adidas Golf Tour 360 ATV Review

When it comes to the world of golf shoes, few franchises have garnered the attention that the Tour 360 line does each year. With every iteration of the adidas Golf line, THP has seen changes that make this shoe even better than the last. When word came out that the ATV was the next version, the readers at this site were excited to find out more.

Elevating the highly-successful TOUR360 franchise, TOUR360 ATV utilizes unrivaled forefoot flexibility and zonal traction elements to provide All-Terrain Versatility, comfort and grip that adapts to any surface, lie or angle Featuring a dual-density outsole with 10-spike configuration, its unibody construction connects a 5-pod decoupled heel for adaptability, a strengthened midfoot TPU for support and aggressive TRAXION secondary lugs in the forefoot for enhanced grip.

* Premium full-grain leather upper provides a rich look and feel
* 360WRAP locks in and supports the foot for enhanced stability and a secure fit
* FitFOAM insole provides ever-lasting cushioning, support and comfort
* 10-spike configuration with THINTECH low-profile technology for improved traction and stability
* Ground-adapting outsole provides All-Terrain Versatility

First Impressions
The readers and forum members of this site got a treat in that some of the first consumers to get their hands on these shoes were those that competed in The Morgan Cup in 2011. The ultimate amateur golf event where golfers get the tour level treatment in sponsorship for a weekend of golf action. adidas Golf was one of the key sponsors for golfers in that event and here is the reaction and feedback on the 360 ATV line when they were announced. Click the green highlighted area and you can see the unboxing video of the shoes for the participants. To say there was a high level of excitement would be an understatement.

Following the event, I got a chance to test these shoes and after the rave reviews it received from the participants, I was extremely excited to check them out. Since that time, the shoes have been worn for 14 rounds of golf and countless range sessions and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) is a wonderful example of moving forward with a franchise. The Tour 360 line has been quite good the last few years and rather than make vast changes across the board, adidas Golf found a way to stay with an incredibly solid platform and move ahead with more technology and comfort.

On the course the first area that quickly becomes evident is that the company stuck/improved upon with their ThinTech design which keeps you closer to the ground and is something that both THP and the readers here raved about in the previous version. The differences, while subtle when wearing the shoe, are fairly vast in terms of technology, and the comfort is sublime. When you are packing in these kind of features in a golf shoe, remember that they are not going to be a lightweight shoe geared for running, but rather something made for stability and comfort and that is where the adidas Golf Tour 360 ATV model really shines. The latest version of the line is actually 2 ounces lighter and a little more than 1 mm closer to the ground than previous versions offering more support than you can imagine. The amount of spikes on these could take them to weapon status and playing in even the wettest conditions had no slipping what so ever. The system, called PINS (Performance Insert System), is an advanced cleat system and thinner outsole to bring the foot closer to the ground for improved stability, power transfer and balance

When it comes to comfort, nothing is more important than a shoe that fits. Thankfully adidas Golf uses the traditional fitting for sizing and makes life much easier for the consumer. The shoes run true to size and width and to find out what size fits you best, you actually use one of those contraptions you most likely remember as a kid. That metal sliding thing that can be found at any shoe store will give you length and width measurement and those match up to the adidas Golf sizing.

Extreme comfort and stability is not easily found in a golf shoe and when a product offers those qualities it is hard not to rave about it. The adidas Golf Tour 360 line continues to impress and while it is more expensive at $190, the ATV is definitely worth trying on and seeing/feeling for yourself. As with all shoe reviews, it is important to remember that no two golfer’s feet are the same and trying them on is the best way to find out what works best for you. The ATV shoe is available at many shoe retails and online stores and you can read more about them at the website

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