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The Hackers Paradise has never been shy about how we feel about accessories. So when one of our favorite companies, Ame & Lulu, sent over some belts from their great golf collection we couldn’t wait to give them a try. Ame & Lulu makes amazing specialty items for all your matching needs. Just like everything else we have seen from Ame & Lulu, these belts did not disappoint. They have the same great patterns we have seen from them in the past, but of course with a little added twist. They sent over three belts each with a different color pallet and pattern.

The first of the three is a blue and white stripped belt with a green tee holder. The pattern on the belt has a seersucker look to it that I just loved. The lime green accent of the leather tee holder is so clever and the colors compliment each other so well. This belt would be the perfect piece to tie an outfit together.

The second belt was a brown and white stripped belt with a brown leather tee holder. As much as I liked the color combination of the first belt this brown one was my favorite of the three. I loved how it could go with just about any ensemble, especially something pink! The tee holder can hold three tees, so if you are feeling really creative you could get different colored tees to add just a little extra pop to this great belt.

The final belt is navy blue and white with a red leather tee holder. The navy blue is in a great fun pattern that really grabs your attention. To me this belt just screams ‘fun’. I also loved the navy blue with the red, the shades they used worked so well together. I could see myself wearing this belt not only on the golf course but as the perfect piece to putt a fourth of July outfit together.

No matter what pattern choice or color selection you choose, these Ame & Lulu belts will look great with any outfit. These come in one one size fits all (42” in length) so you can adjust it to the perfect fit for you. If you really want to make a statement you can check out their website here to see what other great items you can find at Ame & Lulu to accompany these fun and fashionable belts. You can also read our past reviews on Ame & Lulu here.

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  1. JB says:

    Good review. These will definitely add color to any ladies outfit. I love the tee holders.

  2. Smallville says:

    Jacqui might like the blue with green belt. She realy doesn’t celebrate the fourth of July! hehehe

    The tee holders are a nice touch.

  3. ClairefromClare says:

    I’d like to know how well the tee holders really work–too tight, too loose, just right? Do the belt loops on different shorts/slacks get in the way?

  4. Julie M says:

    I have to get the blue and green one, to match the little ball holder clipped to my bag!

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