and the new adiPure line actually raises the bar from there even further. Bringing the technical properties of the 4.0’s with an even softer leather (we were not sure that was possible) to create something that is just sublime. Wearing them for a round of golf can only be described by saying it is like wearing slippers and still having stability and traction. THP has tested a lot of golf shoes throughout the years and this one could firmly be planted at the top of that list for quite some time.

The old phrase “something for everybody” seems to be a perfect fit for adidas Golf this year and their spring 2010 lineup. If you are looking for classic and tradition, no brand brings that to you better than Ashworth. Looking for something a little more modern and edgy? adidas Golf has you covered completely from head to toe like few brands can. Are you a purist looking for the highest quality fabrics and technologies? You must check out the adiPure line. Few companies can offer head to toe comfort, technology, and style like adidas Golf can and we are thrilled with their 2010 spring line. For more information on any of the products featured here, or any other adidas Golf products, check out their website at

Stayed tune for the ladies article coming out on Thursday.

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