Allen Edmonds Honors Collection Review

When it comes to selecting golf shoes, there are choices on top of choices and finding the right shoe is never an easy task. For the golfer that wants something classic, there are a few brands that always seem to rise to the top of lists everywhere, however that list of traditional looking shoes seems to be shrinking a little bit over the last few years. One company that has long been known for producing high quality and elegant footwear off the course is Allen Edmonds and they are now bringing that to the greens with the introduction of the Honors Collection. The new line features all the classic touches one would want from wingtips and perforated saddles to braided leathers and traditional saddles. The company is bringing back the construction that most have been craving without a sacrifice in performance.

The Styles
• Links — a classic spikeless teaching shoe which is perfect for the pro who needs to hustle back and forth between the shop and the range. This shoe is also perfect for the man who desires a pair of shoes that he can wear to the office and stop at the range on his way home to hit a few balls after work. Available in White Alpine Grain/Brown Trim and White Alpine Grain/Black Trim.

• Redan — a classic, popular saddle style shoe with cleats. The Redan is made from fine leathers and features 11 spikes for extra stability during the golf swing. Available in Black Alpine Grain / Brown Chrome XL, White KaraGrain / Black Woven Print, White KaraGrain / Chili Woven Print and White KaraGrain / Black Shark.

• Mullen — a classic Moc Toe bluchar style with cleats. The Mullen is for the man who wants a gorgeous golf shoe that takes styling beyond the more universal saddle style found in the Redan or Links. It also features 11 spikes and is made from the finest leathers. Featuring blucher lacing, this Mullen may be a stronger choice for men with higher insteps. Available in Black Alpine Grain / Brown Chrome XL and Chili Country Calf.

• 1 Up — a very classy wingtip style with balmoral lacing and 11 cleats. It features all the stability of 360º Goodyear welted construction with a sturdy, breathable ballistic nylon upper. This creates a shoe that is extremely lightweight and breathes, making it perfect for hot weather golf. Available in Black Outland / Black Nylon and Brown Outland / Black Nylon.

• Double Eagle — similar to the 1 Up, the Double Eagle also features the stability of a 360º Goodyear welted construction with a sturdy, breathable mesh upper. Consider this shoe for hot weather and feel the comfort as the mesh wraps around the width of your foot. Available in Black Outland / Grey Mesh and Brown Outland / Brown Mesh.

The Craftsmanship
The Honors Collection is a handmade shoe using a 212 step production process and are crafted in the USA using a construction that is designed for greater stability without a sacrifice in flexibility. They feature incredibly fine premium leathers and heated cork between the insole and outsole for orthotic like comfort. Anybody that has owned other Allen Edmonds products is aware of their craftsmanship and “reconditioning” that they offer and the Honors Collection is no different in that regard. What that means is the company will resole and recondition worn shoes and have them back to greatness in no time. There is a fee involved in this process, but its an incredible service to have at your disposal and one that can make a fine pair of shoes last a lifetime.

Here are a couple of videos showing what recrafting is and why it is such an exceptional service to have at your disposal.

What is Recrafiting and why does it help?

38 Step Recrafting Service shown (very cool)

The Fit & Comfort
THP received the Redan style to test out and wear around the course and we are happy to report that the shoes run true to size based on our other findings. As with everything, we strongly urge you to try on shoes before purchase and these should be available at Allen Edmonds shoe stores very soon. When you put them on, the first thing you notice is a different type of feel than you are used to if you are coming from one of the popular sport style shoes. A little more rigid would be the best way to describe it around the top of the foot and in the back above the heel, however within a fairly quick time, the shoes become incredibly comfortable with an almost custom like fit. The footbed is heavily padded and feels incredible in the toe area as well as the heel and once the leather softens and breaks in, you truly have a shoe that has absolutely everything in terms of comfort and fit.

In our rounds on the course, we found that the more the Redan shoes were worn, the more comfortable they were and the more they “enveloped” the foot. This is not a shoe that you pick up to wear and then plan on replacing at the end of the season when the new styles come out. Allen Edmonds is working to create a timeless classic that with proper care and their commitment can last for years to come.

Allen Edmonds is entering the marketplace with a new shoe line that is not what you see from most out there right now. Going back to the basics with high level “ingredients” and craftsmanship that rivals any product on the market and a commitment from the company to take care of the products to keep them like new for years upon years. If you are a fan of the classically designed golf shoe and are looking for a little more in terms of quality and comfort, you should definitely keep the Allen Edmonds Honors Collection on your short list. The Redan that we tried offered everything one could want in a golf shoe and we look forward to trying out other models as well. For more information on any of the new line check out the company’s website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Looks good!

  • That is a great looking shoe. The videos were a great touch. They make me wish I had a pair to send over to them. Will definitely be checking Allen Edmonds out for my next pair of dress shoes as well. Thanks for the review, Josh.

  • I’m glad these did not disappoint. Sounds like they need a little breaking in which doesn’t surprise me considering how they are made and what they are made of. A pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes require a little breaking in, too. I need to check these out in person, and may have time today. I think the models with the mesh uppers look a little strange on the website, but I want to see them in person.

    Thanks for the review, and thanks to Allen Edmonds for sending them in for review.

  • Those are Sharp! I’m going to be thinking a lot about a pair of those

  • Those are Classy like…. The Recrafting Service is not expensive at all. I was a fraid to look at the pricing options for the service and was very surprised. You would pay alot more for a cheap pair of shoes. Very nice I like The Mullen. I see the future and My Fathers Day list has these on it. Great review.

  • These shoes are amazing to look at. The just ooze a sense of luxury that most other brands do not. Thanks to THP and Allen Edmonds for this review.

  • I am so glad these shoes lived up to your standards, I’ve been looking for a classic pair of golf shoes for a long time and I think I found them.

  • Can’t say I’m a fan of the style, but it sure is impressive the way they recondition old shoes. The videos were a great addition!

  • I love the classic style. They have done a great job with these. IMO

  • Good write-up. I liked both of the videos explaining the recrafting service. They are a great looking classic shoe that I’m sure a lot of people are going to fall in love with.

  • Thanks for the review, these things are simply gorgeous shoes. I’m a fan of the classic looking golf shoes that we see worn by Tour players.

  • Great review JB. Those are some wonderful looking shoes! Checked out their website and they will be high on the list come time for a new pair.

  • Thanks for the review. I find myself very impressed by the process of reconditioning and the fact that they are not a shoe you plan to replace after a year or so, but the “ridged” worries me a bit. With the much documented leg problems I’ve had over the years just any shoe won’t work. I have to wonder how long it would take for me to get these broke in and how hard it would be to find a retailer close by to find a proper fit?

  • Not my style, but a very classy looking shoe for those that can afford them. The weave in the picture above is amazing craftsmanship. That recrafting process is impressive and makes the shoes seem a bit more affordable when you realize what they can do with them.

  • Nice shoes. I could see using these for some of the nicer rounds I play throughout the year.

  • Great review! These shoes are super nice looking and remind me of the classy golf shoes of yesteryear!

  • Great looking shoe…would great poking out from under some tailored flat front slacks. My only concern is the weight of the shoe. Are they heavy? Traditional Classic type golf shoes tend be heavy

  • Pretty nice shoes. Looked at the website, they are a little pricey but if these are your style, they sound like great shoes.

  • Great review. Will definitely be looking into Allen Edmonds for my next pairs of dress shoes for work and the like. Golf shoes have that timeless classic appeal to them. Have a good look to them. Once again, thanks THP for broadening my horizons!

  • I am looking for new shoes this year. Thanks for the great review.

  • Allen Edmonds shoes are the most comfortable and longest lasting dress shoes that you’ll ever buy. Almost every US President wears them at Inauguration. I’ve been using them for the office for the past 10 years or more and have bought no other make of dress shoe since and still have the first pair I bought and they still look brand new. I’m shopping for the the 1Up golf shoe right now in a 12 B.

  • I have been buying Allen Edmonds since 1985. I own approximately a dozen pairs.
    My last two experiences have been poor to terrible.
    I had a pair of Park Avenues recrafted. The bottom part of the left sole came off without wear and tear showing to shoe.
    Several months ago I purchased a pair of Links. The soles on both shoes have separated at the front of the shoe.

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