adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 Golf Shoe Review

Earlier in the year, The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity to review adidas Golf’s latest shoe, the Tour 360 3.0 and loved just about everything about it. Since that time, we have received countless emails about people picking up the shoes and proclaiming them the best they had tried to date. When speaking of shoes there is always two sides when it comes to our readers. Those that purchase based on style and those that purchase based on performance. The adidas Golf Tour 360 3.0’s blended the two together in a show that had very few issues overall. Could adidas Golf possibly improve upon the design and make a better shoe than that of their previous model? We will know by the time this review is finished.

From The Company
The new TOUR360 4.0 utilizes a proprietary new low-profile outsole system called Advanced THiNTech with PINS (Performance Insert System). By working closely with professional athletes around the world across all sports categories, the adidas Golf team discovered immediate performance advantages in getting the golfer lower, but was previously limited in how low they could go.

“We felt constrained by the industry standard attachment mechanism,” says Dave Ortley, Sr. Director of Global Footwear for adidas Golf. “We couldn’t bring our athletes as close to the ground as we wanted, so instead we decided to reengineer the whole system. By collaborating with Pride Sports, the world leader in cleat design and the makers of Fast Twist, we were able to create an entirely-new method which combines an Advanced THiNTech cleat with a new, ultra-thin cleat attachment mechanism called PINS.” The end result is a system 32% lower than conventional cleat systems, ultimately allowing golfers to feel a stronger connection with the ground for more consistent ball-striking. Also new to the next-generation TOUR360 4.0 is unibody-construction that connects the heel counter and 360WRAP technology to the outsole to promote a greater level of stability. Other essential features include:

* A reengineered POWERBAND CHASSIS that delivers extraordinary lateral stability for more power through impact
* Split outsole with 10-cleat configuration and exclusive low-profile THiNTech cleats
* X-STATIC® silver filament fibers woven into the lining help regulate temperature for optimized comfort
* adiPRENE® cushioning in the heel for enhanced impact absorption
* FitFOAMTM sock liner for added support, cushioning and comfort heel to toe
* adiTUFFTM technology to protect the toe from excessive wear
* ClimaProof® 100% waterproof protection
* TRAXION® secondary lugs for added grip, especially at higher swing speeds

First Impressions
When the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0’s arrived in our offices, the first thing that we did here was compare them to that of the 3.0 model. The looks alone are different with subtle changes that we really prefer. The one that stands out the most is that the 3 bar logo on the 4.0 is slightly different on each side of the shoe. This adds some contrast that is a nice addition. The heel section of the shoe is a solid color now rather than a hybrid type of the 3 bar logo. The toe stitching is completely different, in last year’s model it was completely uniformed and with the 4.0’s the stitching is more foot conforming. The major differences stand out as you turn the shoes over to reveal a completely overhauled design in the performance area of the shoe. From just appearance alone you can see that the bottom (cleat section) of the shoe reveals a lower to the ground style that should make it an interesting comparison between the two shoes.

First Round Out
Arming my feet with the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 shoes I was ready to take the range and the course for our first trial. One quick note is that the shoes feel slightly lighter in overall weight to that of that of the previous version. Most likely because of the cleat system, but this was definitely a nice surprise. At the range a couple of things stand out and the first one being extreme comfort. No breaking in period at all, you put them on and they are as comfortable as any we have tried on. Soft, good stability, and great cleat gripping on the bottom. Whether it is reality or not, the shoes definitely feel as though you are walking closer to the ground and this adds something that I have never thought we would use to describe a golf shoe and that is “feel”. Wearing these shoes gives a certain feel to the ground that is different than what we have tried before. By the time our initial testing was complete, we had learned a couple of things. First, the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 shoe is as comfortable as any we have tried on to date. Second, while we loved the previous version of these shoes, the newer line is more comfortable and easier on your feet. This is something we were not sure could be done with the love we had for the Tour 360 3.0 line. After 1 round there was no foot fatigue and the shoes overall felt like a winner.

Long Term Testing
THP tests and reviews a lot of golf shoes. We have certain criteria that we look for when talking about a shoe and in many cases it is personal preference and we urge everybody to try every pair on to determine if it is a fit for them. When reviewing shoes we have these categories that we look for.
*Price Point
*Long Term Durability
*Performance Issues
*Foot Fatigue
For the purpose of this review we are going to break down a few of these categories and give our thoughts and whether or not the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0’s measure up to the standards we have come to expect from this brand moving forward.

Style – I prefer the subtle changes that they made to the new line in comparison to that of the last generation. While we loved the looks of the 3.0 line, the new version adds and takes away in all the right places. This is purely subjective, but overall we simply love the look. The previous line was very futuristic and technical looking. Something we enjoyed. The 4.0 line is much more classic in the right places even if the changes are quite subtle.

Comfort – THP has put these shoes through 15 rounds of golf and over 20 range sessions and they are some of the most comfortable we have ever worn. Soft and supple to the touch, but stable and performance driven at the same time. The adiPRENE heel cushioning they use is as good as any we have tried and adds some shock absorbing features that we are not used to. The back end of the shoe (achilles section) is as soft as a pillow and really gives almost a custom feeling to your foot. As mentioned previously, there was virtually no break in period for us at all and from day 1 we never experienced any discomfort.

Construction/Durability – There are a million things going on technically in performance golf shoes and most of it are things that we just do not understand. When it comes to construction we look at the shoe bottom for issues as well as what we feel will hold up long term. Testing these out in FL gave us the ability to really look at the waterproofing. Not a single bit of water came through from wet grass or rain during play and this has been a wet month for us. The bottom of the shoe (cleat area) is incredibly unique in its own right. The added grip that the low-profile THiNTech cleats offer are different than we expected. We have seen small additional grip like features in other shoes, and with the exception of a select few, we found them just not to work. adidas Golf used the proper height and placement of each cleat and because of that, you can actually feel added traction and support. Something that we did not expect, but was a welcome addition.
Playing Golf with the adidas Golf Tour 360 4.0 shoes is unlike what you would expect…In a great way. When looking at golf shoes, we have the criteria we outlined above as a measure to determine what stands out and what are likes and dislikes are. During the course of testing these shoes, one thing stood out more than any other though, and that is while playing you actually forget that you are even wearing them. The extreme comfort and support they offer “takes you away” from your feet entirely and that is something that we normally are not all that familiar with. The Tour 360 4.0 are available at retailers everywhere with a price of around $180. For more information on color choices and when each style is available check out this section of their site at

Till Next Time

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